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September 24, 2013 | david cook, header |

In order to get myself into a blog writing mode, here comes a new header! *lol*



I just got back from my trip and it was amazing even though there’s a whole bunch of things that didn’t go as planned. I may have to list everything down because they were hilarious (in a way).

Decided to go with a simple band header from Dosey Doe as it was soooooooooo awesome. This will also be a Dosey Doe blog banner as well (princess lazy is my middle name, ha).

I miss seeing them on stage so much already. The concert high is so ridiculously addictive!

Life in a nutshell. I got my promotion back in May (hooray big pay raise!). Work has been pretty much crazy (as usual). Paid off Dad’s Lexus in less than 3 years, we’re so proud of ourselves! My leadership program went really well, I love my team and all classes were fun and interesting. Graduation is coming up in November right before I’m flying off to Thailand. Timing is everything yo! *lol*

Still planning two more trips towards the end of the year. Hope they both happen!

Life is good!



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