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It’s been a really rough week, I wasn’t that stressed out, but a lot of uncertainties kinda got to me a bit.

Luckily, my boss told me today that I’m safe. For this round and the next round (supposedly next month) as I wasn’t on the infamous ‘risk list’.

It was a huge relief. I am super grateful that I will still have this job to feed my obsession. However, we all know that redeployment is coming up shortly after this workforce reduction. I seriously hope I’ll get to stay here because I really love this current team I have.

Life is never easy.

Speaking of stress.

It was easier to deal with stress alone this time. I didn’t want to talk to anyone as I didn’t want to pass my frustration on someone else. Even though I kinda expected that I’d be okay with my job, I still had this nerve wrecking feeling.

So introducing my most favorite stress relief technique: the Lord of the Rings

oh yes, before T&T invasion of my life, I was an LOTR dork xD

I watched all 3 extended version of the movies over the weekend, then I moved on to all appendices. Rewatching all these reminded me of why I love this movie so much. It’s the BEST.MOVIE.EVER! With all the hard work that everyone put in. The movie saga itself is cool, but the appendices will make you admire and appreciate it even more. ^^

Now I’m thinking about watching the movie with cast/director & writers/design team/production team’s commentaries.. it’s a routine: movie, appendices, then movie with commentaries (x4) – so basically I’ll get to see the film 5 times LOL

Well, Tono’s DVD came along yesterday, so the commentaries will have to wait a bit this time! XD

Back to 9×80 schedule.

Ever since I got back from my trip in January, it’s been almost impossible to drag my sleepy self off my bed each morning, so I switched back to regular schedule for the past 6 weeks. But I missed my every other Friday off soooooooo much I managed to force myself to get up in the morning again! xD The current 5:30am is quite impressive already, considered it’s dark and cold and my comforter is so warm and comfy.

Let’s see if I can push it to 5am, so I can get off work even sooner! ^^


2 Responses to SAFE!

  1. glenda says:

    Glad to see you are safe!! My main stress relief is T&T. I have found that I do much better about tensing up while driving if I’m blasting them. They also tend to keep “Squeegie-man” away from me. Once he approached my car talking; I turned up the music & when he got close enough to hear it he mumbled “never mind”. So far he’s left me alone since then & I pass thru that intersection up to 8x a weekend ^^

    Hope you get to stay put!

  2. naughtiest says:

    Thank you Glenda! ^^
    And I will have to borrow your trick if any squeegie-man approaches me!
    I’ve also found that I drive much faster when listening to T&T, even with ballads, definitely pumping me up xD

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