Summary: A family combo of (sorta) modern Enbujou and One!, might as well called it 「Two!」 or 「One and a Half!」 for the sake of continuation~ XD Very messed up storyline that I believed only Johnny-san could come up with. Lots of sword fighting, yelling, being emo, and back to sword fighting. Gorgeous!Takki, but that’s a given~ LOL

Warnings: A very long post with lots and lots of fangirling gibberish. It’s going to be super messy and confusing. I wrote a lot of silly details as I love to come back to read my own blog and daydream back to these few wonderful days :)

BTW, please do not take any bit or piece of my report and repost it elsewhere.


Before I jump into Act 1, let’s talk about the stage real quick. Keep in mind that the stage area could move, rotate, rise, descend, etc etc, which made things hard to describe and remember! LOL Anyway, the major elements of the stage (to me) that will possibly pop up in my report were:

  • main background (back)
  • center display/backdrop (drop down – sometimes clear, sometimes opaque)
  • water display (front)
  • 3×4 side scaffold (left/right)
  • moving props (ie. stairs, ship, forest, etc)

Thank goodness Tono performed Ai Kakumei from Teikoku during countdown LOL

Alright, here we go. Picking up from the end of Opening part where Takki’s hand disappeared from the view…


Run Time: 66 minutes


  • Kushimoto Bushi

Nikki-san (Nishikiori Kazukiyo – Shonentai), in black suit with a piece of garment slung over his arm, walked from the left side of the stage towards the center where there’s a tiny little boat moving from right to left, singing a very scary Wakayama folk song ^^” Believe me, it’s really scary that I had to google it up to listen to the original one which was pretty creepy too! XD

Anyway, after the song, Nikki-san greeted the audience a bit. He told us that this Kushimoto Bushi song was from Wakayama-ken (formerly known as ‘Ki no kuni’), then started explaining the story…

  • Sunset Glow (Yuuyake Koyake)

*Background music changed to a very nice and soft violin sound*

Nikki-san took the role of a storyteller. He mentioned that there’re several legends from Wakayama region, including Urashima Tarou and Kaguya-hime. And also, one of the story from a thousand years ago…

The center background change to a forest scene. Some tree props were pushed out. A bunch of juniors showed up on stage, wearing dark shades of pale orange/red outfits, doing daily chores. Apparently, they were a part of a Kumano pirate clan that was chased off the sea by the evil Daishougun and had to live in the forest.

While Nikki-san was telling story, there’s about a dozen of juniors who dressed up like Japanese monks (equipped with black robe, big hat, and staff) walked down the aisles, chanting gibberish nonstop ← how could they learn how to sing properly when they had to lip-sync chanting? XD

on 1/2, there’s one junior stood right next to us. After that show, Bonnie and I talked about him a bit, and we’re wondering whether he’d get into trouble if he laughed during the show (since he looked so serious). So, on 1/4, my other chance at aisle seat, Bonnie told me to give him a peace sign (^__^)v.. which I did! *very easily persuaded* LOL I didn’t say ‘ganbatte kudasai’ as we planned though XD Too bad, he didn’t look my way this time. Lucky him, I guess xD

Ok, back to the story, Hideaki (ヒデアキ – according to the pamphlet – oh how I loved it when they called him HIDEAKI! But on the other hand, I wanted to whack all juniors who’s being disrespectful and called Takki by his first name~ LOL) and his junior crew were born in the forest, hence, never seen the sea. They’re hoping that one day they’d get to return to their origin. So, they’ve been building a ship (from bamboo or not, I don’t know LOL) in the middle of the forest.

Nikki-san called out to all juniors on stage that it’s time for revolution. They jumped up and started yelling Kakumei Kakumei da~~~ (very genki crew indeed LOL) Nikki-san himself went back to his spot at the bottom of the left scaffold (usually when he’s not on the stage, he’d sit there – so still, that on my first day, I thought he’d fallen asleep XD) . Junior monks walked over to the stage.

They screamed Kakumei (revolution) KAKUMEI~~~~ repeatedly that, for a second, I thought it’s the name of their ship ^^;


  • Kakumei (Opening)

*background music ramped up* Juniors on stage in commotion….


