May 28, 2012 | avengers |

Hi. My name is Sara. I’m an Avengers addict. XD

I cannot with this movie. It’s too much. I’m having a ridic superhero obsession right now. All I want to do is go watch this movie again and again. *lolz forever*

Anyway, saw these GrabZags minis on ebay today and I was like, OMG DO WANT. #WhyAmISoPredictable?! #HA! So, Sunday evening, I drove all over the place and found them all! *lol*

Someone needs to stop me from collecting all the cute stuff because I cannot stop myself! #NoSelfControl XD

btw, Captain America and Iron Man are so holding hands. They’re BFFs~ *lolz*

One of the best obsessions ever.

Oooh. And this guy. Beat the crap out of all the heart ninjas out there. Hands down. Sorry Devin. Sorry Gavin. *lololol*



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