My new fangirl life equation: David Cook playing piano = me dead on the floor.

It’s that simple.

Math never lies. ♥

The Belmont
Austin, TX

warning: crazy fangirl incoherent thoughts, hardly any photos, a few shaky videos, a long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

I swear Nick was behind David and you can totally see his drumstick behind David’s elbow. It’s a band banner!!! XD

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Oh boy. It’s been a while. Where should I begin?

Probably with this tweet.

I was having lunch with my coworkers and I totally dropped my fork, freaked out, and frantically texted Melody, Megan and Tina. *lol* After a while, I think I managed to beg Tina to go to Tulsa. HOORAH!! XD

me: I’m going to Tulsa for a concert
coworker A: what?! where?!
coworker B: you’re kidding
me: it’s been almost two years, you jerks. I NEED THIS TRIP.
co A: but TULSA? don’t you think he’ll come back to Seattle?
me: idk, but timing is perfect in September. October is business plan, I cannot go anywhere for the whole month. And November I’m leaving for Thailand.
co B: that actually makes sense…

Anyway, three more Texas shows announced, which was perfect since I’m not really a big fan of flying in and out for only a concert (did that once for Morongo show). If I’m going to make a trip, I’ll make it worth my plane tickets *lolz* After glancing at a calendar, I called my friend (PJ) to see if she’d be in Austin that week and if she’d like to go to a concert with me. Once she said yes, the ticket/flight/hotel booking began. It got crazier really fast with post-it notes all over my desk that I had to start tracking everything on a spreadsheet instead. *lol*

Six days, four shows, only one vacation day used. Gotta love my flex schedule!

My only first world problem was that I couldn’t decide which camera to use, so I brought four, just in case. And THAT was a really bad life choice. *headdesks*

Anyway, I’m gonna fast forward to September 18th since I don’t think people want to know about my trip to Orange County (omg food overloaded), my new hand doctor (whose hands are softer than my face *lolz forever*), my first time rock climbing (sore to the max, and jsyk, sneezing is the worst thing ever when your entire body was aching), my first time volunteering at live auction (omg so much fun, we raised over $100k!), my accident with iPad (F=mg; iPad corner vs my chin; hurt like hell for almost two weeks)…

Here we go (again on my own~)!

Wednesday 9/18! Woke up at 4am. My brother took a day off so he could drop me off at the airport and go back to sleep forever (I’m kidding, he had some errands to run that day *lol*). Went through that x-ray machine thing at TSA checkpoint, got beeped because my jeans has two buttons on the back pockets. *rolls eyes* Per protocol, TSA lady swiped my hands and TADA! EXPLOSIVE DETECTED!! *lolz forever*

I should have seen THIS as a sign that this trip would totally go so well. XD

Anyway, another agent came, grabbed all my stuff, swiped everything, no explosive whatsoever. I was so tempted to tell her to go check the first agent’s hands instead of my stuff. *lol* Got patted down for the first time too!!

Walked to the gate, got on the plane, sat right next to a mom with two toddlers. Two SCREAMING toddlers. A boy and a girl, possibly twins since they’re about the same size. They couldn’t be over 2 years old. The mom carried her boy and let her little girl sat in the middle seat. I tried my best to fall asleep and failed miserably. The boy fell asleep after taking off. The girl wailed all the way from Seattle to Dallas, minus the 20+ minutes that she dozed off sobbing. Broke my heart. T^T By the time we got there, her voice was all hoarse. :(

Arrived at DFW (#1), met my friend PJ who flew in from Orange County, had some quick lunch, boarded another plane to Austin. This one, I actually passed out before take off and woke up when we landed.

Long story short, we picked up PJ’s car, went to her apartment, made a mess everywhere, went out for dinner at Rudy’s (OMG CREAM CORN, DO WANT MORE), went back home, headed to the Belmont!