Takki started singing, while juniors were getting in positions. Center display lifted up. Takki stood on the ship, facing the audience. *__*

He’s wearing a very very deep v-neck military style white outfit with red trimming, red belts, white boots, and white thingy that looks like feathers to me, no matter how I squinted my eyes. It definitely gave a tiny Wing-san to his outfit .. ahh, perfect for this FLY AGAIN song! ^^ I started going googoogaga simply because I love it when he tucked his pants into his high boots (try thinking back to Takitsuba BEST album yo!) xD He also wore a pair of black gloves too. Oh, there’s a visible beige tape across his chest, I guess for his microphone? I wanna see glittering black bra!! *runs like hell* XD

Takki (aka Hideaki) said something about returning to Kuroshio sea, his father’s grave. That one day, they’d be free to go back to the sea, and begin their revolution. He then started calling out his men one by one to check on things (or work on the boat, whatever~)…

and oh boy, here’s a challenging part, as if I could place juniors faces with their names. Thank goodness for the pamphlet! LOL

Kitayama (KMF2) appeared on top of the right scaffold, then scooted down the rope from top right to bottom left of the stage. Yuta (KMF2) slid down from the top of the left scaffold. A rope lifted Senga (KMF2) up to the ship, Takki pulled him on board. Tsukada (ABC-Z) did an air ballet/gymnastic move down the rope that I couldn’t even explain LOL Basically, the rope was tied to his waist, then he spread-eagled his legs and rotated down sideway (kinda Cirque du Soleil-ish.. and if you understand what I tried to tell, you’ve got 10 brownie points! <333). Shota (aka Tottsu, ABC-Z) who was already on the boat had to do something something.

(oh yeah, just talking about ship gave me motion sickness already LOL)

Suddenly, Takki called out “Chourou!!” as Nikki-san reappeared on stage. So, on top of being a narrator, Nikki-san also took a role of the clan’s elder.

Now, Introducing our female character, who happened to be the love of Hideaki’s life: Yuki-hime! I gotta give her some credits though, she knew how to handle boys as she came with food LOL Anyway, her outfit was in white (but not as pretty as Takki’s LOL). She also wore a cap to hide her hair and make herself look like a boy as a disguise. And we then learned that she’s Chourou’s daughter.

Here, I got confused, if Yuki was a hime, wouldn’t it make Chourou a royal or something? Or was it just a pet name for her? because I don’t recall seeing any princess on the Black Pearl… ^^”

Anyway, Taisuke (KMF2) showed up, telling Yuki-hime about some-eucalyptus-thing, so she eagerly ran off after Takki told her to be careful. Before Taisuke ran after Yuki-hime, Chourou called him. They held gazes for a few seconds before Chourou told him to take care of Yuki-hime, Taisuke said he understood and went after the princess.

*BGM ramped up again*

Takki briefly had a silent conversation with Chourou about the ship, then three ropes dropped down at the front center stage. Takki walked over with his junior crew, grabbed the middle rope, and climbed up the rope without any tool or help. He simply climbed up!!! Speaking of physical strength huh?! *__* (Too bad he didn’t wear a sleeveless top, so I couldn’t see his biceps in work LOL)

Once he reached the hoop thing on the top part of the rope with his right hand, he hooked his left foot to the rope, then flipped himself upside down and placed his other foot on the rope! ↓

Kitayama (I think), who’s on the floor, started swinging the other rope, making sort of a loop around Takki. I could totally see that face had turned pinkish from this upside down position. After a few loops, Takki then grabbed on to the other rope, unhooked his left foot from the first rope, and changed his position by flipping himself back up. He now held on with just his right hand, while Kitayama switched to swing the first rope again, making loop around him. For some reasons, the positions of his legs made me think of figure skating/air ballet. After a couple more seconds, Takki slid back down to the floor.

That’s when I realized I was holding my breath the entire time he was up there. If you saw the concentration on his face, you would understand why. It’s a dangerous stunt as it depended solely on his strength and position. Plus there’s no safety net or cable to catch him if there’s any mishap..

