Raise your hand if you’re still waiting to read a report on Takizawa Kakumei~ LOL I haven’t seen any complete report out there yet, probably because the DVD is coming out (soon, please, Avex?) or probably because the plot was too messed up xD It took me forever and I doubt anyone still wants to read it but I need to finish this thing so I can move on with my life, oh well.. LOL

Summary: A family combo of (sorta) modern Enbujou and One!, might as well called it 「Two!」 or 「One and a Half!」 for the sake of continuation~ XD Twisted plot that still didn’t make any sense, to the point that Japanese fans gave up trying to completely understand it. Thumbs up for Johnny-san! XD Plenty of Hidejiji and Hidejuice/Holy Hidewater. Still emo. Gorgeous!Takki as always~ LOL

Warnings: A continuation of a long and messy fangirling gibberish. Please do not take any part of my report and repost it elsewhere. Oh, and 「As smoking might injure your health, be careful not to smoke too much.」 *coughs* (what a cute warning label on cigarette package they have in Japan?! How about another one — 「Smoking by minors is illegal.」  -“- )



  • Ruins

Curtain opened to, according to the title, a ruined stage. Duh. LOL

  • Prophecy

Nikki-san came out to talk about Sir Isaac Newton’s prediction that the world would end in 2060. OMG, so the box wasn’t a normal Pandora box that turned young skipper!Takki into Hidejiji, it’s a time machine too~ LOL Here we go, in 2060, Takki’s world outlasted Newton’s prophecy! YAY! XD

  • Prologue to Act 2 ~ Hoshi no Sekai ~

While Nikki-san was talking, Hidejiji came dangling floating from right side on the 2nd floor, dressing in winter outfit, fully equipped with long coat and scarf, also holding a walking stick.

BTW, this was the view from MY SEAT on 1/4!! The Wide Scramble cameraman-san was sitting on the aisle floor right next to me! LOL *Thanks Tsubaholic for this HQ clip!*

One junior was there on the left side of the stage to catch him landing, so Hidejiji shook his hand. XD Facing the audience, while someone took off his cable, Hidejiji started the scene with the last thing he said in Act 1: WTF is going on?!

Ok ok, scratch that, he actually said “kore wa ittai” LOL

Anyway, on the first two shows that I went to, he just went on about what’s going on over the past years, how everyone was now gone and so on.

But the last show I went to on 1/4, I noticed that there’s something in the middle of the stage, covered with an old cloth.

Eventually, Hidejiji reached that spot, he lifed the cloth away to reveal a skeleton. Hidejiji then dropped his cane and gathered that skeleton (from his closet) up. I started giggling uncontrollably at the only possibility I could think of, and Hidejiji confirmed it 2 seconds later as he HUGGED the skeleton reallly really tightly and called out for TSUBASA!!! XDD

*inserts loud cheer from audience* OMG, best surprise ever! LOL

Now, let me bring you back to Act 1 real quick, and compare the above hug ↑ to this one below ↓

See the difference? XD

Alright, back to Act 2.

Hidejiji talked to Tsukeleton for a while, he even tried to make Tsukeleton to dance flamenco. LOL Then, he carefully suppored his Tsukeleton to the piano on stage. Saying that it’s natsukashi na~ and kept on talking to Tsukeleton before he started playing

  • Kakumei (Piano Ballad)

And I squeeeeeeeed silently as Takki playing piano~  It was really short, but still! Pianist!Takki is my weak point! XD

♪ .. 最後にもう一度抱きしめていいかい
夜明けが近いよ さよならを言わせて ..

I believed he sang the above verse to his Tsukeleton~ ^^

*music changed, wind SFX* Hidejiji started catching red fireflies, one by one, and put it in a paper bag. I have to say that it was a very fast move for an 80-year-old man~ LOL  Oh and everytime he put more fireflies in the bag, there’s more glowing red dots in the bag too.

After 10-12 of them, he threw the bag to the back, emptying its content as the main display screen on the back change to giant red fireflies. This scene looked like he’s out in the space rather than in crappy future xD Then, thre’s a big glowing red ball, mother of red fireflies, I supposed? LOL Hidejiji played with that ball, stepping over it, then pushing it to left and right. BTW, the ball was big, so we could clearly see a cable cord that held it up.

