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December 31, 2012 | 12pix |

It’s really hard to pick just one picture from each month! *lol* But here’s my 2012 recap!



January came with yet another horrible news. My best boss on earth got reassigned to another group, effective in February. I WEPT.

Snow/Ice storm also attacked us. We got stuck home for 3 days, luckily we didn’t lose power. Went out to plow our driveway, flew off the front porch and landed on my butt. OUCH. Drove to work through leftover snow and ice to submit our quarterly business plan because the stupid system didn’t work remotely. Took me over an hour to knock all the ice off my car on Friday 1/20!

All while my brother was enjoying the sun in Thailand. >_<”

Also went to RStar/Andy Grammer concert this month!

My boss gave me this ball on his last day in our building. *sobs*

2X Rainbows
March was a pretty miserable month when it came to work. I didn’t like my new boss AT ALL. He made me cried in the middle of the office too. #jerk D:

On a brighter side, double rainbow I saw on the way back home one day kinda cheered me up (a bit).

My parent’s anniversary! We got them an iPad! Also went to Portland to LV shop and got myself an LV wallet. $350 for a wallet, my overtime paid for that. *headdesks*

Tiger Jam!
April was an absolute horrid month at work. My first business plan without my best boss on earth. My new boss was not helping, but more like assigning more work. Worked overtime everyday including weekends. CRIED MY EYEBALLS OUT. Legit, crying on a daily basis. T-T

Addicted to L’occitane products. Bought like.. $400 worth of stuff *lol* Seriously, come to think of it, I believe it was my retail therapy.

Anyhow. April wrapped up nicely with a short hop (before my family trip, I couldn’t believe how the timing worked out for me!) to Vegas for Tiger Jam! Melody! Prince! DCook! JBJ! It was awesome~ :) And I just realized I’d never post anything about this concert. Failed, Sara, FAILED.

He’s my favorite. ♥

2012 family road trip! We flew from Seattle (or for me, from Las Vegas *lol*) to Denver. Red Rock Amphitheatre. Wyoming State Capitol (Governor came out of his office to greet us too *lolz forever* Cheyenne giant boot sculptures. Crazy Horse Memorial (amazing back story). Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. Devils Tower. YELLOWSTONE!

The Old Faithful was the highlight of our trip, however, the real thing was a bit of a letdown *lol* The sky was all cloudy and misty and rainy, not a tiny bit like ALL THE POSTCARDS they sold~ XD


Red Head Princess
Shannon, Tina and I went to Houston to visit Megan! Had a wonderful time with the girls. Wished I could stay longer.

Went to see Brave together. LOVED IT.

And that giant beef/avocado ball I had for dinner… Everything is big in Texas! *lol*

Dad drew us a map of grandma’s house. ♥ My sister went to check it out when she was back in Thailand, but the area was completely different, new streets, new buildings, etc. Kinda sad. :(

My younger cousin graduated with a law degree! HOORAY!

VACATION! Went back to Thailand! Got to see a bunch of my friends and relatives. Went to the beach. Went to Chiang Mai. Best time ever! ALL THE FOOD. Got to go to my class reunion for once!

Here’s my high school friends with our latest addition, baby Moritz! ♥

Love Is a Four Letter Word
Jason Mraz. Amazing. ’nuff said.

Not really. OMG I LOVE HIS CONCERT SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN. *lol* My brother drove my sister and me to the Gorge, which was, like, 3 hours away. Best Brother EVER. Oh, and Christina Perri was amazing too! ;)

Got it done early yo!

Got to spend a lot of time with my friend and her son lately. It was a blast. Matthew grew up so much! He’s so adorb!

My birthday! Skyfall! Wicked! High school Reunion in Seattle! (I had no idea there’s so my people from my school here *lol*) Thanksgiving! Midnight trip to Premium Outlet for Black Friday (parked about a mile away *lol* OMG SHOPPED FROM MIDNIGHT TO 4AM! Awesome early bird special! *lol*). After thanksgiving morning (after 3 hours of sleep, almost passed out again on the floor *lol*) with Tate and Matthew, making gingerbread house!

About 30,000 things happened in December. *lol*

My brother bought a 3D TV. Finally got to watch all the 3D blu-rays I had. OMG IT WAS AWESOME. Bought a new electric range. Dad loves it. Went to see How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular. IT WAS SPECTACULAR! Christmas parties. Yes, multiple. *lol*

Started a Smashbook for Dad’s recipe. Then I got hooked and started buying ALL THE SCRAPBOOKING STUFF. *headdesks* Then I spent 75% of my holiday break smashbooking. OMG. Got DCook-smashbook done though! I want to make a post about it too as I spent SO MUCH TIME on it. *lol* This one is my current favorite page~

oh oh LES MISERABLES. HOLY. I CRIED LIKE WHOA. And I’ve been listening to the OST for the past 5 days. It was amazing. GO WATCH IT. Please.

2012 went by so fast. SO FAST. It was not as fun as 2011. NOT EVEN CLOSE. *lol* I felt like I didn’t get to do much since most of the time I was freaking out about my work and all the depressing/annoying things at work.

But on the other hand, I did get to spend a lot of quality time with friends and family, so it was still a good year! ♥

2013. BRING IT. Life should be good! :)


4 Responses to [Pix] 2012 in 12 Pictures

  1. Megan says:

    LOVELOVELOVE your 2012 roundup. I’m sorry it wasn’t the most ideal of years, overall, but hopefully 2013 will be better. It *is* lucky 13! Here’s to concerts, vacations, and delicious food with friends.

    I’m so thankful I got the chance to see you this year – let’s keep it going with three years in a row!

    PS- your Smashbook is AMAZING. So many good memories!!

    love you, Sara!

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you! I’m sure 2013 will be better, I have high hope! *lol* And I will definitely find a way to go visit you and Miss Eliza! :) (and Adam! *lol*)

      OMG smashbooking is so much fun! I should have listened to you and MLee and got into it since 2011. The first few pages of DCook book were so simple and clean, then it got out of control somehow XD I wish you were here so I could show you the book and get some tips from you!

      I miss you so much! <3

  2. Tina says:

    Ahhh, I love this post! Sorry I am super duper late D:

    You take the most amazing pictures and I love hearing about your year. I hope that things are much smoother for you at work this year and I hope that you get to see my face in person. That can be your new year’s resolutions. ha.

    Miss you!!!

    • naughtiest says:

      hey hey hey, that’s an awesome new year’s resolution! I cannot wait to see your face again! Let’s have a kickass 2013 together! :D


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