Takki, still holding the middle rope, running towards the audience, leaped off the stage, then swang back to finish off this stunt (wouldn’t it be a scream-fest if he landed safely on someone’s lap? xD).

1/4 *slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps Kitayama* #&$(@*#^&>$!!! He failed to swing the rope fast enough to make a loop so Takki couldn’t grab the other rope to continue on his stunt. Takki did try to catch it a few times, but the mismatched angle just wouldn’t do, plus the background music was coming to an end, so he had to slide down and finish this scene >”<

Taisuke ran back to the stage, telling Takki that Yuki-hime was abducted by the Empire kidnapped by Daishougun’s men. So our Skipper decided to follow and get his girl back as he couldn’t take any more crap from Daishougun xD All his crew went totally excited as they’re dying to leave the forest and return to the sea.

  • Sailing~Down the Current

Here we go, time to test their boat building skill! LOL

Takki ordered his crew to set sail. It was quite a bumpy ride through the forest. Main background showed a view of moving scenery. I bet the crew were all inexperienced but they did their best to go through the strong torrent.


Stormy music faded into a very nice piano intro. Main background changed to forest scene, center stage turned, making the ship turned around. Center display dropped down in front of the ship to show a moving forest view.

Once we’re almost through the forest, the opaque center display kinda had a clear area where the spotlights captured Takki who stood at the ship’s bow, and a violin!junior a couple yards away from Takki. ← How did this kid get on board? Who was he? Or was he one of the red team? I don’t know, I didn’t really pay attention to him! XD

The backdrop then also had a picture of the ship overlaid on top of the real ship in the back (so we could see the ship, so to speak), and it’s moving together with the ship, very neatly done, I like it.

And when Takki started singing, i went completely (´▽`) *purrs* because ONE NIGHT was such a beautiful ballad! And I’m such a sucker for ballad!!! Definitely my most favorite song from Takizawa Kakumei as it was totally burnt into my brain. After 1/2 show, I kept humming it all the time. Well, how could I not, when a part of the lyrics was like this..

♪ .. Give me ONE NIGHT, ONE NIGHT 忘れないように
Give me ONE NIGHT, to making LOVE すべてが始まるここから .. ♪

A-san said something like, dude, you picked an ero song without even knowing its meaning LOL to my defense, look at the lyrics, it wasn’t that hard to catch the keywords ne~ XD

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ONE NIGHT!!!! I want to watch this scene again!!!!

  • ACTION on Board

*waves sound* They finally got through the forest and reached the sea. Center forest backdrop was lifted up. Water display shot up a couple feet high as a confirmation LOL When the ship arrived at the front stage, the ship’s bow where Takki stood slowly extended out towards the audience reminding me of “I’m the King of the world” for some reasons LOL.

And I thought: wouldn’t it be so cute if they carved him as a figurehead too? XD

His crew (aka RED team) were super excited to see the sea for the first time, they were bouncing and shouting, overjoyed. Takki had to whack them back to reality that their mission was to rescue Yuki-hime.

While our Skipper was giving lecture to his men, there’s some chibikos with weapons chasing after a baby whale. And I went o_O (I bet, along with other audience).

Time for the villains! The GREEN gang, led by Kawai, Goseki and the rest of KMF2, showed up on both left and right scaffolds. These men believed that the whale was an evil creature/beast that needed to be destroyed. blah blah..

Takki argued with them that the whales were actually the protector of the sea and shouldn’t be hunted down. Then, a HUGE whale came into view (← think inflatable whale-shaped pool toy, big big big BIG one~ LOL), having a spear stuck on it’s back, crashing into Takki’s ship, and I laughed my butt off~ XD

And the fight broke off!!