The Belmont was a small outdoor venue. PJ told me to go be near the stage but I decided to hang back around soundboard area with her. While we were waiting for the opening act, I walked around taking picture (hey hey GOLDEN SKULL from last tour!), visited the merch table and got this new shirt. Really like the simple design (I’m not a fan of wearing his face on my boobs, okay? *lolz*) and the soft fabric. Plus it’s available in XS! *lol* #MerchDudeWasCuteToo

8pm. Erin Ivey opened the show. She has a very interesting voice. Plus she’s very cute (way cuter than her twitter profile pic). We really enjoyed her set. I saw Nick Gibson walking around. I saw Phil Marshall talking to some fans. I saw ANDY SKIB and I ditched my friend. *lol* #StoryOfMyLife #JumpingASkibLikeAPro Andy came to watch Erin at the soundboard area, so I went to talk to him. I wasn’t sure if he remembered me but he gave me a hug anyway. I told him I was super excited for the show. Andy asked me how long had it been since my last show. I was like, since 2011 dude, you guys need to have more shows. *lol* I asked Andy about his music, but he’s said nothing as of now. Since I was so bad at small talk, I told him good luck and ran back to sit and wait with PJ.

Erin’s set was done by 8:35pm, I think. The crew came on stage to set up some more. I was bouncing.

Then, 9pm-nothing. 9:10pm-still not on. 9:20pm-silence. WHERE IS DAVID?! *panic*

Finally, a little after 9:30pm, DCook came on the stage *throws confetti* #ohemgeehelookedsogood XD Then, he started talking and he sounded super congested and I was like o_O” UH OH.

He apologized for being late as he just got back from the doctor. Something’s wrong with his voice. Said audience would have to sing a little more.

DC: it’s gonna be a damn fun show, okay? 

Absolutely sir!

DC: holy hell, here we go~

I LOVE the new Paper Heart intro!!

You have no idea how relieved I felt when the music started. All the wait, the angst, the anticipation. After almost two friggin’ years, it’s SO DAMN AWESOME to see him on stage again. The band sounded tight even with 4 pieces. Andy took on the lead guitarist role. And I had hearts in my eyes. ♥ DCook sounded good, but I’m not gonna lie, his voice was rough, and he seemed to dodge certain high notes.

DC: I have NO idea what the hell’s coming out of my mouth, this is great

It’s still magic and rainbow sir, don’t worry *lol*

Up next, the Last Goodbye! I love this cheerful breakup song!

This was pretty much the point where I gave up taking pictures. I was in the back (granted that I could have moved forward had I wanted to leave my friend standing there by herself), it was dark, the stage light was pretty nasty, not to mention the evil smoke machine. But most of all, I was out of practice. I haven’t touched my cameras in more than a year. I couldn’t remember the right settings, and my timing was completely off. *lol* #excuse~ So I decided to just enjoy the show instead! (every once in a while I can make a good life decision, okay?!)

DC said an hour ago he had needle in his ass *lolz*

DC: too soon, I don’t know *chuckles*

He mentioned coming out between records cycle and went on to introduce a new song, Carry You!

*flails* he just had his hand on the keyboard and I was beginning to melt into a puddle of goo already. *lol*

I don’t know why but I made a split second decision to record the song. I’ve never taken any concert vid before since I normally had a hard time standing still for longer than 30 seconds. And I soon realized that it was a hard work! I admired those who could film the whole show so much. 45 seconds in and my right arm was shaking already, what a pain in the butt! *lol* Hope it’s not too shaky, I was looking at the stage most of the time.


♪ I won’t let this love fall down
I’ll carry you
I’ll carry you

I loved how Carry You started out very mellow with slow build up. Ohmigah DCook also played solo during this song. *faints* WAIT. Andy is playing solo towards the end too. OMG I LOVE THIS SWITCH LEAD GUITARIST DUTY THING!

Quickly introduced Nick Gibson on stage. ♥  A brief banter that I didn’t really remember and we’re on to the next song~

Heroes was such an awesome concert song! I always have so much fun singing along. Due to his voice issue, he didn’t hit some high notes in Heroes. I mean, he still sounded good (duh), but it’s OFF.

Especially the next song, Let Me Fall for You, he definitely tried his damnedest to fight through the song. He didn’t hit my favorite high notes during the chorus (let me fall for YOUUUUUUUU~~) at all and he switched to the low notes during the final verse. I just wanted to effing cuddle him and pet his vocal cords for this. >”<

A small tea break. He actually said whenever his voice bothered him, he always did a shot (of something? idk)

Another new song, Eyes on You! (aka: the weirdest song he’s ever written)

DC: the response to this song has been cool. so far. one show in. errrr.. ← so damn cute I wanted to pinch him *lol*

I was like, oooh new song, let’s record this! ← bad bad bad life choice, it’s so catchy I want to dance! XD


♪ I’m watching every little thing you do
and all the lies that I can see right through
there ain’t no way for you to change the tune
oooh ’cause now I got my eyes on, I got my eyes on you


Hi Andy! (who forever has problem with stage light *lolz*)

btw, DCook dragging his hand along guitar neck was too much for my poor heart. ♥

EVERYONE LOVED THIS SONG! DC was like, it sounded alright? I didn’t completely butcher it?

