It’s been a while…

August 5, 2012 | et cetera |

I haven’t really blogged about my life, like, at all.

The last time I posted my real life recap was back in February. And my work life has been hell since.

It’s been so stressful every single day. There’s so many things to do on top of all the changes that’s been throwing at me. I got a job offer back in April, and I turned it down because everyone said it’s not the right move. I didn’t feel like it’s the right move either, but I felt like I needed to get away from my new boss. Anyway, I’m due to get my promotion next year if I stay. I probably made a bad life choice but it was a logical career decision.

I’ve been working a fuck ton of overtime. I worked almost 50 hours of overtime in July. That’s like an additional work week plus some. Too bad we didn’t get paid 1.5x for OT (only $6.5 premium, whatever) or I’d be able to take a month or two off and hide in a hole by now.

The two new analysts my new boss hired don’t help at all. One of the two, brand new to the company from Microsoft, has the most horrible attitude because he thinks he’s above everyone when he doesn’t know shit about work. The other one is an analyst from the other group, an analyst that the other group wanted to get rid off because of his low productivity. That group literally celebrated when my boss pulled him over. Stupid move is stupid.

The worst issue. I hate my new boss. I HATE HIM. I know hate is a strong word but I really do hate him. He might be a great analyst but he’s a horrid manager. HE SUCKS. He has absolutely NO people skill. He made me cry in the middle of the office within the first two weeks. He made my co-worker cry with all the insensitive things he said to her. She’s 60 years old for crying out loud, she’s been with our business unit for over 15 years, she’s proud of what she offers to the company. The new boss has no clue about all the stuff she does but he told her she’s not doing the right thing, she’s JUST A BAND AID. WHAT. THE. FUCK. He did not really care about anyone’s well-being. He only cares about the results because he’ll be measured against it. For the first time in my life, I want to fail really bad so he could fail miserably. I hate failing and I’m reduced into that kind of thoughts, shame on me.

My old boss. MY BEST BOSS ON EARTH has been suffering in his new group too. Of all the 6 analysts he has, NONE of them has a real strong business plan experience. He’s been working MORE overtime than me (worse, without getting paid). He misses us. We miss him. We were a super team. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE HIM BACK?! T___T

Anyhow, I am grateful for our new operations director. This new MBU leader is the BEST I could ever asked for. He understands the business. He takes actions. He reads people. He reads the situation. And he cares. Which means so much to me in time of distress like this. HE CARES. He notices right away when things go wrong and he tries his best to fix the issues. He pulled me into his office the other day because when he asked me “how are you?” and I reluctantly said “okay” and he was like “no, you’re NOT”, hence, closing the office door and EMO revealing of things that’s been going on. My director pulled my current boss into his office the next day and my boss came out and went straight to HR. HEH. I hope he feels like hell knowing that he failed as a manager.


I’m so exhausted. Both mentally and physically. There was a period that I came home and cried every night because I was so frustrated about everything. I’m still frustrated but I stopped crying on a daily basis now. My eye cream is having a hard time with my under eye bags. UGH.

I also failed at my Project 365. I was so busy in July that I didn’t even take any picture on most days. BOO. 189 out of 366 for 2012. I’ll try again next year.

On to the other things over the past 5 months.


  • Dad & Mom’s anniversary! Got them an iPad, they’re completely addicted to Fishdom. *lol*
  • Draw Something was a big hit among friends and family members, tons of ridic drawings by ME! XD
  • Kelly Clarkson’s concert. A drunk girl puking all over the floor 3 feet away from me. Good times.
  • Bought my first LV wallet because retail therapy fixed everything.


  • 2Q12 business plan, life was hell for 80% of the month.
  • Skin care kick. Obsessed with L’occitane, I blame it on my best friend *lol* Spent $700 on skin care, NBD. To my defense, it’s for both Mom and me.
  • Welcome to this world, little Sena! See you in August!
  • Las Vegas! DCook & JBJ! MLee!
  • From Here To Zero! ♥


  • Family trip to Yellowstone, etc. I had a great time though I wanted to beat my younger cousin into oblivion on the 2nd half of the trip. I wanted to post some pictures but again, too exhausted to do anything. (read: LAZY)
  • THE AVENGERS!!! OMG OBSESSED! Watched it 3 times. Loved it hard! Cannot wait for blu-ray!
  • Crazy Avengers mini toy hunting. #ThingsIDoForThingsImObsessedWith
  • DCOOK’s single! The Last Song I’ll Write For You! I MISS HIM. ♥
  • Welcome to this world, little Moritz! See you in August too!


  • Puppysit Oscar and Cooper. Depressed dogs are hard to please.
  • Snow White and the Huntsman! Bella and Thor! Chris Hemsworth is awesome at swinging his weapons! lolz
  • Eight years late but I finally downloaded Robert Downey Jr.’ The Futurist album. I’ll talk more about this later!
  • Bought a 37″ tv for my bedroom. Spent 14 hour rearranging/cleaning/sorting through stuff. Donated 6 giant sacks of everything and the old 19″ tv! :)
  • Houston bound! A fun weekend with Megan, Shannon and Tina!


  • 3Q12 business plan. HELL ON EARTH.
  • The Amazing Spiderman! Oh Andrew Garfield. He loves giving people algorithms! ♥
  • Baby Eliza! Congrats to Megan and Adam!
  • The Dark Knight Rises! Oh drama. Dearest Batman, why do you have to speak like that? XD
  • Gay dude at Sephora loved my new haircut! lol
  • Fun time with Apple and Matthew! He grew up so fast!
  • The Olympics!!

Now that it’s August, I’m counting each day until my 3-week vacation. Cannot wait to go home to visit my friends and relatives. And ALL.THE.FOOD.

I am trying my very best to enjoy my life. It will be okay. ♥


4 Responses to It’s been a while…

  1. tina says:

    i love you sara and miss seeing you around on twitter — was just thinking about you today!! but i understand that after long days and being stressed probably the last thing you’re thinking about is twitter lol. i’m just glad to see your name in my inbox tonight <333

    i'm so sorry to hear things are still crappy at work. sigh. life is too short to be miserable, for sure. i hope things get better quickly. maybe the talk you operations director had with your boss will be the start of some changes. GOT MY FINGERS CROSSED FOR THAT. they are super lucky to have you and better start taking care of you at work. or maybe i'll come talk to them. i'm pretty scary, don't cha know. ;p

    so excited you have vacation coming up. time to see family and completely get away. plus i'm sure you'll be able to sleep for that entire long-ass plane ride when i would be sitting up straight with terror for 12 hours or however long it is lol.

    • naughtiest says:

      late reply! *lol* I miss you too, so hard! Life has been hell but i’m all done with work and ready for my vacation! Wish you could come with me, I swear I’ll hold your hand all the way to any Asian country! <3

      I wrote an 8-page instructions on how to do things when I'm gone for my boss. Let's see how messed up everything will be when I get back *lol*

  2. Megan says:

    It breaks my heart that work is so awful for you right now. I only hope it gets better soon.

    I had a wonderful time with you when you came to visit – I wish I could see you again now!

    Have an AMAZING vacation – you deserve it!

    Hang in there. Sending you lots of love. Let me know if you need ANYTHING to distract you.

    • naughtiest says:

      I miss you so much so much so much! I survived work and am now ready for vacation! :D

      Cannot wait to go visit you again, and your little princess, of course!

      *hugs* thank you thank you thank you! for always be here. I really want to cuddle you right now! <33333

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