The green gang somehow got on the ship. Takki left this men behind to go get pretty to change into something more appropriate for sword fighting. He came back in black sleeveless Japanese style kinda shirt with golden pattern and white/gold/red trim. KYAAAA!! BICEPS!! KAKOIIIIII!!!! *drools* Still white pants and white boots *yummy*

Our skipper went right into business of sword fighting. (↑ That junior’s face cracked me up every time xDD) The fight went on for a while.Then, towards the end of this fighting sequence, Takki jumped (or fell?) into the sea. Hime appeared on board (how?!) with Daishougun who I believed was a long lost twin brother of Darth Vadar XD

Takki reappeared at the center of the front stage, being attached to the slings by a couple of men in black. Then he kinda “floated” to the top of the whale, and pulled the spear off its back (releasing the air out of the giant whale balloon xD).

  • Mercury (to the Bottom of the Sea)

Takki was spinning in water, like he’s losing balance when he was blown away from the whale’s back. I have to say that he had to be really strong to move and control his body like that *abs love* ^^

*ahem* May I introduce one lovely formula?

white pants + slings = ♥   ← Everyone, say hello to Romeo~ XDD

Anyway, once he regained his balance, he’s being led to the seabed by a bunch of juniors holding sea creature balloons. He’s exchanged the spear with a fish balloon from one junior on the right aisle, then grabbed a seahorse from another junior on the left aisle.

1/3 and 1/4, Takki said he’s 27 this year (and still playing with balloons xD) The way he smiled was just sooooo adorable!

Once he arrived at the underwater palace, Nikki-san popped up on stage again, assuming another role as a manager (on crack) of the underwater world. After informing Takki where on earth he was, they both left the stage.

btw, since when did Urashima Tarou save Moby-Dick instead of the turtle princess? LOL



(perfect Johnny’s Engrish~ ↑ LOL)

5 Juniors came out, dressing up like Chinese dancer girls. Ahem, not all boys can dress up as girls and still look cute, you know.. ^^” Anyway, more juniors came out in blue outfits. Together, they danced, they sang, and I didn’t really pay attention. XD

As they finishing off, the first 5 juniors stripped off their Chinese outfits (no, they’re not naked, and I didn’t want to see them naked either~ LOL) to black tank tops and pants.

  • Roller World

KMF2 came out on their roller skates, doing some aerodynamic skating stunts. One of them made me think of reversed-E.T. as the dude pretended to walk down from top right side of the stage to the bottom left ^^”

Towards the end, they held hands to form a line and did the windmill move. ABC-Z then came out, running back and forth, through spaces between KMF2 members.

Takki show up in black suits with sparkling neck tie and hankie. He sang a little bit before doing some dress tricks, changing two dancer girls dresses from yellow → red → blue → white (well, he didn’t actually do it “do it”, as it was the girls who had to tug/pull on their dresses to change the colors LOL)

Then *drum rolls* Takki held up a white fabric blind, and when it’s lowered, his outfit was changed from completely black to white tuxedo!!


1/4 – he almost missed, LOL I saw him bend down a bit, along with the blind when it’s dropped, to tug on a part of his white tux that got stuck, before he quickly stood up ^^ *claps claps*

btw, it’s definitely easier to catch the tricks from the 2nd floor.

Takki started singing, when the Underwater Princess showed up in an ugly white fluffy ballet-ish outfit with leggings (dancer girls white simple outfit looked much better than hers! LOL), floating on to the stage (well, she’s on the sling~). So Takki was dancing with her, spinning her around, very figure skating like. He also threw her away too! LOL


Kitayama gave Takki a white hat, he put it on and danced with Nikki-san! The old school moves were so cute LOL I loved his hip pump~

Half way through the song, after the chorus part, Takki moved to the left side of the stage then to the back, letting Nikki-san took over the stage.

Once the song ended, the background music changed to a soft tune, Takki walked from the back of the stage with the flying table with a small ball on top. Yup, the very same table he played with in 「One!」 He lifted the table cloths up and down and the table moved in synch (sorta), just like when he tossed the Princess around a few moments ago~ (← Bonnie came up with this comparison! LOL). Nikki-san came over to (kinda) help.

I was wondering why he played the old trick, but we soon knew the reason.

