The Farmer and The Cow

January 26, 2009 | tsubasa |

Oh boy, it’s either that skirt is really short or his legs are really long – heck, it’s a combination of both, I knew it! XD

Farmer!Takki has better safely finished off his revolution stuff ASAP so he could go protect his Tsubaushi before all meat lovers (aka horny fangirls like us) try to eat him alive! LOL

WS clips, where are you? I wanna see Tsubaushi in action, not just his long legs! (←not that I’m complaining though XD) *clings to CB*

In fact, I bet everyone wanna see the entire thing, right? Let’s keep bombarding Avex with requests, they’ll have to listen and give us the DVD this time!! For real, super creative Tsubaushi should get all the attention he deserves!

BTW, can someone go drag Carly back into T&T fandom? I want to read an NC-50 version of The Farmer and The Snake Cow. Come on, she made Takki into a series of animals once, she can make Tsu a Cow for sure! XDD


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