He then sent the ball away, off the stage to the right. As he walked over to that direction, he picked up a flower and did something with it *can’t remember* In the middle of the stage, a bunch of white flowers fell down and stuck to something that look like a small gardening bed.

Now that we have a mini field of white flowers, Hidejiji walked over to grab a huge silver hose, probably to water the flower. But the hose kinda talked back to him in robotic voice LOL  He then went to another hose, and use his cane to poke it *gong gong*

on 1/3, he didn’t hit the silver hose, but there’s a gong gong sound effect XD

on 1/4, he poked it with his cane while saying “gong gong, Hideji desu yo, gong gong” Yes he said “GONG GONG” too, sooo cute! LOL

He walked towards the left side of the back stage, knocking something down *inserts movie reel sound effect* and the screen on the left side showed a picture of chibi Takki

And I quoted Hidejiji 「watashi no kawaii ichi dai na~」XD

  • Thriller Dance

BGM changed to remix kinda music, I like this song!

2 black juniors came out first to dance, then a bunch of juniors came out, I think even the silver hoses were up dancing too.

The left and right screens started showing clips from his dramas (yeah back to Majo day) Hidejiji walked to the right side of the stage, watching the VTR of himself

Then, THE CHIBI CLIP CAME UP ON THE CENTER SCREEN $(&%@#)$*&#!!! Never before seen footage of his chibi day, like, back when he was 5-6 years old OMG! OMG OMG and he’s soooo cute even when he made goofy face!!!

I wonder what’s going on in his mind while he watched this clip though, was his real dad still with the family back then?

  • Epilogue

The bench’s back! OMG IT”S 「TWO!」


*A-san to the rescue for this part, A-SAN, I LOVE YOU!!!!*

Hidejiji started talking about 1982.03.29 when he was born on the infamous bench. Then, he found a letter underneath it. Apparently on this bench he used to read a letter from his mom…

Hidejiji lifted up a cloth/blanket as a curtain, and when it was dropped, there stood chibi!Hideaki.

Chibiko started reading the letter from his mom

She apologized for not being able to be with him. Since when he was a kid and often asked her why he didn’t have a father. Everytime he asked, she couldn’t give him an answer because his dad sailed out to the sea and died (yeah right *coughs*). Then he would ask her where was his dad’s grave.

(and halfway through, it switched to his mom’s voice over)

She wish she could lie to him as she couldn’t tell him back then that his dad died in the ocean, that the great Pacific ocean was his dad’s grave. She also wished he could one day go back to the sea…

(switched again to Hidejiji’s voice)

He said that there’s no way he’d know what’s life gonna bring. Even when he die and reborn, there’s no telling what’s his next life going to be, but he would mind that as long as he could be his mom’s son all over again. *weeping audience*

Epilogue tune came up, the sakura petals shot through the first floor, Hidejiji walked from the back of the hall to the stage

1/4 takki slowly walked right by me!!!! (well, he did that on 1/2 too but I didn’t know it at first! lol) The girl on the other side of the aisle might thing I’m nuts since I looked to the back when the chibiko was reading letter on stage LOL dang it, so tempted to grab him!

Hidejiji got back on stage, chibiko gave him the letter back. He mentioned that he wished he could turn back time to when he was born again. He told the chibiko to hang on to what’s important to himself. Let’s go back to 2009…

Hidejiji walked to the middle of the stage, and said (2009) was such a great joyful year, where he’s 26 years old. He stood there and the main display dropped down with Takki-in-gold-outfit on the stairs overlay him standing on stage



Center display changed from Takki’s picture to a huge number「2060」. The last 2 digit “60” slowly turned upside down, so year 2060 became 2009~

Ahh.. I was wondering why they picked 2060 but now it made sense! This must have been Johnny-san’s doing for sure! LOL

Takk’s voice talked about the colors of Imperial Theatre, and people that previously performed on this stage, including Mori Mitsuko-san, Shounentai, Kokubun Taichi, Koichi, KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! Jump.

There’s a VTR from Kame/Jin and HSJ that was completely unnecessary IMO :P

Staircase showed up on center display, exactly the same as at the end of the previous scene, a bunch of juniors on the stairs, Takki then  walked to the middle on the screen.

