January 29, 2013 | musical, ramin karimloo |

The Phantom of the Opera celebrated it’s 25th anniversary on Broadway over the weekend. OH HOW I WISH I COULD BE THERE.

If not for the whole show, I wanted to be there for the dang encore! *lol* Basically, we have FOUR Phantoms on the stage *faints*, and this dude!! THIS DUDE. I CANNOT WITH HIM.



Thank goodness for for posting this HD vid because I’ve been squinting at blurry fanvids for the past 3 days! XD



Don’t get me start on how gentle he touch her hands and all those BARELY TOUCH HER FACE moments. Let’s just say, it’s more ERO than when I found a picture of him shirtless! HA.

He friggin’ smiled throughout this song and I can’t with his dimple. BTW, 2:37, wiggling eyebrows killed me. XD

Oh, and how he pointed at himself when he sang “MY angel of music”, what a possessive dude *lol*

Not to mention how incredible Sierra Boggess was. ♥

Plus the hilarious moment at the end of the Phantom of the Opera… XD

I want more musicals in my life! The last one I saw was Wicked back in November last year, which was amazing but I WANT MOREEEEEEEEEEEE.

Seriously thinking about going to Toronto for Les Misérables later this year. My parents already gave up on me *lol* We’ll see! :)




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