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January 27, 2009 | takki |


Congratulations on the successful run of Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei!! ^__^

Thank you, all the staff, for working together to make this show run safely and smoothly through the end. I am especially grateful for those men-in-black stage crew who were always there to move the mattress to ensure Takki’s safe landing.

Thank you, all cameramen, for recording this show. BTW, I have a very high hope on you, cameraman-san, whichever one of you who followed Takki all day! Don’t even dare cutting a single hadaka shot out of the DVD yo! XD And now could you all just get your ass up and go film Tsubasa’ D&R tour too, please? ^^

Thank you, all juniors who worked really hard to help creating this colorful revolution.

Thank you, Nikki-san, for being such a cool sempai, even though I thought you were falling asleep in Nikki’s corner when I first saw you sitting there~ xD

Thank you, Takki, for all your hard work and dedication. Being able to be there and see you in this show made me admire you even more as I could see how much effort you’ve put into performing each show. And thank you for the shiny otoshidama! XD You’ve made 2060 2009 a special year for me already!

I’m so glad that I got turned into a your (and T&T) fan (Thanks to A-san LOL) as you never cease to amaze me.

Now, I hope you can get plenty of rest and get back to your normal healthy self before the next major task attacks you ^^; Oh, and please enjoy your time off protecting your super sexy Tsubaushi~ XD



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