[February 2012]

February 29, 2012 | RL recap |

Cried for more than 50% of February. Legit RL.

  1. Meeting. Meeting. Meeting.
  2. Mom altered DCook VIP shirt for me. She’s the alteration queen~ #QueenPopcorn
  3. Went to donate blood at 17-44 bldg. Ended up with blood all over my arm. Came back to my building. Told  my coworkers to slap me next time I mention blood drive again. -__-“
  4. Got my haircut. Went to get some pastries/cakes from Fuji Bakery. So delish! My brother gave me a new case for my phone! :D
  5. Cleaning spree! Super Bowl. Screamed. Yelled. Mentally threw stuff at TV. D:
  6. Horrid Monday was horrid. Dreading my boss’ last day on Thursday…  T__T
  7. Mentally exhausted. I needed a life. Outside my office.
  8. Went out to dinner with boss and coworkers at Olive Garden. Noms!
  9. My boss’ last day at our building. T___T  We had a mini going away party for him and the other manager in the office area. He was cleaning off his desk, packing stuff when he walked over to me and gave me this ball. ALL THE TEARS. T______________T
  10. Friday off. Had the weirdest dream…
    I was at a really nice beach hotel with my high school friends. One of them was pregnant (she currently is) so we said we couldn’t stay for too long. Then, one of my friends was carrying a bouquet of purple roses (I don’t think I saw colors I was told it was purple), she specifically told me that she had to give these flowers to someone very important. Next thing I recall, we were walking in a Chinese area, like, lots and lots of Chinese restaurants with a ton of smoke. When we picked a restaurant, we went to sit at a table for 6. The 4 of us, 2 empty chairs. Then, there’s an old guy came to grab one of our chair. My friend told him that the chair belonged to our table. After a while, that guy sat down at our table. Before we could react, there’s someone showed up next to me, shot that guy in the chest, then shot my friend. I got up and tried to fight for the gun (*lolz forever*). After a major struggling fest, I got shot in my back…
    and I jerked awake, panicking. D: I rapidly typed this dream out on Facebook *lol* Some of my friends tried to decipher this dream for me. I bought a daily game ticket for 640 (6 chairs, 4 of us, 0 = death). That night result was 840! DANG IT!!! TOO CLOSE!!! XD
  11. Laundry. Laundry. Laundry. Snoooooooozy day. Taking parents out to Korean dinner! :D
  12. Matthew’s birthday party! He’s now officially Terrible Two! XD  #ThomasTheTrain!
  13. Monday. New boss. Day 1 of frustration tears. Came home. Garage door opener broke. Destination Lowes.
  14. Yet another weird dream…
    I was at a big huge stadium with Tina and Melody. SVZ (YES, STEVEN VAN ZANDT, OF ALL PEOPLE. LOLZ) came and told us that DCook was going to have a concert at the mini stage nearby. Lots of peeps were gathering nearby. Then, I heard intro to Circadian and looked around and saw that the band was actually on the big stage in the middle of the field! Huge ass stadium was huge, we all started running, but instead of running on aisle way, I jumped over all railings in the world *lolz* and rushed to the field. It was raining, so it was super messy. There’s an orange pick in the mud. Tina caught up with me, then Melody poked me and told me that I dropped my wallet! XD After Circadian, DCook said he wanted to talk today, so he started cracking jokes. Andy and Devin (with new haircut, super short) were passing out a ton of food for everyone. I was smiling like a lunatic…
    and my brother woke me up! DANG IT!! *lolz* He told me later that he had to call me 4-5 times before I heard him. I was like.. GO AWAY LET ME DREAM MORE!! XD Happy V-Day! ♥
  15. Workplace frustration continued. I had to work overtime for the first time in 4 years. That’s how busy I was after my best boss on earth was gone and new boss did no shit to help. #MoreTears Only good moment was when I saw bonus $$ on a copy of my paycheck. *lol*
  16. Mentally exhausted to the point of no return. Listening to Dream Theater to calm down. #AlmostWorked
  17. Have I mentioned I’ve been stressed out? Had a meeting with new boss for the first time, he told us that we’re the ones doing the job, he’s here to clear the road blocks (which means he’s not going to help me do anything, like, AT ALL). I missed my old boss SFM.  #SobbingAtWorkIsAlwaysAnOption Consumed too much ice cream when I got home…
  18. Had a massage. F-love Ryan Star’s Stay Awhile MV. ♥ Went to Safeway. Found Smart Popcorn!!! OMG HEAVEN. Decided to make this sausage spaghetti alfredo thing I saw on my friend’s FB. Poking angel hair through sausages was quite fun but very time consuming. *lol* Family loved it though. Success! Went out for ice cream at Cold Stone afterwards with my brother and sister. Life was good during weekend.
  19. Snooooooozey Sunday. Did a gazillion loads of laundry. Watched a total of 8 movies over the weekend. HA.  Ides of March. Drive. Crazy Stupid Love. 50/50. Larry Crowne. Killer Elite. Harry Potter 7-2. One Day. *lolz*
  20. Went to talk to my old boss, left his new office, walked to my car, sat there and cried in the parking lot. #RainyMonday
  21. Got a card from Melody. Made my day. ♥
  22. Busy. Busy. Busy.
  23. Legit cannot remember anything besides work work work. D: #NoLife
  24. Friday off. Went to talk to my mentor. Not really felt much better. My sister came to spend a night. Watch some Thai series together. Hilarious commentaries from the entire family. *lol* Parents learned how to use iPad. It’s going to be a perfect anniversary gift for them next month! :D
  25. Got my tires replaced. $650 off pocket. Why so expensive, tires?! Took our massage therapist out to dinner. Her first real Korean meal, she loved it! :)
  26. Freaked out at the sight of snow. Didn’t stick though. *phew* #MoreInForecast #DoNotWant!!! Enjoyed watching Oscar and all the pretty dresses~
  27. Listed everything I had to do on the whiteboard, almost ran out of space. -___-“
  28. DC & JBJ in LV where I can meet MLEE? (and maybe Tiger Woods *lol*) YES PLEASE.
  29. My old boss came to give me my salary notification. He rated me highly effective. A pay raise was nice but I’d trade it to have my old boss back anytime. :( Finance director talked about stability today, how we had to sustain our improvements. I was like, it’s all about instability! I’m unstable right now. We HAD a stable team and they broke it apart and now it’s effing horrible and miserable. MEH.


February 2012. You’re January’s twin sibling because you suck too! T__T  I cried and cried and cried so many times because I was so frustrated about everything. I felt like I was also losing control over my career too. I was so busy I didn’t even have time to think about finding a new job where I would work just ONE analyst job, not THREE.

My new boss doesn’t even care. He has all the plan in the world on how to improve things so he can look good but he didn’t even SEE that there’s only ONE me! I cannot do everything. I’m trying my very best because I hate failing, but I cannot do every.effing.thing all by myself. He didn’t even try to help me or ask if I needed help. I mentioned to him repeatedly that I didn’t have TIME as I was beyond busy. He kept sending me reminders of things I was already aware of. He kept dragging me to meetings, especially the ones that I didn’t need to be in. He’s the disruption I do not need right now.

I hate overtime. I HATE OVERTIME. I didn’t work any OT in 4 friggin years (well, sometimes I stayed late, but I flexed and left early). Now, I stay late everyday. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I work  10+ hours everyday. I am so exhausted all the time now, both mentally and physically.

Oh March. I don’t even know.

Life is struggling to be good. I’m trying too!


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  1. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of things like that?

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