June 6, 2012 | ps-dc |

Believe me, if I could get any closer without getting knocked out by his guitar, I would. *lolz*

A tiny little venue that rose to my top 5 due to my perfect spot that night. #Crazy

DCook, I really do miss your face! ♥



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  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Sara!
    Very “N I C E” capture, but then you’ve got great skills! Just saw Andy, Neal and Kyle last night at a local club in the OC. Many Cook fans in attendance – We all miss him, too! Andy seems excited about the upcoming tours to Hawaii and Asia. But, I do miss Neal and Kyle like crazy! Well, as D. says – it’s all about “Progression” . . . sometimes, I’m just not so sure about that : ( Anyway, this is what it is! I don’t know if you ever watch any YouTube vids, but several of us posted many from last night. The one that I especially like is when Kyle joined Andy to sing “Dream of My Own”! Lots of meaning in the lyrics, I think! Talk to you, again, soon. Nite, ~L

    • naughtiest says:

      Hi Lynne!

      I wish I lived near you somehow so I can hit all these awesome shows with you! ♥ I think it’s a “trip”, things changed, “progression” happened, lots of unexpected stuff, but the trip goes on! And I flippin’ miss him! And Neal. And Kyle. And Andy. And Monty. And Devin. OMG I MISS EVERYONE *lol*

      I’m gonna go watch that Dream of My Own vid ASAP! Thanks for the heads up! And take care, Lynne! :)

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