Coulson the Agent!

October 31, 2012 | avengers, lotr |

Found this on Tumblr. Two of my most favorite fandoms crossover!

sairobee posted:

And gingerhaze added on:



When you think about it, from these two posts…

Phil Coulson = Gandalf (Coulson Lives! YAY!)
Maria Hill = Frodo
Nick Fury = Boromir

Steve Rogers = Aragorn (♥)
Thor = Gimli (lolz forever)
Clint Barton = Legolas

Which makes…

Natasha Romanov = Sam

Which leaves TONY STARK and BRUCE BANNER as MERRY and PIPPIN! I cannot with what how much shit stuff these two will blow up with ALL. THE. SCIENCE.  *lol*

Wait. Does this make Jarvis Treebeard? #OMG #EvenBetter #LOLZ

Can someone please tell me if this has been AU’d already?! XD



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