At the end, Takki grabbed the ball from the table and gave it to Nikki-san. Ahhh~ The whole table thing was just to give Nikki-san this ball! XD Takki then left the stage to change. KMF2 came out and tossed 2 more balls to Nikki-san. He started juggling the ball, dropping one of them intentionally a few times. When he started juggling again, all lights were off, and all we could see was the moving balls! They’re glow-in-the-dark balls! sugeeeee!!

At the end, the lights came back on, we could see Takki along with ABC-Z at the back of the stage, clasping for Nikki-san.

  • Miracle World

But Takki clasping was not the main thing that caught my eyes! LOL

He was in PINK! This SUPER BRIGHT HOT PINK with fluffly sleeves, black fabric tied around his waist and the black bow on his neck! And he looked so good and soooooooooo adorable in this silly outfit!!

I swear there’s probably only a handful of men and women on this planet who can pulled this look off, and Takizawa Hideaki is definitely one of them! LOL

Tottsu and Hasshi (Ryosuke) were on the platform with Takki, wearing the same hilarious outfit in bright blue and yellow XD

The platform lifted up a bit more and we could see the remaining 3 of ABC-Z hanging upside down underneath Hasshi, Takki and Tottsu with matching outfits! They were their shadows!

It was so hilarious the way all three shadows moved in sync with the original, especially when the top three jumped, the shadows lifted their feet off the platform too. Also very cute when shadows were spinning as the 3 real persons walked off the platform to the front of the stage and the platform lowered down. Super cute!

Now, time for water play!

The middle part of water display created a curtain from top to bottom. Takki led the gang to stood behind water display, which started displaying falling round shapes. At the beginning, Takki jumped through a circle, then jumped back.

Then he did it again, and ordered Tottsu to follow him. However, the falling shapes changed into card suits (diamond, spade, club, heart), so it’s getting harder to jump through. Anyway, our brave Tottsu made it through and got a ding ding ding sound along with compliment word on the display (I think it said ‘great’ or ‘perfect’) like when you won a jackpot LOL

After that, Takki told Hasshi to do the same , but the falling shapes changed into smileys and other weird shapes that’s super hard to skip through. Poor Hasshi always stopped half way, standing in the line of fire water, he got a dame buzz (like when you’re going to the game show and answer the question wrong XD) Takki also scolded him too LOL

At the end, the water display changed into a harmonic wave shape, so Takki led his team and ran around in circle through the wave, while screaming, yelling, and laughing.

SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE! (←believe me, this time I’m not even biased!)

1/3 – since water display wasn’t working, they’re running through water curtain that shot from the floor instead. The result was a completely drenched!Takki~ I guess it’s hard to predict where the water will shoot up from below LOL His microphone didn’t work too well after this, maybe it’s got too soaking wet~ XD

1/4 – Takki was not as wet as he used too, definitely a learning curve! LOL

After running around (literally), Takki then finished the last part of the song.

Miracle World gave the same silly vibes as Kimagure Jet. It was a very cute and adorable performance that guaranteed smiles and laughter from audience ^^

Nikki-san came out and gave him a wooden box, telling him never to open it.

Taisuke then ran onto the stage and told Takki that Daishougun was coming to hikaru chikurin (glowing bamboo forest). What confused me further was how Taisuke got to the underwater world in the first place? It’s not like he’s coming to get Takki from the Shibuya yo! This was the secret underwater palace!! HOW did he get there? LOL



  • Bamboo Forest Performance

Narrator!Nikki-san was back, explaining the story about this forest. Don’t ask me, I have no clue xD A bunch of juniors showed up in green and black along with bamboo props and 2 statues with red eyes (that looked like guardian gods at Japanese shrines) were pushed onto the center stage. Also, there’s a bunch of glowing green balls. Junior danced.



Oh yeah, very ridiculous indeed xD

Takki came out in sparkling red t-shirt, black (probably leather) vest, a black pair of gloves, white pants with diagonal black strips and black high boots. KAKOII!!!! Wheeeeeee~~~ He looked soooooooo good!

