Something so simple can prove painfully difficult to take pictures. Something like a shiny silver box! xD

I’m still not fully satisfied with this pix, but it’ll have to do until I come up with a better method than climbing up my bunk bed and covering every shelf with white table cloth to prevent reflection, jumping down, arranging everything, and standing on my tiptoes to take a picture. How insane was that? I should have just gone with my old reflection trick I used in One! LOL

Surprisingly enough, as I was looking forward to this release last week, I wasn’t overly excited as I thought I would be.. (well, I was excited, but I just wasn’t bouncing up and down as much LOL) probably due to stressful situation at work, along with the fact that I’m still under Kakumei spell~ ^^

Anyway, random thoughts behind cut. Drill down on packaging as you all know how much I love to strangle Avex art department XD It took me forever to post this one because choosing 4 screencaps for each disc out of thousands was not easy! LOL


I ripped Amazon box apart as soon as I walked out of FedEx office, and sighed with relief that the DVD case was silver! LOL well, I was pretty sure that it’s going to be silver, to match the previous gold, but the dull gray photo they provided on the website wasn’t very convincing eh? oh well, I learned soon enough that shiny silver object was a pain in the butt to present in 2D! LOL

The box has white fonts on shiny silver pattern. I kinda have a mixed feeling about this as I love the simplicity of it. But on the other (tiny) hand, I wish they picked the same color scheme as the pamphlet: silver and red fonts on black.

2 DVD cases in red and blue, with white font.. I feel like singing national anthem for some reasons LOL The red case color combination is fine, I like the shadow outline of onnagata!Takki. But whoever decided to put a black 「命」on dark blue deserved a big giant slam.. -“-

Simple disc design with the same pattern like the silver box.

When will Avex learn how to make a proper booklet? They’re like a light-year behind NHK in this department. I’m a bit disappointed in their photo choices too. Yes, I do love live performance photos, but these are stage photos sold at the theatre.. I was expecting something new that I’ve never seen before. Plus, they should have used a better paper quality. At least, something as thick as Enbujou’06 DVD.

DISC 3 「Document of TAKIZAWA ENBUJO 08」

I decided to watch disc 3 first, and was slaughtered within the first 15 seconds by half naked Takki LOL (not to mention, sitting on a T&T-towel-covered chair with purple furoshiki underneath his laptop, the best salesman ever! Had I not had both items already, I’d be on Yahoo! Auctions by now. XD)

*__* half naked.. biceps.. abs.. *FAINTS after petting his poor nose* I was definitely off to a good start! LOL

It took me nearly 5 minutes to stop replaying this opening shot. I then stopped the player and started ripping the DVDs instead as I know there’s going to be a lot of pause-rewind-play-pause-stop-rewind-play oh yeah~

I love Takki’s voice, even when he sounded like he had stuffy nose.. oh well, I even adore his fingers cracking sound! LOL

btw, was that long arms Mogu people his security blanket (sorta) or what? xD

Tono looked so good in simple black T-shirt, cap and specs~ ♥

Blurring random objects off made them more noticeable IMO xD

I wish one day I’ll figure out the reason behind him folding one pant leg.. ^^

It’s so nice to see so many shots of sempai!Takki gave advice to kouhai~ I think juniors really worship him ne~

They seemed to have a lot of fun during practices (except when they’re being serious, of course!)

I love how he mumbling to himself while watching VTR, those mini hand movements were cute too

Make up practice!!! KYAAA!! umm.. please don’t laugh, Tono, those red lips made you look chotto scary ^^” His tiny tiny ponytail was so cute!

super focused during kabuki practice! *purrs* he looks so good in just plain yukata!

ROFL!!! That black fluffy head wig!! *dies laughing* he twirled it around to the point that it all tangled up around his head so he couldn’t see a thing XD

Wait a second! There’s a ‘flying staff’ create crew company?! wow, prefect business to do with J&A!! LOL

that’s definitely a ciggy smoke!!

