Having Santa Esmeralda’s You’re My Everything tune stuck in my head all day. I completely blamed it on Wribbit and Kiwi, it’s all their faults!!! Go ask them why~ *runs like hell*

FedEx delivered the package early this morning. I was tempted to sneak out of the office during lunch, but the gas price is on the rise again, so I let the practical part of my brain held me at work even though my boss was out sick today *is proud to be a good employee for once* LOL

And here we go again, my fun photo session with T&T release! The fight this time was to keep the Love Q&A Book open long enough to take a picture~ LOL

Long fangirling rambling on this year calendar behind cut as usual~



A combination of the style from 2007-2008 calendar: a paper case, with red cardboard wrap, while the calendar itself looks more like 2006-2007 calendar, but a bit smaller (B4?).

I have a question, why couldn’t they make the calendar the same size as previous year(s)? LOL Seriously, I’m having a hard time putting them on the shelf as I like to organize things by release dates, but the calendar size made it pretty much impossible to do so xD


I like the pictures they used on the paper box, both back and front, BUT it’d be nicer if they’re not the same as the calendar! Dude, you had to take like hundreds and hundreds of photos, don’t tell me you didn’t have anything else! I want to see more shots yo!! *whines*

Ahem, can someone please go shot whoever design this box? Seriously, red ribbon strips with orange trims and wannabe gold repetitive fonts? This is not a chocolate box yo!! Not to mention that friggin’ white text box smacked right there in front. UGH!! >”< Why why why, why couldn’t they spend a bit more time choosing a nicer fonts and pay more attention to design?! Whoever did this has absolutely NO TASTE, it’s worse than a 3rd-grader job.. *pulls hair* They should have left it plain like the calendar cover *grumbles*


I like the idea of crown!Takki and wing!Tsubasa on the red cardboard wrap, it’s cute. And since we all know that Tsu is the princess, crown prince!Takki is a perfect choice ^^

I still wish that some day they’ll pay attention to T&T anniversary date. 9/11, people. We celebrate their birthdays AND their anniversary!



See!! How nice the cover looks by being simple!!

Nice picture of them on the cover. I especially like the position of Takki’s hand, kinda being protective of Tsu ^^

Tsu’s hair doesn’t bother me as much, I guess I got used to it already. Plus, he’s cute anyway, even with weird hair XD Takki’s hair color was way too light during this calendar shoot, but at least it’s not fluffy, so I won’t complain~ LOL

Ahhhh How cute they smiled at each other in April!!! Look at the way Tsu looked at Takki, soooooo sweet! Definitely, only Tsubasa can make Takki smile like that ^^ Couldn’t help staring at Juliet as the jeans has such a weird *ahem* area~

Weeee~ Sporty T&T in May = ♥  I like Takki’s tiny pix on upper right corner. Tsu’s inner pants/leggings were really cute! I like his shorts too!! And those two combined were such a nice fashion combo! *me likes* while Takki’s pants looked like ojisan’s pants xD

JUNE IS MY FAVORITE MONTH!!l *KYAAAAAA* They both looked soooooooo good and cute and happy together! That tiny pix in the middle~ *purrs* eating!T&T is always LOVE ♥♥♥  OMG, those mini spatulas! chou cute~ xD So monjayaki is pretty much the same as okonomiyaki?

Favorite outfit in July minus Takki’s jeans. Well, too blue ne, I like it more when he wears torn jeans (Sept) or faded ones (Apr). Looks like it’s time for Tono’s pedicure too~ LOL Tsu’s top was really girly, I like it! And his jeans rocked!

ne, photographer-san for the month of August, may I slap you please? *whacks* Takki’s face was way OUT OF FOCUS!!! well, unless you planned to take a picture of Tsubasa and Romeo… *runs*

Celebrating their anniversary in September. Takki definitely planned to get Tsu drunk XD

*kyaaaaaaaaaa* Tsu looked chouuuuuuu CUTE in October!! I bet he’d be even cuter wearing his specs! *is tempted to photoshop some parts of his hair off* LOL

And I was thinking why Takki didn’t wear anything furry… Fluffy!November it is! XD

Worst month of the year, December, you lose! but offshots from this month cracks me up though ^^

KakkoiiiiiiI~ I shall skip last month and have January up for 2 months instead LOL Black & White twins~ Always their contrast *purrs* I love Takki in kimono~ and was that smiley face (with body) he drew? ROFL!!

