Retail Therapy

January 12, 2013 | et cetera |

aka: some sh*t I bought during the past two months



Let’s see…

  • UGG boots – $169, but I had $100 gift card from Sport Authority, HOORAY
  • Peas in the Pod – on sale for $12, bought 2, snuggled one every night~ :)
  • Smashbook – 40% off at Joann, I had a 25% off entire order coupon, ~$7, bought OMG SO MANY OF THEM I AM A HOARDER
  • Slice glass cutting board – $19.99, on sale for $9.99 at Joann, yes, I went to Joann on a regular (read: daily) basis for 2 weeks straight *lol*
  • Fiskars paper trimmer – got it for $12 I think, after all the discounts
  • Fuji Instax Mini 25 – $80, been wanting this one for a long while and since I started smashbooking now, I think it’s a good investment!
  • L’occitane – bought around 2AM Black Friday morning *lol* they were on sale at their outlet shop! Can’t remember how much..
  • Kindle Paperwhite – $119, also had $25 Amazon gift card *lol* LOVE IT! So light and nice to read at night in bed
  • Digital Flat Anthena – $29 at Walmart, got it for $19 from Amazon, I win! Now I can watch some news in my bedroom, YIPPY!
  • Rubik’s Cube – on sale for $7 at Fred Meyer, mom said it’s my favorite plaything along with jigsaw puzzles
  • Blu-ray! – omg I started buying blu-rays when I bought a player for my bedroom, but it was actually in November when things went crazy, all the holiday deals and stuff
    • Indiana Jones – on sale for $45 at Target, also had $10 off coupon
    • Bond 50 – Amazon’s deal of the day, got it for $99
    • Lord of the Rings – $39 at Best Buy
    • Bourne series – Target exclusive steelbooks, got the first three for $11 each, got Legacy for $15, thanks to Target giftcard *lol*
    • E.T. – steelbook, $15 Black Friday deal
    • Hunger Games – $8 Walmart
    • Brave – $8 Walmart
    • Amazing Spderman 3D – Best Buy exclusive steelbook, $27 I think
    • Dark Knight series – also steelbooks, got the first two for $9.99, got TDKR for $15, thanks to gift cards I got from purchasing the first two movies *lol*
    • BBC Earth series – Planet Earth, Human Planet, Life, Frozen Planet – got them all for about $40 from Costco and Best Buy
    • Toy Stoy 1-3 – eBay, $37
    • Mission Impossible 1-3 – $15 I think
    • Titanic 3D – $15
    • etc…

These excluded a ton of scrapbook stuff I bought from everywhere (btw, Melody sent me a bunch of stuff that will last me at least a year too *lol*), Korean skincare for mom, all the vitamins, new sheet and duvet cover, all the jacket/sweater/cardigan/t-shirt/tanktop/leggings/jeans/undies/socks (HOARDER, remember? most of them are in U-Haul moving boxes right now *headdesks*), etc…

So yeah, retail therapy at full swing. -__-”





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