[December 2011]

December 31, 2011 | RL recap |

Wrapping up 2011 with December recap!

  1. Back to work. A ton of emails in my  inbox. Seriously, people, technically, it’s only 3 days of work that I missed! D:
  2. Mom went to see a specialist and decided to have a surgery next week on her back in order to fix her leg. o_O”
  3. Got a massage! Lunch with my friend and her 2-year old son and cousins. #AllTheFood! Lovely desserts, best mango pudding ever!
  4. Tiger Woods won Chevron World Challenge! YAY!!! Watching golf with my family was hilarious #SoIntoIt *lolz*
  5. Interviewed more candidates for our business analyst position. 7am interview was brutal, HR. D:
  6. Had a workshop in Everett. Almost got hit by another car. Everett was way too big. Eventually got lost and missed the afternoon plant tour *lol forever*
  7. 2nd day of workshop in Longacres, enjoyed it a lot! Renton plant tour in the afternoon! Annoyed by something. Reminded again that internet had plenty of mean people. I’m super thankful for all the awesome friends I have. ♥
  8. Worked! Mom’s surgery went well. Stayed overnight with her at Swedish. It’s more like a hotel than a hospital, too bad there’s no Swedish dude playing guitar to be found~ *lolz*
  9. Hijacked mom’s hospital bed before we left the hospital, mom took this shot for me *lol* Extremely grateful I didn’t have any travel plan this weekend so I could take care of mom. Playing nurse for the next two weeks!
  10. Lazy Saturday! Pretty much looked after mom and slept. It’s perfect.
  11. Out shopping with my brother!
  12. Crazy day at work. Long day! D:
  13. Worked from home so I could be with mom. Remote access, you’re so not my favorite. D:
  14. Dinner at Sizzler! Watched Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall. TEARS ALL OVER THE PLACE. She’s beyond fantastic. ♥
  15. Long day at work. Wrapped everything up
  16. Burbank! Melody, Tina and Kristina! Baby Boy! 99 Problems! Ventura! David Archuleta! My Kind of Christmas!! OMG my first ever DA concert and it was AMAZING. He’s incredible. #SoRidiculous
  17. Ventura Pier! NDE on US-101! Book signing! Photobooth with DA! Met Lynne for the first time! *lolz* Anaheim show was crazy too! *dies with Tina* AWESOME TIME!
  18. The girls dropped me off at SNA. Back home!
  19. David’s announcement in SLC. That’s the only thing I remember from that day. x__X”
  20. Worked. Went shopping after work. :)
  21. Quiet day at work. YAY!
  22. Last workday of 2011! Left work early to go see Mission Impossible! Loved it! Tom Cruise looked old though. XD
  23. Lunch with my massage therapist at a teppanyaki place. Came home to sleep forever. *lol*
  24. Got a haircut, also got my hair recolored because Danny, my stylist, didn’t like the color he did for me last month. *lol* Lunch at Sizzler~  Dinner at my uncle’s. Food overloaded!
  25. Got an ukulele for Christmas! ♥
  26. After Christmas shopping with my brother and sister! #AllTheStuff  #SpentTooMuch #NoSelfControl D:
  27. Lunch at Din Tai Fung dumpling house! My favorite besides soup dumping was this black sesame dumping. ♥ #LoveItHard  Quick shopping trip at Bellevue Square~ woot!
  28. Shrelock Holmes day with my sister! Fun in some part, almost fell asleep during some. #TypicalSherlock xD Lunch at Kaiten Sushi. Yummmmmm~
  29. BOOBS! Picked up a ton of ice cream from Empire.
  30. Final packing. Dropped my brother off at the airport. Funny he mentioned Arrows to Athens’ Stars sounded like David Cook’s song *lol* He always has good ears. :)
  31. Last day of 2011. Out running errands. Major cleaning event. More footballs. More food. More family time. A perfect day. ♥


December was nice and relaxing except for my California trip that was super crazy and amazing! :D  I’m so glad I decided to go to DA shows. It was one of the best decisions I made this year.

2011 went by in a flash. I spend a lot of time with my family on a regular basis. I’m so happy I get to meet a lot of friend in RL this year. Friendship is awesome. :)

Life is still good.



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