*rolls eyes* oh please.

Toast time! He took a shot!

And from dancing song to this ballad cover: Wicked Game


Seven songs into the night, goodbye to the world. *thuds*

I have a thing for pianists since I was in grade school, okay?!

PJ took a camera from my hand. Apparently, a puddle of emotional mess were not allowed to do anything but sobbing hysterically.


My heart. His voice. I can’t even. His raspy voice made it so effing haunting. So epic I cannot.

btw, hi Nick!

And that voice-altering/filtering microphone thing is going to be the death of me. Oh wait. DCook IS already the death of me. *lol*

Andy, Monty and Nick left the stage. DCook, equipped with an acoustic guitar, moved to another mic on stage right, and talked about how he sang Fade Into Me during the last tour. Then he sang it, and it was so gorgeous. *purrs*

And here we had Katniss, the girl on fire… *runs like hell* XD

He thanked the audience.

DC: I hope to God that I’d never played a show again where somebody in the audience yelled “two hours ago you had needle in your ass!”

I think he actually loved this needle in his ass moment. *lol*

Kiss and Tell is next! *drown happily in new songs* Legit, that damn mic was my new life ruiner! Kiss and Tell was amazebomb! Quite possibly the heaviest song of the setlist that night. Once DCook fans learn the lyrics (I totally don’t dare try butcher it here *lol*), this will be one heck of a crazy fun song at the concert!


I love Monty! ♥ I think he’s boosting up energy on stage, by being super engaged during this tour. And he always makes DCook happy. :)

Another new song!!! Pre-song banter was so damn cute, watch it!


I’m Gonna Love You was way beyond gorgeous. It’s such a romantic I-LOVE-YOU-SO-EFFING-MUCH-IT-HURTS song. I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. ♥ Plus Andy on piano. DOUBLE IN LOVE. ♥♥

♪  I only want to be remembered
for being the one who’ll always say
that I’m gonna love you
I’m gonna love you endlessly

Andy and Monty’s epic whoaohohohhhH~~~ was new favorite! btw, ridiculous smoke on stage kinda cracked me up. *lol*

Up next, Come Back to Me! He talked about how they did the music video and how he learned the song backwards.

DC: this is such a stupid ass story, I don’t care ← SO DAMN CUTE ♥

WHERE WAS MELODY WHEN I NEEDED HER?! D:  MLee, I sang along so hard for you!

Monty led audience clapping. DCook was kinda surprised the fans were clapping along already, then he turned around and saw Monty clapping, leading the pack. And DCook was like.. Oh. *lolz*

After CBTM, he told us that there’s a hard curfew at 10:30pm. We got 2 more songs. Andy was playing an intro to Light On and DCook was like hold on! He asked if we’ve heard Light On before, and we’re all like (f-)YEEEEEEESSSSSSS! So DCook was like, screw it, we’re playing another one! *throws confetti*

DC: hey, what they want, they get.
Monty: I’m okay with that *lolz*

Where Do We Go was AMAZEBOMB! I LOVE IT SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH! ♥ It’s so flipping catchy!! Plus, DCook was back on piano. *forever flails*

when the light leaves our heart
do we know where to start? 

(I was pretty sure he sang “DO” we know, but the new t-shirt say “WILL” we know.. whatevs.)

btw, I was recording this song, and my battery was dying, and I was like oops, let’s see if it can hold on to the end of the song. Turned out, my memory card ran out of juice first! *headdesk* I mean, I’d never had this problem taking pictures so I had no idea how HUMONGOUS each clip was (over 1GB for each song, are you sh*tting me?!) x_X”

Where Do We Go ended with super high energy, everybody was yelling, whistling, screaming and clapping. BUT BUT BUT, the next song was the last one. D:

DC: it’s an understatement to say that I was a little stressed before the show tonight, I can’t say thank you guys enough. You sure know how to make a fella feel special ← awwww ♥ YOU ARE SPECIAL, SIR. (btw, when he said “fella”, I pictured “Steve Rogers”! *lolz*)

My first time hearing Laying Me Low live (along with all the new songs, duh! *lolz*) and I loved it!!!! That epic whoa whoa stomp-clap was one of my favorite things! I remember seeing them doing that on Idol and almost fell off my chair *lol*

Also, there was a lady in red, who’s pretty much intoxicated, walked over to us and asked “do you know who’s playing?!“. While I was mentally side-eyeing, PJ replied “uh, David Cook.” And that lady was like “OMG *runs to her friend” give me your phone, I need to take a PICTURE with him!” *lol* I cannot.

