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Just realized I haven’t posted my 12 pix from 2010 when 2011 is almost over! This has been sitting in my draft for 9+ months! *lolz* Check out my previous 12 pix » here «

Below are 12 pictures to represent my 2010. Lots of fun and emotions and food and family time.



Kicked off 2010 with my girlfriends. Lots of laughter. Quality time with friends is my favorite. Also went to the beach with my family. I missed living in Thailand so terribly sometimes. Came back to real life and work just in time for Business Plan. I loved my boss for being so flexible with my schedule. :) My sister adopted a senior dog, his name was Beau.


Spent a lot of time with my sister this month, out and about having photo ops and eating yummy pastries. Seattle skyline had its magic. ♥

Baby Matthew was born this month. I got to hold a newborn. Like, 12-hour old newborn, he’s super tiny and wrinkly. Sooooooo afraid I was going to drop him *lol*

Made a ninja trip at the end of the month to go see DCook at Morongo Casino.

February was full of joy~ ♥

Found a new bakery in Ballard, Honore Artisan Bakery had amazing Kouign Amann and super colorful Macaron! nomnomnom~

Red Boots
Went to a tulip festival in Skagit Valley with my sister, spent almost 5 hours taking pictures, almost starved to death *lol* Got this lucky shot using Hipstamatic app. I swear we tried to recreate this shot but never got it right. Lucky shot was lucky! ♥

A family trip to East coast. New York, Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands, Boston, etc etc. Lots of food and food and food. Gazillion tons of buffalo wings in Buffalo. #Yummmmy

Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls was my favorite!

Matthew grew up so fast! And he’s a fast learner. *lolz*

My sister and her husband took Beau and Oscar to the beach. Beau barked happily before he laid down and didn’t get back up.

Beau went to heaven that day. It was so unexpected, we’re all in shock. All the tears. T___T  We wished we had more time with him. I wish I had spent more time with him.

We loved you, Beau.

Oh so blue~
My uncle sure knew how to throw a karaoke party. *lolz* Lots of meat and alcohol. Fun time!

Start a Fire
Went to a Ryan Star concert with my sister. Met some familiar faces at Chop Suey, omg what a tiny venue! *lol* This happened towards the end of his set. A lucky shot was lucky! I love Ryan Star, he’s such an amazing entertainer. My favorite quote from that night was: I’m fucking Gerard Butler (silence) I mean I’m him, not fucking him *lolz forever* My sister said he’s as chatty as DCook. XD

Went to X JAPAN concert with my sister at Paramount Theater! LOVED IT HARD. J-rock was awesome. And X, they’re so dramatic *lol* Fell in love with Sugizo. I clearly had a thing for lead guitarist (and violinist!). XD

Stopped by Japan to visit A-san before heading home. We went to Kawaguchiko and finally got to see Fuji-san on the 2nd day! *throws confetti* Also got there just in time for the last day of Autumn Leaves Festival where there’s an amazing light up at night! Perfect timing!

This trip involved A LOT of walking. By day 4, in Tokyo, before I flew back to Bangkok, we almost didn’t want to go anywhere anymore *lol* Totally skipped fish market because of exhaustion too!

MunNork Island
HOME! As in Thailand! Lots and lots of food and family time. Then, I went to MunNork Island with I-san and T-chan for 3 days 2 nights. Relaxing weekend, didn’t do much, loved it! Failed photo ops for both sunrise and sunset due to ALL THE CLOUDS *lol*

2010 went by so fast, so many things happened. Let’s see what 2011 will bring!


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