Kitayama’s sword knocked his own head after crashing with Takki’s xD

ooh, that white strips/kinda net/web thingy looked like fun! Tono was so cute being dropped down to the floor LOL

Seriously, can he really walk outside the building like that? Even with the staff, I was expecting to see crazy fangirls run screaming after him XD

oiiii, the leaping from the top stunt – look at him sitting on top of the scaffold!! SO CUTE!! don’t practice too much Tono, the impact was not good for your back, and why did I feel that its getting higher and higher? >”< I’ll never ever get used to this stunt! and there’s another one that he almost fell while jumping backward.. x__x”

love the mini model of stage!

KYAAA Tono sleeping on the floor, before moving  to rest his head on who-the-heck-was-that?’s lap. Soooooo adorable! Poor Tono, he must be really exhausted ne..

Tono being blown away by the wind effect from that thing collapsing down XDD

Tono looks like a kid playing with BUBBLES! blowing and fanning them!! well, how did he do that? blowing tiny bubbles inside the big one? A big bubble over his head was cute too ^^

I wanna play ‘dressing up Takki’!! *giggles* how tight the white pants could go? xD

ROFL!!! Don’t poke your head up between those scary heads like that!!

OMG, the B’day surprise was so cute!! At first, I thought it was an intermission bell sound xD

I guess he’s worried about that giant pimple/infection on his nose too, but the way he pointed at his nose was sooo adorable!! *pets big nose* Definitely, blame it on the white makeup powder.

Takki burst out laughing after TaiPi asking for his number was sooooo cute!!

Harness.. red pants.. ROMEO~ xD

To sum it all up, this disc alone is worth every single penny I paid for this DVD package (not that I’m not going to watch the other 2 discs repeatedly in the future LOL) It’s really nice to be able to see all these behind the scenes stuff, as we can see how much effort Takki had to put into the show, how everyone had to work hard together to make it happened.

To see how it all came together under Takki’s leadership is really wonderful.

It reminds me of why I not only adore and fangirl him, but also admire and respect him great deal.

DISC 1 「Act 1 滝沢流にほん昔ばな史」

Love Enbujou theme on disc menu page ^^

I’ll forever have problem with his Enbujou outfits during that Night and Day flying song, I didn’t like the one from previous years either as I think it’s a bit too much, plus double breasted front like that make him look too thick ^^”  btw, I really want to see how he ran from stage to the 2nd floor that fast!

Love how they utilize that giant display in the back

Junior introduction was boring lol but I think I like Tottsu.. he looked like a puppy on meth XD

Kyaaaa!! Bubble segment was soooooooo cute!!

oooh that chibiko who sang during Byakkotai scene, he sounded pretty much like the one during the mask segment in Takizawa Kakumei, probably the same one? (obviously couldn’t remember junior’s faces xD)

I like the beginning of mask segment. It’s nice to be able to see the first part up close as I remember I was *__* when I saw it during Kakumei LOL oh, those glow in the dark masks were cool too! but ick, that masks on stick looked terrible heavy x__X” Poor Tono, he looked like he’s in pain..

BICEPS!! *faints* Tono, please do not move your hips like that when you’re wearing white tight pants…oh well, I lied. XD

ROFL, that head-dropping-off ghost! xD ok, that kiddo red kimono one was creepy though..

Thank goodness they got his water magician outer robe right this time! In 2006 DVD left/right shoulders weren’t balanced which bugged me a lot LOL



love WITH LOVE piano BGM, but I really don’t like it when Juniors performed it.. and not all boys could look good x-dressing (but I guess it’s a mandatory requirement for J&A boys?)! LOL plus I wish they’d focus more on Takki. He’s putting on make up yo! I don’t wanna see those kids, I wanna see Tono, CLOSELY!! *whacks editing team* Tono was so focused, and he looked so kakkoii even when he’s putting on make up~ *purrs*

Anyway, those 5 girls cracked me up when they showed off their ‘tattoo’ xDD

wow, the live(?) feed before kabuki scene was cool! (or probably previously filmed lol)

I love the way he gently held the umbrella~ And he’s sooo pretty~ and about 100000 times more graceful than a girl like me LOL I really like how fast each transformation was.

