I couldn’t remember the actual day I got into T&T fandom, but I’m pretty sure it’s some time in March 2006, after I got back from my first trip to Japan, because A-san had to go buy that year T&T calendar and send it to me. LOL

Anyway, I just want to jot this down. Here goes my thoughts on some behaviors that spoiled fangirling fun for me. Sorta related to my previous [top 10 annoying things] I posted last year. Sensitive topic from my POV. Sarcastic by default, I’m a Scorpio, what do you expect? :P

  1. Asking without looking — Before you come to someone’s blog or T&T forum to bug for files to be uploaded, it’s a good idea to check around first. Seriously, there’s not a lot of places out there that have T&T stuff, could you please at least try to check them out before endlessly begging? 2wenty_2wo, hello? It’s like using the fandom as your nagivator to take you to a bathroom in your own house on a daily basis. Aren’t you supposed to be able to remember how to get there already?
  2. Tell me! — Well, if you don’t have access to a Japanese source or you’re not fluent in Japanese, it’s a good idea to be patient and wait for someone to post about any update. Going around bugging people repeatedly whether they know any news is rather insane. Keep in mind that you’re not a CNN reporter, you don’t need to be the first to know everything.
  3. Randomness — Oh, you wouldn’t believe how extreme randomness ticks me off. It’s like you’re watching the news and the anchorman jumps from politics to sports to health to weather to politics to economy to sports to whatever, all over the place in 60 seconds, while adding his own overly randomly misleading interpretation of everything. See how annoying it is?
  4. Overly sharing — Sounds weird, huh? Normally, sharing is a good thing, but it is not when you simply ignore some common courtesy. Assuming that whatever posted on the internet by someone you know means transferring of ownership that you can repost/reupload/re-whatever is so wrong. Don’t be that innocent, this thing is not “by default”. Ask for permission first. How hard could that be?
  5. Secret guru — This behavior actually annoys me in an amusing way. Still, annoying. Especially, when the secret is either inaccurate or not really a secret. It actually shows how childish their thought process is. Let see, something like.. ‘OMG! I know something HUGE from my SECRET source, it’s soooooo cool but I CANNOT tell you. HAHA!’ How elementary school is this? Why do you rambling about it in public in the first place? Just to showoff? To me, this simply means you can’t be trusted as you’re clearly incapable of keeping secrets. Duh, just shush.
  6. Craving comments — I doubt anyone will actually drop dead from not getting comments. For real, some strategies that have been used to force people to leave comments are plain right pathetic. Why do you need comments that much? Your email inbox is too empty that it needs comment notification? To me, quality beats quantity anytime. If people don’t have anything to say about your post, so what?! Seriously, do you really think a bunch of halfhearted short comments like “TY” or “Yes, please” or ” :D ” are better than one real comment that you can converse with?
  7. Idol-Wife-Wannabe — Why can’t people just understand that THEY CANNOT OWN AN IDOL! Ugh! I cringe every time someone calls Takki or Tsubasa their husband, fiancé, boyfriend, etc etc. Of course, fans can fantasize whatever the hell they want in their head, but when said fantasy comes out in public, it’s really disturbing. To me, it’s simply wrong to even think of them that way.
  8. Back stabbing — I hate this coward approach. Sending mass emails and/or messages out to many people in the fandom, behind someone else’s back, is extremely gutless. If you want to say something or attack someone, do it in public. And personal issue is meant for personal blog/journal, don’t abuse fandom’s tools. If you’re afraid you’ll look bad when you whine publicly, that’s a sign that you’re totally making a fool of yourself by flaming people behind their back.
  9. Playing victim — Quit being a drama queen. You did something wrong. Someone caught you red-handed. Admit, apologize and live with it. Blaming other people around you and playing with people’s sympathy is not cool. Naturally, most people tend to take the underdog’s side. Some people will even jump in to protect you without even knowing the entire story, which will double or triple the drama. Don’t make things so dramatic, it’s irritating.
  10. Threatening to leave — Oh please, just go. Usually, it’s a continuation from the previous topic. Psychologically, there will be a group of people who will ask, or even beg, you to stay. So you could chickenly proudly change your mind and waltz your way back to the fandom (which makes it even more annoying). But guess what? This trick doesn’t work on everyone. Whenever I see someone announce their “leaving”, my thought: GTFO.