Before the last verse..

DC said: Austin, thank you so much!


After the show, there’s an older gentleman asked if I was from Seattle and I was like o_O” HOW DID YOU KNOW?! *lol* His wife said my friend PJ told her that I came all the way from Seattle to Austin. They were chatting when I was wandering around the venue. They asked if I’d be going to Houston and Dallas, and I just kept nodding enthusiastically *lol* I asked if they’re going to Houston too, they said no and that they usually didn’t stay up this late XD Anyhow, nice to meet you, ma’am & sir! :)

We walked outside and saw the new “tour bus” parked around the corner. I legit like this little black van and the red tetris box more than the big ones he previously used. PJ’s car engine light came on on the way back home. OOPS. At first, we’re going to take her car to the Woodlands, but as I recalled, plan A never works. Got home, reserved a rental car, took a shower, and passed out with a goofy smile on my face.

ps1. DAVID COOK. Do you still have my fangirl heart that I gave you two years ago? ♥

The show must go on, and he did it like a pro, fighting through his voice issue with hot tea and shot and determination. And a needle in his ass. XD

Like I said so many times already, it’s no longer just a fangirling fun for me. I truly admire him.

I really do. ♥

ps2. The band sounded GREAT together, even with 4 dudes instead of 5. I really love these new sounds they brought us! Cannot wait for the new records, it’s going to kick some major asses!

ps3. The Belmont has the most ridiculous smoke machine(s?) ever. EVER. I think it was so smokey that DCook couldn’t see anything at one point *lolz forever*

ps4. If you’re curious, 90% of concert photos above were all screencap-ed from my vids. Everything looks good when it’s compressed! XD

ps5. My friend, PJ (who wished to remain forever anonymous on my blog *lolol*). We’ve known each other for 20 years, and she’s been forever amazing. I don’t know what else to say besides the fact that she enjoyed this concert a lot and said DCook put on a great show despite the fact that he was sick. *thumbs up*

ps6. Last but not least, if you’re still reading to this point, THANK YOU for staying and (hopefully) enjoying my concert experience with me. If you consider brighten up my day by leaving a comment, thank you thank you! Otherwise, nice to meet you, creepy IP addresses! ;)




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10 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 16 – Austin

  1. nleighh says:

    This has got to be the most adorable concert recap I’ve ever read. The question is, did you have fun? ;)Thanks for sharing!

    • naughtiest says:

      aww thank you! I had a ton of fun! Plus, my friend who’s not a fan also had a blast, so it’s a win-win! :D

  2. Megan G says:

    (btw, when he said “fella”, I pictured “Steve Rogers! *lolz*)
    favorite comment of the whole recap. hearts in my eyes.

    I LOVE IT. I’ve missed these, and I’ve missed DCook, BUT I MISS YOU MORE!

  3. Tina says:

    Your trip recaps are always the most epic thing in my life. <3

    Can't wait to hear the rest!

  4. riz says:

    I always love your recaps… Thank you much for sharing.. :)

  5. imogenPH says:

    You know how much I’ve been hugging you while reading your blog :)) But I have to say it here, too. Thank you SO much to you & PJ for recording the new songs from this gig, especially Wicked Game. I shall hug the mp3 I made from your video forever. David yet again turns in a masterful vocal performance even when he’s sick. As when he did Lie for the Walmart Soundcheck videos, the fact that he was sick, strangely, seemed to make his vocals even more expressive & affecting on this particular Wicked Game performance. The torment, the anguish & the pain came to the fore even more, with his raspy voice. IMO, this is the best performance of the song from this leg of the tour. How on earth do you do it, David? *sigh forever*

    • naughtiest says:

      oooh, I love hugs! Thank you! <3 I completely agree with you about Wicked Game from this show, it's the most intensed out of the four times I heard it live. And I'm glad PJ and I were standing in the back, next to the soundboard, so we're not overpowered by the speakers. LUCKY! :D

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