NEW HEADER!! The last time I changed my header was February 2012. *lolz* Since I’m again stressed out from work, it’s Photoshop therapy time!



I am currently obsessed with Ramin Karimloo. He’s friggin’ amazing I’m in love~ ♥

To be honest, what drew me to him at the beginning was his name. Since I kinda had a bittersweet history with this name and my cupid.

Anyway, Ramin. OHMYHEART. His voice is so delicious. So powerful. So emotional. I cannot.

I listened to this song repeatedly for 3 hours straight last Friday when I was fixing my coworker’s errors for business plan. I was singing “let hope pass, let dreams pass, LET THEM DIE!!!!” while cursing my coworker who made me work til 10pm. This song calmed me down a bit. *lol*

And I have a thing for men’s tears, so yeah 2:27 *points at header*

Love Never Dies is a musical that I really really really want to see. When they announced that it would come to Broadway, I bounced. And then it got postponed indefinitely. SAD FACE FOREVER. Granted, the storyline is kinda cheesy to the cheesy max, but it’s Phantom! Who could say no to Phantom?! *lol* #Logic

I was so bummed that the DVD they released for this show was from the Australian production, not West End. Nothing against them, but I really really really want to see Ramin and Sierra as Phantom and Christine!!!! *whines*

Well, at least we got the 25th anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera. ♥ Phantom is my favorite musical, I’ve seen it 4 times already, both here in Seattle and New York. *lol*

And Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert. Ramin as Enjolras is GLORIOUS. I finally ordered this blu-ray even though I cannot stand Nick Jonas’ nasal voice. Ramin Karimloo >>>>>> Nick Jonas. Forever. I wish we had a dvd/blu-ray/recording/whatever of him playing Enjolras in the actual production, not a concert like this one. I bet he could steal my heart even more. HA.

Speaking of Les Miserables, blu-ray for the movie will come out in March. I am so excited to cry another bucket of tears at home. *lol* Seriously, if you watch this movie and you’re not weeping, something’s wrong with your eyes, go get them checked. XD

Life is good, except for when it comes to work, it’s pretty horrible. I swear, one of my coworkers’ new year resolution is to become an asshole. I mean he was a jerk since last year, but after he came back from the holiday break, his attitude went to hell. He’s not paying attention, he’s not admitting when he did anything incorrectly, he’d never apologize and he was so sure of himself when he’s completely wrong. This is like adding another 200% to my workload, instead of me doing it once, we had to let him do it, then wait for it, check it, and try to find where the errors are and fix it. I am so exhausted. I told my boss I didn’t know how long I would last like this. It’s so stressful.

Other than that, I repeat, LIFE IS GOOD! *lol* #positive #positive

Oh oh! I got this Iron Man in the mail! It’s the only thing that makes me smile today. Tony Stark to the rescue! LOVE HIM! THANK YOU MEGAN! ILU~ ♥






2 Responses to ‘Til I Hear You Sing

  1. Megan says:

    UGH IDIOT COWORKERS. Do they never cease? Maybe his February resolution will be to snap out of the BS. Hang in there.

    I need to see/hear Love Never Dies. Musicals of the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Alain Boublil/Claude-Michel Schonberg was my nerdy high school fandom before the internet, when I just saved my babysitting money for the musicals and VHS cassettes and PBS specials I taped. Now that they are making a resurgence, it makes my life happy again! (For some reason, I though Love Never Dies was going to Vegas, but now that I think about it, it may have just been the remix of Phantom at the Bellagio.)

    Beautiful theater boys and Tony Stark = happy place. I’m glad it made you smile! NOW COME HAVE SOME DEEP DISH PIZZA SO WE CAN SMILE IN PERSON TOGETHER.

    <3 ILU back.

    • naughtiest says:

      OMG my director told me today, idiot coworkers are being investigated. February might result in them being gone! x_X”

      Love Never Dies is so dramatically cheesy. *lol* I read about it on wiki and the storyline made my head hurt. Then I listened to the cast recording (without knowing who Ramin was *lol* #slow), then I watch the Australian DVD and was pissed that Phantom sounded different from the recording *lol*

      btw, I’m seriously thinking about going to Toronto in October-November timeframe to see Ramin in Les Mis. CRAZY THOUGHTS.

      A deep dish pizza sounds way better! I miss you hard!

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