Love the 3rd and 4th parts of this kabuki series! Especially when the fire started burning! So beautiful!

oh god, how could he be this flexible with all muscles and abs like that! Look at him arching himself backwards!

oooh the head swirling part!  I got dizzy just looking at him doing that. Did he get neckache doing this everyday? x__X

Kawai looked like he had something stuck on his armpits LOL look at his arms’ positions!

KYAAAAA!! Tono in black kimono~~ KAKKOII!!!! My goodness, he looked soooo good *__* ahh so here’s the collapsing wall stunt! Who were those girls? Did they represent something in disguse. Holy, more stunts, series of them!! *__* Had I watched this live, I’d probably had a heart attack by now! ARGHHH he’s gonna jump, he’s gonna jump, ARGHH HE JUMPED!! I swear, no DVD could capture how scary it was!

Kitayama, dude, you stood no chance against Tono! ^^

The bridge was back, Shanao-sama~~ ♥

Act 1 ended with the trio: Saburo, Benkei and Ushiwaka!

DISC 2 「Act 2 義経(秘)悲話」

The stage was sugoi! I really love how it rotated, descended and moved, etc etc!!!

It’s getting easier to tell when they switched to double!Takki, definitely a learning curve! xD

Ushiwaka-Yoritomo-Yoshitsune switch was cool, I really like it! If I didn’t read about it before, I’d definitely went.. eh? LOL

Again, I ♥ Tono’s voice(s).. btw, Yoshitomo’s voice got kinda younger and younger.. xD

I couldn’t help giggling during the horse riding scene ^^”

I love those men in black dude~

All the swift clothes changing back and forth must be really taihen! and confusing for stage crew!! At least he only had to put Yoritomo’s outfit outside Yoshitsune’s, but still~

OMG! Adlib!! Takki was so cute when he’s eating marshmallow and he even gave one to a lucky fan!! Takki looked sooooo sooooooo cute!!! His expressions after he threw that mashmellow bag away and how he used his serious voice!!! KYAAA!! KAWAIIIIII~~~~

OMG2! Tono playing shadow to imitate Saburo and Benkei! The entire shadow scene was SO CUTE!! It’s really nicely done, even when the big dog ate the chibi rabbit!! xD

I like how they used spotlights to switch focus between Yoritomo vs Benkei & Saburo

Zzz..zzz..ZZ… oh boy, the scene with Kawai was really sleep-inducing~ LOL (confession: I fell asleep when I first watched Enbujo’06 DVD xD)

aww Saburo’s death scene was really sad T__T I love how they used just a single spotlight to intensify the emotion during Saburo’s pass..

Benkei!!! T__T


*__* wow, Tono shouted with his own voice, so powerful!

ooh it’s getting bloody! and bloodier! I LOVE THE BLOODY EFFECT!! Combine with hadaka!Tono! Wow, he looked so intense with full blown focus!!!

I think Avex did a great job with slow motion when he slashed his neck. I friggin’ love it when all the sound dropped, and it was heartbreakingly silent until his sword fell off his hand!! AND IT’S SUPER BLOODY!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! SUGOIIIIIIII!!!! The scene was so nicely done, it’s so soo soooooo beautiful! Especially his last pose, he was deadly still, like.. I think he didn’t even breathe during that scene!! *_____*

I wonder how many white outfit they had for this scene? LOL Supposedly, the blood should be washable? *just curious just curious*

oooh I love the member intro at the end, it looked really GRAND with all the petals. Very beautiful.

KYAAA~~ WITH LOVE!! I love the sign language!! And Takki looked so good even with no make up, damped hair and that leftover from his nose infection. I love the stage, I love the petals, I love how they had his live feed on the main big giant display. The chorus part was very cool as everyone did sign language together.

oooh WITH LOVE piano version during end credit! sooooo pretty!!



