February 3, 2012 | et cetera |

LEGIT. I have the worst luck ever when it comes to blood donation!

Blood drive at work today. I got an email reminder again this morning. I didn’t plan on going since the last time I went, I got bruised arm for a week or so. But the last email mentioned 28 remaining slots, and also the effects they had due to snow storm, blah blah blah..

Good citizen Sara decided to risk it again.



I went to the temp donation center at our cafeteria, waited for a while, almost got cutoff by another dude. Then, my series of bad lucks started. There’re 5 technicians working when I got there, 4 young females and 1 old dude. I got the old dude. Okay, maybe he’s more experienced? Think again.

During the screening, he poked my left middle finger to test for iron, the result was borderline, so he poked my right middle finger, it was good. I never thought that the right side of my body is less anemic than the left! HA!

Then, we walked over to the donation area. I laid down. He got all equipments/bags/tubes/etc out, put a blood pressure cuff on me, saw my vein “VERY CLEARY” and left to adjust a wall clock. I was like, really?!


He came back, rub some antiseptic on the inside of my elbow for a minute, got a needle out and POKED.


Blood flew, but slowly, so he poked and prodded to find the right angle, then adjusted the needle multiple friggin’ times. IT HURT! *hisses*

Then he walked away, and the other techician came to check on me and adjusted the needle again. *grumbles*

Anyway, end of shift for the dude. Another technician came to finish me up. She got the blood bag and everything, but when she pulled the needle out, it got stuck with a piece of tape and instead of a clean pull, I got blood all over my elbow! *YELPS* I felt blood running down my elbow first before I looked at my poor arm, while she yelled for another technician to come help her. Next thing I saw was a bloody guaze.


I was like, whatever, at that point. Then she handed me the aftercare instruction, soaking in alcohol. She apologized for the mishap and said that usually the blood incident didn’t happen!

Of course, I’m that special~ :P

I left without taking their cookies and energy drink. Bad experience all over again. BOO.

At least, my green wrap is kinda pretty! Even the technician said it looked good on my skin~ *lol*


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