January 24, 2009 | et cetera |

I haven’t been feeling too well over the past few weeks, pretty much after I got back from my trip.

It took me almost 2 weeks to get rid of jetlag (something I usually kicked away in a day or two), which involved 30-minute power nap in my car during lunch break for 4 days in a row. At least, it’s friggin’ cold in Seattle lately. Had it been summer time, I’d probably turn into a baked chicken after each nap.

Busy time at work due to quarterly business plan, lots of long hours day – I’m tired.

My right foot started bothering me again. I know it’s because I haven’t been wearing the BioGlass orthotics my podiatrist custommade for me, but it’s troublesome to move them between several pairs of shoes, especially in the morning when I’m late already…

Yesterday, all of the sudden, my right wrist hurt like hell in the morning. Thank goodness, it’s back to normal now.

I’m still taking my sweet ass time working on Takizawa Kakumei report. Being sick and super exhausted didn’t really help the progress. And ACT 1 is damn long, but it’s coming along…. slowly LOL Plus, my personal Japanese translating machine is currently having a blast in Italy all by herself. A-SAN, BE SAFE!!!!

ps. has anyone upgraded to wordpress 2.7 yet? I’m still on 2.5.x LOL Do I really have to take a step-by-step as they said and upgrade to 2.6 first, before switching to 2.7?


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