Center display lifted up along with intro to BALANCE! And Takki in sparkling gold jacket, white shirt, and black tux pants!! Woohoooo HOT HOT HOT! I love Balance since I watched DreamBoy, it’s sooooo nice to be able to see him perform this song again! Well, it’d be much better if he’s in tank top though *biceps lover* LOL

Next, it’s time for TASTE ME! Oh boy, Takki, please don’t move your hips like that! *nosebleeds* Anyway, I still think ‘drink me honey’ verse was a very cute tongue-twister by Takki XD

  • Ai Sekai

Nikki-san said something something about Takki and Hime and year 2009.

Anyway, Yuki-hime showed up on top of the staircase in an ugly dress that I couldn’t remember the color. Maybe yellow. But it’s really ugly. ABC-Z members came out to pair with other dancer girls too. Very Broadway style when they danced and sang and walking up and down the stairs.

During his duet with Yuki-hime on the stairs, Nikki-san appeared on the top of the staircase, and walked down to finished the song with them.


Nikki-san’s show! With his harem boys and girls!

Except for the first show I went, at this point, I stopped looking at the stage as I was looking up above for Takki to appear for bungee jumping, we could see his shadow moving and got in place. At the end of this song, they lowered him down.


  • Kakumei ~Trance~

VTR showed Takki – hadaka but only see his shoulder. He looked soooooooo yummy!

Spotlight captured him in yellow bungee suits (which looked much better compared to those he wore in Enbujou LOL definitely the best bungee outfit so far! XD)


He started swinging, swinging, swinging, and before I could catch my breath, he leaped off the swing! *FAINTS* Hidejuice! Once he started spinning, Hidejuice was all over the place! *___*

A bit of a pause when he climbed back to the swing, so my heart could start beating again, then he jumped off again! *faints* Just watching him made me dizzy already, and to think about Takki, up there, spinning repeatedly *faints faints* It’s not as if I’d never seen his bungee jumping before, but it’s a completely different feeling, DVD and the real thing. Same as when he leap of from that scaffold in Act 1. *heart attack*

I also noticed that he always looked to his right when he’s swinging, before jumping off, I guess he’s checking his spot whether he’s got enough momentum ne~

And he looked totally sick after that 12-spin final move. x__X” Poor thing, no wonder he couldn’t eat when there’s a bungee involved in his butai. It definitely took a LOT of strength to perform something like this.

on 1/4 – 1st mishap with the rope, when they lowered the swing thing for him to climb back up, one side didn’t come down all the way *SCREAMS* so he couldn’t reach for it, took a while for them to untangled the rope, so all timing was off! Sound staff did an okay job to insert overlap music (screeching sound) on top of that to extend the duration of this scene a bit so Takki could finish his final spin.

You gotta love how Takki calmly handled the situation!! (well, he’d probably go back and whack the staff later LOL)

The entire theatre went dark at the end of this routine. *long applause*

  • Time Capsule

Main stage lit up with a bunch of juniors, two of them carrying a ‘globe’ ball out and then did the walking around the world thing ↓ I really like this junior song~

Grandpa!Nikki walked from the back of the hall, talking to juniors on stage.

Takki showed up in the middle stage, ruin scene was back, almost the same pose as the end of the 1st scene


  • We’re All Alone

Gramp!Nikki had a talk with Hidejiji. Eventually, they worked out the kink in their relationship xD

Hidejiji gave Gramp!Nikki his mom’s letter and Nikki-san delivered a crack line by reading it backward. Instead of 「 ヒデアキ ごめんなさい 。」 he read 「。いさなんめご キアデヒ」Yup, he even read  。LOL

And tada, Nikki-san turned out to be Takki’s dad, which means Yuki-hime was his half-sister! Who didn’t guess this?! LOL

Anyway, Hidejiji went to sit on the bench and finally called Gramp!Nikki ‘Otousan’, basically forgiving whatever happened. Nikki-san beamed and thanked him, then tried to walked up the platform to sit on the bench with Hidejiji (who had to come help since Nikki-san couldn’t get up by himself xD)

Hidejiji brought out a pack of cigarette, and lit it up OMG he’s SMOKING ON STAGE! I guess this way he didn’t have to go out for a smoking break? Just do it on in front of the whole pack of audience! XDD
No, I’m still not very fond of smokers, but well, this is Takki we’re talking about… ^^”