Main background changed into dragon pack with red eyes. Very evil like. The song started off with the green goblin gang singing chorus. It was a funky techno kinda song, I didn’t really like the music when I first heard the intro and Takki’s first verse…

However, on 1/2, my very first show, before this song started, Bonnie grabbed my left leg and squeezed. LOL I was wondering what the heck was gonna happen, was Takki gonna fly off the stage, but there’s no sling.. etc etc. While my brain was trying to come up with the possibilities, Takki reached this part where he sang “..sara sara..”

And I was like, wait a second, SARA SARA?!

ROFL!! I was so lucky that on my first show, I had my hand on my lips/face, pretty much all the time, otherwise, I couldn’t imagine the noise I’d make XDD

The song actually got better after that part (music-wise yo!, not because of the sara sara~ part! XDD)

I really like the dance in this song, Takki with his red crew and the green evil gang together. Very very kakkoii!


  • Jupiter

Takki turned around “HIME!!”

He saw Yuki-hime showed up in a long fluffy pink robe with yellow and purple dress inside, and a crescent moon tiara. What a weird looking outfit! The robe looked kinda kimono-ish (according to the tale), but it’s very very fluffy. And what’s up with that Sailor Moon tiara? I laughed my butt off when I saw it LOL

She called out for him as he rushed over to her. And they hugged.

Definitely a very awkward hug. LOL

You know the kind of hug where he hugged her with his upper body, while his lower body, especially his butt, poked out. XD

Hime then told him about the wooden box, that it was a box of youth that contained his dreams and memories. If opened, he’d be able to relive his beautiful memories again.. blah blah.. How could she know about the box? Kaguya-hime was not the turtle princess!! LOL and how did she get away from Daishougun in the first place?  (yeah, and my series of questions went on and on.. xD)

Anyway, Takki gave her his promise to protect her. However, due to Johnny-san’s messed up storyline, he told her to go back to the moon for her safety.

Tada! Presenting a unicorn drawn carriage with 2 drivers. A UNICORN, no TWO UNICORNS!! OMG~ I thought only Jade Rabbit lived on the moon xD

Yuki-hime didn’t want to be apart from him (of course, who wouldn’t want to be near Takki? LOL), but Takki insisted, and I bet she couldn’t say no to him, so she sadly let him walked her to the carriage.

Once the princess was on there, the crane carriage lifted up. Neo-Queen Serenity (yeah, I read Sailor Moon, so what? LOL) Yuki-hime was going to go back home! Takki was on the floor, moving around, looking up at the carriage, with a worried sad look on his face.


  • Naval Battle Scene (Action)

Takki’s crew came out from the right side of the stage and gathered around Takki. Soon after, a huge strip of green fabric kinda wrap around them (not that tight!) creating a green boundary.

Uh oh, they’re under attack again.

*sword fighting*

May I say that Japanese people are naturally violent? LOL

Dancer girls in white with white flags were dancing around the stage. As the fight progressed, some of the flags turned into red along with some red strips of fabric, representing blood. I think this scene was neat, I really like it.

Time for the main evil, Darth Vader! *whacked* ouch~ Fine, I mean Daishougun who cosplayed Darth Vader! Seriously guys, Daishougun was definitely a Star Wars fan!!! XD

Takki called out for Ryosuke, asking whether he’s okay. Ryosuke replied yes, and 2 seconds later, he was slain -__-”

This reminds me of cliché war movies. Whenever someone in the war zone pulled out a photo or a letter to look at, that certain someone had a very high chance to die -“-

Anyway, back to the story, Ryosuke dropped dead, the red team got very upset, so one of them tried to attack the Daishougun. However, the attack was blocked by Taisuke!

Weeheee!! He’s the green mold! I knew it sicne his outfit is darker than the rest of the red team LOL

Chourou walked down the aisle from the back to the stage. He decided to join the battle, and less than 15 seconds later, he was stabbed by Darthshougun!

The red team was definitely devastated at this point.

And Taisuke got a hold of Yuki-hime again before the green gang fled the scene.

#@)$&!^~$#!!! Hime!!! Couldn’t you try to do anything more productive than getting caught all the time?!


  • Temptation

*wind SFX* Takki was left alone on the stage. He couldn’t keep his promise to protect Hime.