So, this simple equation describes my currently situation: Fandom = Boredom

It’s not because of the lack of T&T activities, I still love T&T to the max, but these behaviors are literally driving me farther away from the fandom. I don’t feel as connected with most fans as I used to be when I first got into T&T fandom 3 years ago, which is kinda sad.

Well, any of my lists matched what you have in mind? LOL


5 Responses to Top 10 Behaviors That Spoiled Fangirling Fun

  1. Tongari says:

    COUGH. Um. Well, these all sound awfully familiar. D: Especially the last few ones. Ahem.

    I agree with all, especially on the info thing. I mean, I suppose asking once (nonchalantly) is fine, but going around to all the BNF asking is annoying as fsck. And number 2 & 5… HATE.

    I also hate when people act like they know their idols very well. -_- It’s fine to make speculations, but some act like what they say is ABSOLUTE. Errr… really bothers me. Sometimes it’s fine in moderation, but the T&T fandom never does anything in moderation. XD

  2. glenda says:

    Guilty confession: I read this shortly after you put it up but didn’t want to be the first to comment. Probably because I DO agree with a lot of it. Maybe not in the whole of the point regarding the behavior but aspects of it.

    #1 – For me it can depend on what they are looking for simply because I did have such a hard time finding things when I became a fan. Running into dead links is no fun (more on that later). But if it is something that should be staring a person right in the face OR if a person reads posts that mention places like Mich’s or 2wenty_2wo repeatedly, then that is where I agree with your point.

    #2 – I got nothin’ to tell so nobody bugs me LOL & #3 – I think I’ve witnessed some of the randomness to which you refer & it simply confuses me so I move on rather than hurt my brain.

    #4 – Except that I follow rules of communities & internet etiquette (permission, credit, etc.), I fear that I may be guilty of over-sharing sometimes. I mean I know the people who have been around a long time & longer than myself can find things but…um, see #1.

    #5-10 – Lots in there that I agree with LOL I will say though that since we are a group of widely dispersed & multicultured people, we can’t possibly all agree on everything all the time & we are not all going to think alike. This may lead to some problems between fans. But that’s just it, it is between fans and has nothing to do with how we feel about T&T as performers or human beings and it should not be a reason to pack up and leave IMO.

    IMO it is wrong/annoying to take your toys and go home leaving dead or removed links. I don’t want to be annoying by whining more about this so I’ll shut up :p But I may e-mail you LOL

  3. lovespiral says:

    ahh! ditto on everything!! has it been that long since takki was in a drama that fandom feels the need to create its own drama? :x

    the part that i find most exasperating is how the average age of a t&t fangirl is pretty high – certainly not anything low enough to merit all this drama queen bs/junior high school junk x______x

  4. naughtiest says:

    yeah, isn’t it awful to be so awfully familiar with all these behaviors? -“-
    I’m with you on your last paragraph! Knowing about their career by following their news and progression is one thing, but when fangirls act like they know idols like they’re their BFF.. urr..

    LOL I know! sometimes it’s not just I don’t want to be the first, but more like I don’t know what else to say too xD

    I can understand those who are new to the fandom vs dead/removed links (evil!) issues because I still remember how frustrating it was, so helping newbies out is great IMO. But newbies can’t stay ‘new’ forever, that’s when it bugs me.

    multicultural is a good point, but as bunsie pointed out about average age of T&T fans, I was hoping to see a more mature and appropriate approach when dealing with conflicts ^^”

    you’re so right that most of us are adults already… do you think hormones can be factors in this drama queen crap? -“-

  5. loonykat says:

    LOL! I totally hate 6 to 10! Esp 8 makes my blood boils!

    abt asking for something, being a muddlehead myself, I would rather ask for help n poke those who i know would not consider me a bother! lmao! eg, u? Muahahaha..

    Ah! hate to be back! Y times flies so fast! I still wanna rock to the beat of mugen no hana n shalala with tono!!! Miss talking to u gal, hope to see u online soon ne~ <3

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