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February 2, 2009 | et cetera |


climbed on my bed with my laptop, trying to write Kakumei report, and the next thing I knew, it’s 5am. oops, I fell asleep almost on top of my macbook ^^” That’s what happened after spending more than 52 hours at work last week =__=


big huge cooking day at home, in preparation for the SuperBowl. My uncle called and asked whether I wanted to bet. It’s our annual tradition, winning or losing, he’ll pay me anyway. All is good since I’m his favorite niece xD

read a quite confusingly funny (sorta) story – am still confused by it. ^^”


had another haircut, making it the 6th time I went to the salon in the past 4 months. Short hair really requires high maintenance yo! Couldn’t help it, I love my stylist, he’s cute, he’s funny and he’s gay xD

came across one disgusting stupid comment on LJ – it made me so pissed at this fan’s thoughts (not to mention the inappropriateness of posting that kind of rude comments in that post) that I wanted to grab a screw driver and drill it through this person’s skull. A couple times.

SuperBowl.. ugh.. it’s like watching a really good movie with such a terrible ending! #@%*$!^&(#!!! Cardinals defense failed!! Only two and a half minutes dude, WHY?!  T__T

Heroes is back. Can’t wait for Monday night! ^^


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