November 3, 2012 | david cook |

I saw this for the first time on Tumblr yesterday.

credit: Robert Sebree Photography

And I was like…

  • o_O”
  • WHAT?!
  • OMG
  • Wait, is she naked?! (trying to look for *ahem* DETAILS *ahem* on tiny screen is not easy yo)
  • This is so new Target ad for adults! *lolz forever* #HowMyBrainWorksOnFriday
  • Where the heck did this come from?!
  • MORE!

Yeah, that’s pretty much a series of my reactions. I dispatched this to the girlie gang, and everyone was like “WHAT?!” too. *lolz*

I like the “Target” thing on the wall but after looking at the full sized photo, I think they either photoshopped the Target on the wall, or photoshopped DCook on this Target wall. I’m confusing myself now I should stop here. *lol*

Anyway, great shot, love it. Couldn’t help thinking if this was the promo photo for his album, and how it would affect his market position and sales. Just a thought.



2 Responses to Target!

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Sara . . . omg! I had a series of the same thoughts!!! This may be a “Break Away” moment. : ) Especially considering the “Companion” photo that goes with this one. We’ll see as soon DC’s new music arrives! ~L

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