Back in April, I got an email notificationfrom Live Nation about Jason Mraz concert. I asked my sister if she wanted to go since he’s one of her favorite artists. Plus, after I dragged her to all the David Cook concerts, I figured I should take her to see someone she really likes. *lol*

So, tickets went on sale on April 9th at 10am, I frantically bought the ticket: section 102, row 4, seat 17-18. Basically upfront and center. YAY!

Fast forwarded 5½ months. My brother (read: best brother on earth) decided to drive my sister and I to the venue because my parents were worried sick about their daughters driving on I-90 through the night. ^^”

Saturday 9/22/12. We left the house around noon, heading East to Quincy, WA. It took us about 3 hours to get there. Only a few people were there so we sat and waited in the car. Some people went to start lining up since 3pm, we suspected them to be those with general admission tickets. We left to get in line and got in around 5:30pm. My brother refused to go in with us, so he was waiting in the car (until 11pm, best brother on earth, I told you) It was a long ass line, but we finally got in, right before the sunset.

If you believe wikipedia, it’s one of the most scenic concert locations in the world. I saw some sunset shots on Google and they’re gorgeous. I was super duper excited to see that in RL.

However, recently there have been a number of wildfires in the Central Washington area, about 40-50 miles from the Gorge. The smoke from the fire is affecting the air quality in the area. Which means HAZY ALL OVER THE PLACE. BOO.

But the Gorge was still beautiful! Despite the fact that I could hardly see Columbia River without squinting really really hard. *lol*

Also, YAY for panorama feature on iOS 6! Made my life much easier! ♥

7:30pm. Jason Mraz came out to introduce his opening act, Christina Perri. JASON MRAZ CAME OUT. MY SISTER AND I WERE FREAKING OUT. LOLZ FOREVER. Hey, I was used to opening act opens the concert and the main act came out after yo! XD

JMraz also joked about he’s going to operate the smoke machine. (ref: wildfire *lolz*)

I LOVE CHRISTINA PERRI!! She’s amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed her 45-minute set here! Jar of Hearts was spectacularly awesome. I also got A Thousand Years stuck in my head after the concert too.

And I love this shot so much~ ♥

After Christina’s set, I realized that I forgot how to use my camera. More particularly, I forgot how to use my camera during a concert. *lol* I haven’t touched my camera in months yo~ All the “change settings on the fly” skills no longer exists. I couldn’t figure out how to compensate for stage light. And I couldn’t remember all the buttons on the back of my cameras. Oops. XD


Here are some acceptable photos from that night! *lol*

sister: he looks a lot cleaner than I expected
me: *lolz forever*




This dude! It was during Lucky. He showed this poster to JMraz. And during the middle of the song, JMraz actually stopped the show, called him up on stage, and HEY HE PROPOSED ON STAGE. Then he finished the song and the newly engaged couple danced on stage. It was awesome. :)


 You Fckn Did It was made of win!





I love her. SO HARD.




Blurred. But I like! :)

JMraz did Collapsible Plans as the first encore. My life is complete. *lol*

Christina Perri also came back to sing Distance with JMraz. LOVE IT.

I Won’t Give Up was amazebomb!

2 full hours of fantastic music from Jason Mraz. I was in love. ♥

3 more hours of driving home in the dark. Thank goodness for my brother, I would have crashed into something if I had to drive back myself. Got home almost 3am, showered and went to bed. Had Butterfly stuck in my head all night. *lol*

Amazing time! Cannot wait for him to come back in town!

ps. I need more concerts in my life! *coughs*DCOOK*coughs*

ps2. The Gorge is a great venue with a horrid after-concert traffic situation. It took us almost 40 minutes to get out of the lot. There’s no sign and everyone just went wherever the shortest line was, or making a new line of their own and cutting in front. -__-”




2 Responses to Tour Is A Four Letter Word

  1. Lynne says:

    Hey There, Sara! What are you talking about??? You have a boatload of fantastic pictures! I should’va known . . . : ) I think that I already mentioned that seeing a concert at the Gorge is on my Bucket List! I’ve driven along the Columbia River and past the Gorge a couple of times through the years and longingly wondered what it would be like to sit up there in the sky and listen to beautiful music. Keep up the good work – I’ve missed your concert recaps! ~L

  2. Robin says:

    Wow, amazing photos Sara! Have to say I miss his old percussionist….Toca. I’m sure his replacement is nearly as great ;) I am so happy your Sister dragged you to his concert…his positive energy and message of love is addicting. Hope to see you at a DC concert in the very near future!

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