Unfortunately, he only got 3 drags out of it since Gramp!Nikki-san started bugging the hell out of him by started to lean toward his ‘son’ and making silly sounds LOL Hidejiji finally had to pass his precious cigarette over…

Gramp!Nikki-san took the cigarette, tried to smoke but put the wrong end to his lips, so he screamed when it (kinda) burnt him XD Then, he tried to smoke with his ear and his eye. LOL Hidejiji’s reaction was sooooooo adorable! The way he said.. sou.. sou… SOU!!!.. was super cute. When Gramp!Nikki-san dropped the cigarette on the floor, Hidejiji went.. ahhhhh! then ARGHHHHHH!! *inserts very frustrated groan by Takki* as Gramp!Nikki-san stomped on it. It’s gone! The last ciggy on earth LOL Gramp!Nikki-san just laughed while he picked up the cigarette butt XD

They talked about how things had changed and everyone was now gone, Hidejiji walked over to the piano and started playing some notes (and I died again by pianist!Takki~ KYAAAA!!!). He asked Nikki-san if he remembers the song, We’re all alone, then played piano while Nikki-san sang . OHMIGOSH, a famous song from the 1970’s, can almost said that I’ve heard it all my life LOL

Halfway through, Hidejiji ditched the piano, and walked over to duet (more like, singing chorus) with Nikki-san. It was really pretty.

  • Ai Kakumei (Ending Version)

*A-san, I love you I love you I love you!*

After the song, they had another talk. Hidejiji said he was glad he finally got to meet his father. Then he asked Nikki-san never to tell Yuki-hime that they’re sibblings, to avoid hurting her feelings. Nikki-san said okey dokey~ xD

Hidejiji thanked him and said that he did everything he wanted, it’s time to pass on…

I could hear a faint thudding sound that I realized it’s Takki’s heartbeat. Daddy!Nikki got all emo, telling his son to keep living, to fulfill his dream..

The heartbeat stopped, and Hidejiji collapsed on stage. Nikki-san rushed over, Hidejiji cried out for his dad one last time and died. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Nikki-san finally confessed that, even to the end, he still lied to his own son. Yuki-hime knew it all along that she’s Takki’s half-sister, but she never blame him, and never had eyes for someone else either (INCEST! *runs*)

Yuki-hime showed up in a supreme yellow/pink/purple ugly ugly dress (seriously). Anyway, she went over to him: Oniiiiiiiisannnnnn~, don’t die, don’t leave me~~~ You’re the only one I love (more than Taisuke, obviously! xD) Arigatou oniiiiiisannnn~ (LOL dang it, fits her character so well)

Everything went dark. There’s a loud crashing sound, and super bright light flashing from where they were. We could see that Hidejiji and Yuki-hime changed their clothes in a swift moment in the dark.

When the light came back up, Takki was BACK! YAY! Yuki-hime did the only thing to redeem herself – She gave her life to him! Way to go, girl! LOL So, Takki ditched his grandpa look and came back in white tank top with long fluffy white coat. Gorgeous and shining in white!! Woohoooooo!! He stood off to the middle-left side of the stage, calling out for YUKI~~~~

He turned around, saw her lying motionless on the floor, old, crumpled and absolutely dead. Takki cried out for her,  hurried to her side, and gathered her in his arms (still not as tight as he hugged his Tsukeleton, I swear~ LOL)

He then sang this verse from Ai Kakumei again. It’s very lamenting with only slow/soft piano sound

♪ .. 最後にもう一度抱きしめていいかい
夜明けが近いよ さよならを言わせて ..

Takki was going to pick her up, but Nikki-san stopped him, telling him to.. let go? as they’re now in different world (timeframe/space? whatever), and as Yuki-said before, Takki had to go back to the world he came from (2009) to do what he’s supposed to do (follow his dreams). So, Takki stepped back while 3-4 juniors came out to lift her up and carry her out instead.

Takki started the talking part of Ai Kakumei, but tweaked it a little bit to end with something like: even though it’s a bitter dream that made you cry, sweet memory would linger on..

Then he sang a ballad version of the latin part.

