January 24, 2013 | david cook |

I didn’t even plan on making a DCook concert smashbook. Until I ordered some smashbooks online and the package arrived with this weird huge ass (11×14 maybe?) one (note to self: read the description before adding to cart) *lol*

The first six concert pages are really simple. I basically ripped them off my old notebook #RecycleQueen Then, it started getting out of hand somewhere and I ended up spending SO MUCH TIME on each page it’s ridiculous! Pretty much, I spent every night of my holiday break on this book. Labor of love yo! XD

I just realized that scrapbooking is fun. Like, A LOT of fun. I really love it when I sat and stared at the book, and the idea popped up in my head. When I got each page done, it actually gave me the satisfied feeling I got from when I finished any photoshop work. Lovely new hobby it is!  ♥



I wanted to write about each page but my wrist is friggin’ hurt right now, I guess I’ll just post these photos for now. I’ll go comment on each photo later. :)

ps. Need more DCook concerts to fill this book up!!! XD


2 Responses to SMASH!

  1. Megan says:


    So many fantastic memories and you did such a good job! I love that format, it works so well for LIFE in general, and your book is perfect. The “I convinced my friends to ditch Thanksgiving” tag is my fave. I have a VERY similar picture of the 4 of us in KC on my hearth. I MISS YOU.

    Tour 2013. DO IT, DC.

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you! I wish we lived closer to each other so I could go smashbooking with you! Houston and KC are my most fav pages! I miss you and I miss all the fun we had together in 2011! Let’s do something in 2013 together! :D

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