What else could I say about this superb production?! I could totally see the hard work that not only Tono but every staff member put in to create this show. Takki did a lot of dangerous stunts that freaked me out even on DVD. I guessed those who watched it live were probably prone to heart attack by now XD

To me, the main theme of Enbujou is death (repeatedly LOL). However, the production gave out such a lively vibrant. Death wasn’t the just end, as sometimes it’s also the beginning.

DVDs were nicely filmed. Though multi-angles like in Dream Boy might be a good idea *hints Avex hints* The documentary disc was true love. I hope they include extra disc like this from now on, longggggg extra documentary is always LOVE!

btw, is there any Easter egg in these DVDs? XD

Thank you Avex, for giving us this precious show. I’d probably love you had you given us WWTP too… you know, I still hate you for that *grumbles*

I don’t even know how to describe Takki anymore as he’d never ceased to amaze me. LOL All I know for now is, Tono, I’ll always support you WITH LOVE and admiration, because you’ve earned it with all your hard work and dedication.


Be cool, own one, go get it guys!

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6 Responses to [Takki] Takizawa Enbujou’08

  1. mich says:

    great job!!! it was so fun reading XD and i noticed i had the same reactions as you for almost everything you mentioned above!! *hi-5s* they should really have multi-angles for that entire kabuki performance ne~~ and avex shud really learn how to make proper booklets! tsk tsk tsk!

  2. glenda says:

    Nice pictures! I should babble on about them, especially the DVD shot, since you obviously went to a lot of effort to get things just right but I’ll stick with saying I appreciate your work ^^

    I only read your re-cap of disc 3 since it’s the only one I’ve managed to watch. I think you summed it up nicely & we pretty much had the same reactions LOL I think the one leg pants roll is a dancer’s thing. Perhaps to keep a foot from tangling with the pants material when doing moves? Watching this man rehearse, etc. makes me tired. I don’t know how he keeps up the pace. I’m anxious to watch the actual show; I’ve been anxious since the ‘preview’ on the With Love DVD.

  3. suki says:

    That was such a fun read. Thanks for sharing. I <3 disc 3. I love sugao and hakada Takki.

    I really like how you took the picture. I promised a friend that I would take a pic of my mini-Takki shrine, but I’m not satisfied with any of my pix. I’m not brave enough to take apart the booklets. The horrors of accidentally tearing a pic haunts me.

  4. naughtiest says:

    *hi-5s* lol I had a lot of fun nodding along while reading your review too! LOL Avex should just subcontract out to NHK when they have to design booklets for CDs/DVDs~ :P

    Thank you! I always have a lot of fun taking pictures or screencaps when it comes to T&T xD
    disc 3 is all about appreciating all the hard work while fangirling to the max. Every once in a while, I believe Takki really did come from Planet Krypton LOL The pants leg thing, I’d understand it if the roll both legs up. With only one leg, there’s stilll a chance for him to step on the other leg~ XD
    I hope you did get to watch the other 2 discs already to avoid anxiety attack ^^

    glad you enjoy the post. BTW, I didn’t take the booklet apart ne, I used stage photos together with the booklet. *cheater* The only thing I tore apart so far was Kakumei pamphlet ^^”

  5. maria says:

    ohhh kitayama is evil? or bad? sorry my english is not good.

  6. I just have read these incredibles highlights over the show , I DON’T KNOW HOW THANK U ENOUGH, cuz find this in a great condition is 2 damn hard, I fell I felt in love with Hideaki again in each show he gives to us… Tonoooooooo!!! He is beyond real, he Drive me insane for good..not only for how gorgeous he is but he is extremely talented 2, OMGoshh, see him perform through all the kind of stunts, acting singing dancing skills, wow Is he really a human being? I’d love to be there . what a lucky bitch..I mean fan like U said earlier, Yoshitsune story crossed me so bad, I enjoyed watching the drama but in this living act my heart was always jumping up out of my chest..he was marvelous….the entire presentation was SUGOIIII KAWAII , well before I continue yelling out my feeling for Tonoooo, I better out of here …..or I won’t finish .
    Arigatou goseimas. Love it and appreciate your work, please don’t quit of aploading Tono’s performances……Huge Kiss…

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