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February 1, 2012 | concert, ryan star |

Seattle, WA


It was a sister day/night out.

We went to a Japanese place in Des Moines because I had a Groupon that was about to expire. The food was so-so. But both of us got sick we came home. Not sure whether it was the food or the weather, I had a headache, my sister had a tummy ache.

Anyway, after a few hours of TV series, we left home for Neumos. Found a parking spot about 2 blocks away. Walked to the venue. Got in line to wait for will call tickets. OMG the line was SO LONG and it moved SO SLOW. When we almost reached the box office, Ryan came out of the bus to get some thing. I was surprised most of the people in line didn’t know who he was. D:  One dude went to talk to him, they seemed to know each other. Ryan tried to give the dude his paper wristband, since he hasn’t got the ticket yet, but with his big hand, that’s not going to happen. I creepily walked over to Ryan, he gave me a hug, I told him his The America EP was amazing and I loved it. He SMILED so big, thanked me and told me to spread it around. I told him I couldn’t wait for his show before I went back to the line to pick up my ticket.

Once we got in, my sister and I went to the balcony. Quite a few people there already. I couldn’t really see anything as usual. *lol* Got quite decent spot where I could see between people’s legs, but left the spot to greet some familiar faces. Came back to my sister and had to watch the show on tiptoe. *lolz* #FML. All in all, got a few decent photos, which was a surprised since I wasn’t really on a stable ground. XD

Rachel Platten was uber cute! I loved her. I got her songs from iTunes when it came out, it was the easy listening good mood songs. :)

Ryan Star was a STAR. He totally killed it that night. Last Train Home was still my favorite. I loved loved loved Stay Awhile and couldn’t wait for a HQ version of this song. It’s amazebomb!

After Ryan’s set, we walked down to the merch area. Ryan was there behind the merch counter. But he walked out to take pictures with the group before us. So when it’s my turn, he saw me and gave me a gigantic hug.

RS: did you get taller?
me: *on my tiptoe* oh I’m trying! *lol*
RS: *hugs hugs hugs* (to my sister) oh I love her *kisses my head*
me: (WHAT?) *lolz* OMG
sis: *rolls eyes*

we took a few pictures, the lighting was pretty horrid, but it was okay. My sister kept saying that it’d be better if he was still in the merch booth since it’s brighter. I was okay with him being outside though. *lol* Anyway, after the pictures…

me: You’re amazing tonight. I wish your set was longer!
RS: I know right. Headlining. I’ve only been waiting 13 years for it.
me: one day I know you will be a headliner!
RS: oh thank you *hugs* (← seriously, AN AWESOME HUGGER)
me: can I get the long sleeve shirt? (← I’m always cold so I was super thrilled he had the long sleeve one! *lol*)
RS: sure! *told a lady behind the counter to grab it and pulls out his sharpie*
me: uhhh..
RS: don’t worry, I’ll sign small~
me: *lolz* (RSTAR, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?! XD) aww thank you.
RS: here you go
me: btw, your EP. Any chance for a physical CD? (← love having things in my hands *lol*)
RS: no no, I don’t think so..
me: that’s okay, I LOVE IT. Especially Orphans. It’s AWESOME.
RS: ahh, that song, love it
me: I had it on repeat for hours
RS: really? thank you! *hugs*
me: thank you so much for the amazing show *waves goodbye*

My sister and I hung around watching Andy Grammer’s set for a while. And while we were watching, Ryan put on his jacket and walked our way. I smiled my big cheesy smile at him. He smiled, grabbed my hands, pulled me in, and WE DANCED. To Andy Grammer’s music, no less. *LOLZ WHAT?* He even twirled me around. He’s tall. I’m short. Awkward dance was awesome, you guys. My sister was LOLZ so hard. I couldn’t stop laughing too! XD

I thanked him after our mini dance. He laughed and said he’d see us again.

My sister and I watched Andy’s set for a bit more when she got sicker and wanted to go home. We left the venue, and Ryan was right at the exit, so yeah, we did see him again *lol*

Overall, it was a fun night. I wish we had a better spot so we could actually SEE the stage *lol* and I also wish we could stay for the entire concert too. Next time!

My sister dropped me off and went home. She was sick for the next week or so. Stomach flu. Oops. -__-”



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