♪.. (Let’s shake the world) 踊れ命かけ
(Love you & me) 愛し愛され
叶わない愛でいいのさ 愛し続けるLOVE革命

(I love you shake) 愛こそ革命
(Around the world) 愛し愛され
悔やんでも 夢は永遠 この愛こそがLOVE革命 .. ♪

Takki sang these verses twice while he’s flying off from the stage to the 2nd floor, and disappeared back to year 2009 (kind of a reverse of how he appeared at the beginning of Act 2, which was year 2060).

  • Curtain Call

The stage changed to NRT airport scene, with an airplane that had  “TAKIZAWA 09” on its left wing, and “J2101” and “HIDEAKI” on each side of the fuselage. Boeing! It had to be a Boeing plane! XD

Nikki-san came out to explain some fact and fiction about Takki in this butai.

Then, it’s the cast introduction time. Music changed to a fast/rock version of Ai Kakumei backing track.  introducing Jr with water curtain (main screen on 1/3)

Everyone was wearing white shirt, black suit or vest with red flower(?) on. Next, Yamashina Ai came out in a black dress, and Takki came out in bright red suits (what a contrast to everything else on the stage! XD). He then introduced Nikki-san.

They thanked the fans, and the curtain was lowered.



On 1/2, while I was still clasping, I thought that it was the end, since I was told that there’s no encore in butai, but a bunch of audience stood up and I went WTH?! Leaving already? LOL

Then the intro to Yumimo kicked in! OMG!! IT’S A SHOWTIME!!! *SCREAMS*

SETLIST (I love the fact that it’s all TAKITSUBA songs, except for Kamen Budoukai. UNIT LOVE~ ♥ I WANNA GO TO T&T CONCERT!!!!)

  • Yume Monogatari – Started off off with ABC-Z and KMF2 in orange and green, then Takki came out in white suits during the chorus part *kakkoiiiii* On 1/2, I (along with some other fans) screamed Takki~ Tsubasa~ and Bonnie gave me a look. XD Well, I definitely couldn’t do a Takki~ Takki~ call ne, it’s not how this song’s supposed to be! On 1/4, I was on the 1st floor again, and the audience around me were so high, everyone was dancing and singing. This time, TACKEY! TSUBASA! call was really loud! YAY!
  • One Day, One Dream
  • Serenade – oooh! My first time watching this song live! Too bad, Takki didn’t throw the stick up and catch it, he just tossed it to the side.
  • Kamen Budoukai  – If you watched Takki and Nikki-san performed it during the countdown, you have an idea how this performance went. At first, Takki put a white mask on, before he threw it away. I think all these old school dance moves were really cute. I bet older generation audience enjoyed this great deal! xD

  • (Samurai) only performed on 1/2
  • Venus – Yokoyama (K8) came on stage on 1/2
  • Ho! Summer
  • (X~Dame) only performed on 1/2
  • Real DX – *SCREAM FEST* Takki sang each verse with a pair of ABC-Z and KMF2. After each verse he’d turn to the junior on each side and made such a cute face. I MISSED SEEING T&T PERFORM THIS SONG TOGETHER!!!! *whines*
  • Epilogue – When the intro to Epilogue came up, I had a hard time breathing. -“- Takki introduced Nikki-san before he left the stage. Nikki-san then sang the first part (Takki’s usual part) of the song. During the melody part (along with loud applauses, he introduced Takki)

    Takki came out in shiny black/silver suits (his water-playing outfit ^^”) and sang Tsubasa’s part.

    I cried. Every single show. Because I was hoping against reality that it’d be Takki and Tsubasa singing this song together T__T

    Takki thanked the audience, then finished the song with Nikki-san singing chorus towards the end.

    The song end. Backing track came up again, and Takki went flying through the water curtain! xD

    He even tried spreading his Holy Hidewater more! LOL After the flying session, he came back to the stage. Tsukada, also soaking wet as he’s standing in the line of water display, was there to catch him.

    On 1/4, Takki tried to say something, but he’s got too soaking wet, so he said “sumimasen.. arigatou gozaimasu” while he’s laughing. SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!

The curtain finally closed.


And it’s the end of my Takizawa Kakumei journey.

