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December 28, 2011 | 12pix, photo |

Still have a couple of days left in 2011 but I don’t think I’ll do anything to top what already happened in December, so here we go~

Below are 12 pictures to represent my crazy 2011. In fact, the first 9 months were almost normal, all craziness actually started in the 4th quarter! *lol*



In Loving Memory
2011 started off in the worst way possible. I lost one of my best friends to lung infection. She was in the hospital for only 19 days before she passed away. It was so sudden. I just met her in December 2010 when I was back home, she was perfectly healthy and happy with life.

What happened changed my perspective on a lot of things. I’ve been keeping more in touch with all my friends while spending more time with my family.

After all, life is really short. And I’m living it.

Birthday Boy

Matthew turned one! It was a messy birthday party with lots of kids on sugar high. Matt managed to grab a hold of my LX5 lens. #GotTooClose #Oops~ Truth be told, frosting and cream was super hard to remove from your lens! *lol* Birthday boy also ran into a table and almost knocked himself out. #Ouch Nothing an icepack couldn’t fix though! ^^”

Baby hands are my favorite. #BabyFeetToo! :)

Yoohoooo new baby! (5 pix counted as 1 yo! #Cheating) Been waiting for an HS10 upgrade for a while, so when this HS20EXR came out, I jumped on it right away. My love for Fujifilm is intense. *lol*

Also, A-san had a surgery when Tsunami hit Japan. Speaking of a panic attack moment. Luckily her husband manage to text us a few hours afterwards. x__X”

What Happens In Vegas..
Made a trip to Las Vegas for DCook’s Pet-A-Palooza show. Best decision ever. Got to spend a nice chunk of time with my uncle (who’s now retired and needs someone to talk to *lol*) and my aunt (it’s her birthday that weekend, we had a HUGE dinner party at home!). Graduated from Creepers College with Melody *lolz forever* Met Kristina, Sella and Sella’s bosom for the first time.

GOT TO TALK TO DAVID. AND ANDY. AND NEAL. *faints* Go read my recap yo! *lolz*

He’s my favorite. ♥

Family Trip
My relatives came to visit since late April. The whole family went to California, I didn’t get to go due to work. Business plan is always a top priority. T__T Anyway, we made a weekend trip to Portland in May before they went back to Thailand. So much fun! Went to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Soooooooo colorful! ♥

(and yes, DCook STAR Lounge happened in May too *lolz*)

There’s an app for that!
Spent a lot of time revamping my bedroom. Got new sheets and duvet and pillows. Thought about changing my curtains but haven’t found the one I liked yet.

Also, turned my bedroom walls into a giant scrapbook. #Scrapwall Put up a bunch of magnet boards all by myself #Handyman! Then, decorated them with photos from my trip with friends, T&T photos from magazine clippings I bought, concert photos that I took, postcards I got and magnets I collected. Bought a bunch of extra magnets because I needed A LOT. XD These apps magnets are my favorite even though the quality sucks *lol*

Went to a NKOTBSB concert with my sister. It’s not often that she’s the one wanting to drag me to a show. *lolz* Had an amazing time! Boy bands are my favorite~ XD

Smart ass fortune cookie. *lol*

Also went to Josh Groban concert with my sister. But forgot to bring my camera! *headdesks*

That’s Dope
Disney World! Universal Studio! Harry Potter! Winter! Awesome time in Florida!

My most memorable moment was when they wouldn’t let me into Epcot because I wore a “That’s dope” t-shirt. *lolz* I swear I didn’t even think about it when I packed this shirt with me. Disney paid for my new cute t-shirt too! XD

This Loud Tour
This is where I considered changing the blog title to 12 COLLAGES *lol* Choosing 1 photo for the each of the last 3 months of the year seems impossible! Soooooo many moments, from Neal with HoH, Dad’s birthday dinner with Melody *lolz*, DCook in Seattle, Devin with the Anthemic, Gavin DeGraw stole my heart, Little Tate’s princess birthday party, Carolina Liar in booty shorts, DCook huglifted me *thuds* etc etc..

Having fun with the girls in Houston was my highlight~ I haven’t laughed that hard in so long, thank you girlies! ♥

Too Close For Comfort
Again, so many things happened in November, my birthday, 11/11/11, crazy Thanksgiving with friends in KC, Devin’s heart ninja, Council Bluffs IOWA *lololol*, epic show in Chicago, etc etc. My top pick was the moment where David Cook was on top of me at Whiskey Roadhouse. It was my HOLY SH*T OMG DIES moment *lol*

My Kind of Christmas
Went to David Archuleta concert for the first time in Ventura. AMAZING show. Had so much fun with Mel, Tina and Kristina. Almost died together too *lolz* Our morning at Ventura Pier was my top outside the venue moment! ♥

My 2011 was pretty much dominated by David Cook! *lol* I also travelled a lot. Las Vegas, Portland, Florida, Houston, Austin, Kansas City, Council Bluffs (*lolz forever*), Chicago, Ventura and Anaheim. Kinda weird we didn’t go to Canada this year. Exchange rate could take all the blame for that!

Hope 2012 will be as much fun as 2011 with lots and lots of quality time with friends and family! ♥


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