I should have known better to save any photoshop file regularly while working on something! Last night, I went over 2 hours without saving it and when I decided to save my shiny banner, Photoshop crashed on me! #)&%)^*#$@!!! I almost friggin’ screamed at 3am!

So, I woke up this morning, got back on my computer, reworked on my header the same way for 10-15 minutes, got pissed over having to do the same thing again, so I ditched my first banner idea – a super monochrome one – and went back to my favorite photo ops. Just like that. XD

I think this header is pretty much a continuation from my T&T 6th anniversary one ↓

Without border, they both make my blog look really clean. Maybe I’ll just change pictures on that cable clip for the next year or so~ xD

Those two pictures from Love Q&A book are the main theme of this header: Connected. They may be flying solo right now, but I believe they’ll come home eventually (ahem..hopefully SOON!). I was a bit bummed out, because of the width limit, Tsu’s cellphone had to go behind the OS pix (and the thought of putting Do.Co.Mo somewhere on this header had also crossed my mind xD). Anyway, I hope at least it still looks like T&T are looking each other as that’s what I tried to do! LOL

On a side note, I finally took down Futari de οο calendar after two years LOL And I didn’t even use last year one as I went though only 3 photos out of 36. Truth is, all T&T calendars are more for viewing pleasure than to be used as a calandar~ XDD

Takki’s single covers are nosebleeding-induce. I’ll talk about my reaction when the single comes out next month.

I’ve been listening to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole all day. Beautfiul music, it’s simply soothing. Here’s an official MV for this really really nice version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I need a haircut. But a few weeks ago, my hairdresser refused to cut my hair after I went to see him for the 5th (or 6th?) time in 3 months. But to my defense, short hair needs high maintenance! Well, maybe I can bug convince him to trim it a bit tomorrow. Oh well, he’s cute, he’s gay, I love him anyway~ xD


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