slow and clever

October 26, 2012 | david cook, ps-dc, wallpaper |

Zombie talks during this Q&A (5:55 and on) made me dig out this unfinished wallpaper.


I’ve been having trouble finishing anything I started in photoshop. The last wallpaper I made was back in January. The unfinished pile keeps growing. Usually, I turn to photoshop when I’m stressed, but I’ve been SEVERELY stressed out for the past 9 months (since they took my best boss on earth away and replaced him with current boss from hell, and I started crying on a regular basis) that even photoshop could not calm me down long enough. *headdesks*

Think I can finish this by Halloween?! *lol* #weeps


4 Responses to slow and clever

  1. Megan says:

    Remember when my face was next to your face for this?


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