A month of love, T&T definitely went on a date in February! I love Tsu’s jeans (again)!! And Takki looked really really good this month, probably because his hair looked darker.

*dies* March Madness. Tono~~~~ *purrs* Need I say more? LOL

Annual view was the same picture as the back of the paper box case, I really like this picture ne. Tsu’s smile was so cute and I still love his jeans! ^^ As for Takki, I always love it when he wears simple white shirt ♥

Solo shots at the end were okay

What wins is OFFSHOTS! OMG! Soooooo Soooooooo SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love them all, I wanna talk about every single one of them, I need another post!! xD AND I WANT TO SEE MORE!! MOREEEEEE!!! CHOU KAWAII~!!

Edited: ♥ Offshots review is up!


Love Q&A Book

Wow, Colorful. Nice quality paper. Ugly cover. I didn’t expect it to be a hardcover book, so it’s a surprise. The glue in the binding doesn’t seem to last very long, considered how it screamed every time I open the book or turn the pages xD

Lots of nice pictures. Even though most of them were solo shots, they were either connected or mirrored each other. Brilliant ^^ but their HEAVY photoshop job could be improved LOL They clearly cut and pasted T&T into a new background (or if you prefer, background over T&T original shots XD), along with changing color balance around on each double-page.  Gotta admire their effort though. It’s very rainbow-ish when quickly flipping through LOL

I liked Takki’s first outfit a lot, it made him look a bit…normal(?), if you know what I mean. Tsu’s shirt was probably based on the same logic of the mood ring as it changed color all the time LOL

2nd set looked really nice, of course, T&T + bed = ♥ xD

Any kind soul translating the whole thing? *puppy eyes*



I love the fact that this year it’s a UNIT calendar as I mentioned it on last year post that I love seeing them TOGETHER. My confession is that out of 36 shots from last year, I only changed the picture 3 times. And I still have 2007-2008 calendar up on my wall, 2008.03, T&T together on that (ski) lift. ^^

All in all, I’m very satisfied with this year calendar (except for the box LOL)  Totally love it. A lot of nice pictures of them happy together. It’ll definitely brighten up my day whenever I look at this calendar.

Another must-buy for Takitsuba fans, especially now, because we all missed seeing them together!


3 Responses to [T&T] 2009.04 – 2010.03 Monthly Calendar

  1. loonykat says:

    lol! ur detailed description cracked me up! Ytd when i open mine I’m literally drool all over their birthday mth pages!!! *purr with u!!!* And good point on the 911!!!
    *hit the designer on the head!*
    I love them in kimono too <3 n tono’s calligraphy! Wahahhahaah!

    N i love the Q&A book! for the refreshing color and the lovely pictures . i hv’t go thru them as detail as you though.. lol.. n i really applaud you for ur trick to keep it open!!! that’s all for now.. ^^

  2. tsubaholic says:

    Chocolat box. LOL So true, that’s what it looked like.
    But I hated the Love Q&A design even more…. So ugly with the -100 tracking serif type.

    I was so happy almost every single picture was a unit picture!!! :)

  3. naughtiest says:

    hit the designer harder yo! lol
    you’d get a good laugh seeing me taking photos of the calendar, as I was on my knees, left hand kept the book open, right hand worked on camera, trying to focus on the calendar, then I took my left hand off, and took my shot. Let’s just say that I had to do it more than a few times XD

    yup yup! I love it when it’s a happy unit calendar ^^ especially this time when we missed seeing them together so bad!

    oh boy, that Love Q&A design was super ugly. They’d be better off with just blank cover with crown and wing logos or T&T photos with no text, because those skinny fonts was…. ugh!!

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