2011 Concert Meme

December 30, 2011 | et cetera |

Stolen from everyone on LJ~ *lol*

Top 5 shows of the year?
1. David Cook – Chicago
2. David Cook – Council Bluffs
3. David Archuleta – Ventura
4. David Cook – Kansas City
5. David Cook – Houston

Total number of shows?
11 (12 if I count DCook STAR Lounge).

First Show of the Year?
David Cook at Pet-a-Palooza, Las Vegas on April 9th.

Last show of the year?
David Archuleta in Anaheim on December 17th.

Most surprising show?
DCook and the band joining Carolina Liar on stage with their toy instruments in KC. Cutest ever. ♥

Most disappointing?
I didn’t have any disappointing show. If anything, I’m disappointed in my camera choice in Houston. Should have smuggled in a superzoom instead. Lessons learned! *lol*

Farthest traveled?
Houston, TX (according to google maps *lolz*)

States attended shows in?
7 – Nevada, Washington, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and California.

Venue most visited?
All one nighters.

Worst injury?
Purple and swollen left middle finger from stomping my hands on stage at Whiskey Roadhouse. *lol*

Most expensive ticket?
David Archuleta VIP package in Ventura. ♥

Band seen the most?
David Cook. I’ve seen him 8 times this year! *lolz*

Best new discovery?
Carolina Liar! I love their music and their energy on stage. I also enjoy seeing long Swedish legs too. XD

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year?

Friends made at shows?
Umm none. I’m easily scared of strangers. It’s perfect already that I got to experience most of these shows with friends and family. #AllTheMemories

Band members met?
David Cook & the Anthemic. Gavin DeGraw. David Archuleta. Jeff LeBlanc. And Neal Tiemann of HoH. HA.

Best souvenir from a show?
David Cook huglifted me in Houston postshow M&G. I still don’t know how I survived that hug. *lol*

Longest time in line?
David Cook in Houston. Early VIP because DCook was closing the show that night. Not to mention running like a bunch of lunatics from parking garage to the venue *lolz* Lots and lots of waiting in line, for the soundcheck, for VIP photo, for merch, for postshow VIP. We’re not in line the whole time but it was a long ass day, left Megan’s place around 2pm and didn’t get back until almost 1am the next day.

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]?
3 DCook shows – Austin, Council Bluffs and Chicago.

Most shows in one month?
4 in October – (1) Hell or Highwater and (3) David Cook/Gavin DeGraw/Carolina Liar combo packs.

Most shows in one week?
3 DCook shows in 5 days at the end of November. #AllTheExhaustion

Biggest crowd?
Supposedly the Uproar Festival since it’s at the amphitheater but I went there for only HoH set on side stage *lolz* so I’d say NKOTBSB at Tacoma Dome.

Smallest crowd?
Hell or Highwater at BestBuy mini stage. ^^”

Any drunk encounters?
A group of ladies next to me in Chicago. Drunk and loud and annoying. One of them fell to the floor. Another spilled half her beer on my left leg. Boo.

Top 5 best 2011 concert moments:
1. David Cook right on top of me in Council Bluffs. Legit a drop dead moment.
2. David Cook singing Fade Into Me unplugged in Kansas City. It was phenomenal.
3. David Archuleta smiled and mini waved at Tina and me in Anaheim. Hilarious sound effect captured on Tina’s video. *lol*
4. David Cook telling junk throwing girls in Chicago to “knock it the fuck off.” It was a WTF moment, but I loved how he handled it.
5. Devin Bronson staring into my ex-boyfriend’s soul ALL NIGHT LONG in Chicago. *lolz forever*

Top 5 worst 2011 concert moments:
I could only think of one, when someone asked for Permanent during HOB soundcheck. DCook’s expression was totally shifted. I truly wanted to murder that person.




2 Responses to 2011 Concert Meme

  1. Megan says:

    Bands seen this year that also broke up this year?

    I…did not think this was Not Applicable. I was like…yeah, they DID. THEY ALSO BROKE MY HEART. But then I remembered fiction is not rl.

    • naughtiest says:

      *lolz* I was thinking about this for the longest time. It’s the last question I answered on this meme. You’re right, they actually DID *weeps* even though it’s not a full blown disband broken up (thank goodness).

      Anyway, falling love with the new dude helps mending my broken heart somewhat ;)

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