[January 2012]

January 31, 2012 | RL recap |

2012 is off to a horrible start. *grumbles* D:

  1. Happy New Year! Went to a party at Racha. NOMS! Project 365 (+1) started!
  2. Last day of holiday break. So not ready to go back to work. D:
  3. Had the most difficult time waking up, it’s going to be a rough week! *lol*
  4. 1Q12 business plan kick off. Here we go again! #HBDMLEE!
  5. MEH. Our top candidate turned down our offer. Back to reading a ton of resumes again. D:
  6. Long day at work. Back to hot yoga routine! Made this heart ninja wallpaper too~ ♥
  7. Got a flat tire. :/ Shopping day with my sister! Lunch/Dinner (Linner? Dunch?) at our favorite Korean place in Federal Way~ AND OMG DA WILL BE IN PH-DRAMA!
  8. Bored. Went to a wedding dinner at my uncle’s place. Came home. Photoshop. *lol*
  9. Having trouble sleeping on Sunday night resulted in snoozy Monday. *yawns* Boss approved my 3-week vacation in August-September! Tickets booked! Thailand, here I come!!! *bounces*
  10. SAD FACE FOREVER. (ranting at the end of this post) T____T
  11. Blue described my feeling… Work-related depression continued! :'(
  12. Legit. Horrid week. Too many meetings. Too many things to do. *headdesks*
  13. Friday the 13th! HBD to my best friend, Y! ILU, miss you and we shall celebrate in August! Pretty sky when leaving the office made me feel a little better about this week. Dinner at Sizzler!
  14. Long ass line at the post office.
  15. OMG it’s snowing! Got a couple inches in a few hours. D: #UhOh
  16. Woke up to more snow.  *shoveling more* Weatherman said it’d get a lot worse. Seriously, WHAT?!
  17. Got a little bit more snow, then rain! YAY! Almost back to normal. However, the news said it’s going to be the worst since 1996. REALLY?! o_O”
  18. OMG WOKE UP TO 6 INCHES OF SNOW ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! >__<” Work from home, finally.
  19. A day of freezing rain. Another working from home day. Flew off my front porch in the morning. OUCH. #SlipperyWhenIcy #ALLTHEICE
  20. Made it to work around 10am, after cracking all the ice off my car. Finished the business plan with my boss in a record time. Got it done by 3pm, fled the office, drove back home to slushy mess. x__X”
  21. Chatted with Devin in the morning. He’s so adorb. Went to Rachel Platten / Ryan Star / Andy Grammer concert with my sister. Watched the show on tiptoe.  #LifeOfAShortGirl My sister got sick. We left early. But not before I got massive hugs from RStar. He kissed my head. And We danced to Andy Grammer song. *lolz* #ILURyan~
  22. Happy Chinese New Year! ALLTHEFOOD!!!
  23. 12 hours at work. Final input due for business plan. Slightly frustrated with everything. D:
  24. Finance-to-Finance review. My brother got stranded in Taipei. *lol*
  25. EIP announced. 15 days bonus! YIPPY!!
  26. SICK. Boss forced me to take his Zicam to get rid of the cold. It tasted so weird! *lol*
  27. Friday off. Brought my car in for service. Have to go back and get the battery replaced soon too. 6-hour nap. Couldn’t sleep. Photoshop. *lolz* #Predictable
  28. Hello again, post office! Online shopping will soon be the death of me! *lol*
  29. Super lazy Sunday. Nursing myself back to acceptable healthy level.
  30. More horrid news at work. Also got signed up for a workshop. Seriously LIFE. You don’t need to attack me all at once!! :(
  31. Meeting. Meeting. Meeting. That’s it January. I will not miss you!  31 days of Project 365 (+1) down, 335 days to go! :)


January 2012. You suck, big time. I’ve been slightly depressed about work situation. I know it’s not the end of the world but I couldn’t help being extremely upset by this whole arrangement from the new 2nd level (my boss’ brand spanking new boss).

My boss and I, we’re team Awesome, with capital A!! Other teams have 3-6 analysts but we have one, ME, and we managed for almost a year that way because we worked so well together. Without even asking how we’ve been doing it, that new 2nd level (aka A**hole, with capital A in a ginormous scale) just decided to pull my boss over to the core group, breaking up our high performance team just because he needs a strong manager to support him closely (so his team can look good) and put a newbie (that he originally hired for that core group position) in our area. There’s no way he can replace my boss. And WTF I’m going to do with all the workload?! GAH! *frustrated*

February, you’d better be nicer to me!

Life is trying to be as good as it can, no matter what! :)


2 Responses to [January 2012]

  1. Tina says:


    Sending you #AllThe good vibes and support and creepyhugs you can handle!! <3333

    P.S. You need to teach me to use Photoshop. Amazingness.

    • naughtiest says:

      *kicks January’s butt*

      I love creepyhugs the best. Thank you, girlie! <33333

      PS. photoshop crash course will be fun! We can do it anytime! :D

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