A year ago today, I was in Austin, TX with Megan and Melody. There were zombies. FIVE zombies to be exact. And they were loud. ♥

Doesn’t matter whether they’re fast and dumb or slow and clever, I’d sit and wait for them to come eat me yo! *lolz forever*


Photo from Austin, TX show on 10/30/12, a crazy night was crazy.

Black space is for icons on your desktop (assuming you don’t have too many *lol*). If your screen resolution is larger than 1280×800, set background to black, and set this wallpaper centered, please don’t stretch it~ :)

It took me seven months to finish this wallpaper. A simple thing that took me way too long. I blamed it on work-related stress, btw. I’ve been having this file open in photoshop for seven months. Even when I (rarely) restarted my computer, I opened it right back up. But I had no drive to finish it.

Until that David Cook’s Q&A session from Singapore. Speaking of an inspiration, eh? ;) Just in time for trick-or-treating~


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2 Responses to [Wallpaper] These Loud Zombies

  1. Megan says:

    snagging it. REASONS!.

    Such wonderful memories with two of my favorite girls.

    Happy Halloween!!!

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