Then he started hearing the voices, seductively calling out his name: Hideaki.. Hideaki..

There were doors and some sorts of a blind/curtain on stage. Dancer girls came out dressing pretty much like Hime. When Takki ran over to each one, it turned out to be someone else, not his Hime. Then, at the door on the right side of the stage, one dancer girl held up Hime’s (ugly) robe, her back towards the audience. There’s a hand reaching out for Takki, so when he grabbed her hand, and pulled, one dancer girl came out. When he tugged again, the other one came out holding hands with the first one. He did it 4-5 times, so now there’s a line of princess lookalikes. When they turned around, the middle one was Yuki-hime. The song and performance was quite nice, though it sounded kinda Chinese to me during some parts xD

This entire scene pretty much happened in his head, as he thought about his lost love. No real Hime presented as she’s still captured yo!

  • One Night (Trio)

*more windy SFX*

Takki was again alone on stage, devastated. Everything went kaput, his dream, his revolution as one of his men died, Chourou died *coughs*, and Hime was captured by the evil enemy.

Takki was sad, but ONE NIGHT WAS BACK!!! *SCREAMS*

I was bouncing in my seat when I heard the piano intro. KYAAAAAA!!!!

The green gang was on the scaffolds, singing (chanting) chorus, I really like how sang together, as I think it made the song more powerful!

Then behind Takki, a set raised up to be simple cube frames with juniors backdancing inside each frame.

At the middle of the song, Takki noticed Hime’s robe on the stage, he walked over to pick it up, but before he touched it, his red team came out through the cube thing, and handed him a white jacket (whose?). They told him that they’d always follow him and never betray him like Taisuke.

spirit!Ryosuke showed up on the right scaffold, saying something something (was he apologizing for dying and not being able to help everyone out anymore? It couldn’t be helped ne~ ^^”)

Takki’s finally got back to reality with his men supporting him. They finished the song together.

*purrs* I friggin’ love this song!! It’s soooooooooo beautiful!



  • Symphony No. 5 “Revolution”

Dark atmosphere. Yuki-hime was being brought out, chained to the circle thing on the platform. Darthshougun appeared from below to the platform. He walked down to the stage level by stepping on some low rank green juniors’ backs. An act of dominance indeed!

  • Final Battle

Evil Darthshougun was about to slash Yuki-Hime when Takki rushed in from the right aisle. He’s wearing a beige vest with white pattern thing over a long sleeve net-like T-shirt. Still the same yummy white pants and black boots.

The red team jumped on to the stage, and we’re back to sword fighting. Again. XD

Takki went to free Yuki-hime first, and tried to take her away from the battle ground.

While Takki was dragging the princess around, on the center platform, Tsukada was slain. Yuki-hime screamed, of course. Tsukada cried out for Takki before he died. Taisuke then walked over to him, and kicked him off the platform!

*more sword fighting* Takki somehow got separated from Yuki-hime.

Kitayama was slashed. Takki came to the rescue before the two green goblins finished him off. Takki lost his sword (well, he dropped it LOL). Kitayama tossed his own sword to Takki, just in time for Takki to block the attack (I really like this part). Takki got rid of one, and he’s now facing Taisuke. A severely injurred Kitayama happened to have enough juice left in him, he grabbed a hold of Taisuke’s legs, so Takki could finish him off by slashing his throat. YES, time to die, Taisuke!! LOL

Takki then pulled Kitayama back up, trying to drag him off (to where?). But stupidly enough, Kitayama pushed Takki away, then went to stand in front of the center platform. He said something to Takki, then Darthshougun showed up and killed him, as expected -“-

Pissed beyond repair, Takki grabbed his own sword from the ground, and started fighting with double swords *kakkoiiiiii~*

*more fighting*

Darthshougun started climbing up the left scaffold, Takki saw that so he followed him up too. Just right before Takki caught up with Darthshougun on top of the left scaffold, the rest of his men dropped dead, crying out for him one last time.