I literally had to run from the Teikoku to Yurakucho station to catch the train to NRT. So I didn’t have time to feel the effect of lovesickness yet. It was totally crazy at the airport with super duper long line at check-in counter that I had to wait for almost 45 minutes (how inefficient could it be?!) I ran all the way to return the rental cellphone, then ran to the customs and ran to the gate.

Everything started to kick in when I was sitting on the plane, how much I missed Takki and this show already. I didn’t know that there would be a DVD back then, so I was whining and sniffing when listening to the recordings repeatedly on the way back home.


Well, I rarely curse in public, but 6 months later and I FINALLY FINISHED THIS FRIGGIN’ REPORT! OMFG! xD I felt like my life got stuck for the past 6 months, simply because I left this report hanging and I couldn’t move on with my life, my blog was pretty much dead because I tied myself to this unfinished business (which is now finished!!) I couldn’t work on any of my travelogues because I kept thinking back about this report! HA!

Anyway, this should be my thoughts about the show.

It was my first time at JE butai, so there’s a bunch of excitement for me. I watched the show, pretty much with my hand either on my face or over my mouth (when I didn’t applause like crazy). I actually surprised myself that I didn’t scream out loud several times (especially that sara~ sara~ LOL)  Seriously, 3 shows were definitely not enough. I wish I could stay for the whole month!

Personally, I like Act 1 more than Act 2, mainly because there’s a bunch more actions in the first act and too much talking in the second. Plus, Takki looked like Takki in Act 1 while he looked 80 years old in Act 2. LOL

I like how versatile Ai Kakumei was. The song could be rearranged into so many things to fit the scenes.

I need to brush up my furitsuke skill… xD

I’m still kicking myself for missing Ai Kakumei event the next day, but a dream vacation had to end somehow as real life was waiting for me back in Seattle. A day too soon though. *headdesks*

Watching Takki in butai made me admire and respect him even more. It’s not an easy job, there’s so many dangerous stunts (including smoking on stage LOL). To see how much effort he put into each show, how he handled unexpected situations, how his leadership shined throughout the show, and how his aura totally blinded me.

For that, I thanked him for this wonderful experience.


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6 Responses to [Takizawa Kakumei] Act 2 + Showtime

  1. glenda says:

    Good Lord woman! The length of this is frightening LOL I will be back to read it all but for today I will merely enjoy the photos :p I do remember trying to follow what people thought the plot lines were and it gave me a headache. I like your idea of calling it Two or One & a Half. ^^

    Enjoy the holiday & be careful out there!

  2. naughtiest says:

    ROFL, glenda! yeah, it’s kinda a little(?) long, but shorter than than Act 1, definitely! xD

    Happy 4th to you too! I didn’t burn myself BBQ-ing last night, so all is well! ^^

  3. glenda says:

    I sat down today and read this entire thing. I can certainly see why it took you some time to pull it all together. There are parts that still don’t make much sense to me LOL He mixes some truth in with his fiction & maybe that helps to confuse…like having the bench & asking about his father. The bungee stuff is scary & I can see why it would be even more so in person! I loved the Tsubaskeleton hehehe I’d probably wind up enjoying Showtime most of all–less confusion there! ^^ Oh! I have always teared up for Epilogue; it’s difficult to listen to it at the moment. I bet it was really cool to see him going in & out of the water jets thingy! Thanks for sharing your memories & putting pictures with them. I did enjoy reading it…no, really, I did!

  4. loonykat says:

    Yatta!!! You finally finished it!!! Mine still hanging half way! Uwahahahah.. dies at the length of it.. this time my takiSama con is so short cut that i’m amazed at myself.. I wrote it on the plane with mich, haha.. same as u, whining, laughing, giggling to ourself.. But work gets the better of me, so that will hv to do for the time being.. Ah.. I really hope TakiSama con got DVD too, it’s was really a fun concert!

    N thanks for these, brought back so much memories!!! I laugh out really loud at the “hug” part! U are so…. observant, biased.. whatever! LMAO! *chu*

  5. naughtiest says:

    LOL I’m glad you enjoy this epic report! I didn’t expect it to be this long!! I love showtime too because it reminded me so much of a T&T concert, and yeah, Epilogue is seriously hard to listen to these days…

    of course, you know how TxT part of my brain works… how could I not compare those hugs? xD I still couldn’t believe you guys went to Japan 3 times already this year LOL crazy~

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