Once he’s up there with Darthshougun, he stabbed the evil. *BANG!!* The stabbing sound was so loud that at first I thought it was a gunshot LOL

  • 1-on-1 Fight (ikkiuchi)

Then, another Darthshougun showed up on stage. OMG! That was the real Daishougun, the true evil behind all this mess.

And Hime was captured and chained to that circle thing on the platform again, no surprise -“- For real, Hime!!! Ugh, I don’t like a weak female character to begin with, so no surprise, Hime annoys me great deal.

No time to climb down, Takki leaped off from the top box of the left scaffold, free fall face first, then he twisted his body around to land back first on the mattress. *LOUD THUDS*

And I couldn’t breathe. It happened so fast. Even though I expected him to leap off since he started climbing up, I was still in shock. No matter how many time I previously watched WS clip from last year Enbujou when he did the same thing, it could never ever compare to the real thing I’ve just seen.

On 1/2, I didn’t even notice when they brought in the mattress as I was so focused on Takki up there

On 1/3, he definitely didn’t land in the middle of the mattress >”<

On 1/4, I saw a couple of stage crew dressing in black, slightly adjust the mattress when Takki was midair to ensure his safe landing, and I was damn grateful for these crew.  m(_ _)m

Anyway, Takki jumped up from the mattress, sword in hand, ready to rescue Yuki-hime.

Darthshougun said something something, and took off his mask. Tada~ it’s Chourou!! Well, I bet everyone went: I KNEW IT~ LOL

I don’t think anyone understood why Nikki-san had to kidnap his own daughter? xD

He said something to Takki, then wielded the sword towards his own daughter in the back. Super bright light beamed from where Yuki-hime was bound, and once it’s back to normal, she’s gone!

Audience went YAY!

HIDEAKI went nuts! LOL

He started fighting the entire Empire green army, finally got rid of the last two green dudes – Goseki and Kawai, and now he’s facing the 3-in-1 Daishougun/Chourou/Nikki-san combo *ahem*

*fight fight*

It was actually quite amusing seeing them fight and scold each other at the same time xD

Anyway, at one point, Takki lost his sword. Nikki-san had a perfect opportunity to kill him with sword on Takki’s neck already. But Takki was too pretty Nikki-san couldn’t kill him *ouch*

But Nikki-san lowered his sword, allowing Takki to go scrambling for his own sword. Nikki-san angrily wondered why Takki would let go of his revolution dream for Hime, so Takki told him that there could only be a revolution when he’s with Hime.

Anyway, after running around up and down the stairs, left and right, Takki eventually stabbed Nikki-san’s tummy. OOPS! Another dead body on stage.

  • Kakumei (Ending Act)

Once again, he’s left all alone, super hurt and didn’t really understand WTF was going on.

Conveniently, the wooden box appeared on bottom of the circle thing where Yuki-hime was chained up before. Takki recalled the words hime said about the box containing youth and good memories.

On the back of his mind, he heard warning voices from Nikki-san and Hime, telling him not to open the box.

Hurt and desperate to the max, he ignored the begging voices and opened the box, hoping it’ll save everything.

Bright light shone from where the box was on the platform, Takki turned back to put on his Hidejiji look. When the turned around, as an old man, he fell off the platform to the main stage while everything was collapsing down….

End of Act 1

OMG! I’d never thought it’d take me THIS long to write a butai report! And I’m only half-way done! o_O”

BIG thanks to Bonnie for helping me understand this show from day 1. *smooches* I remember Bonnie asked me after Act 1 on 1/2 whether the story made sense to me, and I replied, Yes and No. LOL well, it kinda made sense if I just watched along, enjoying the show. But once I started thinking about some logics, I got more and more confused (and I’m still confused LOL).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this. Feel free to fangirl~ Again, please do not take any part of my report and repost it anywhere. No translating either. Please.

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7 Responses to [Takizawa Kakumei] Act 1

  1. suki says:

    OH WOW!!!
    Thank you so much. I had alot of fun reading and giggling. Your fangirl side notes are so giggle inducing. And the story sorta makes sense.

    I’m still not sure I care for the pink outfit, but the scene sounds seriously cute. I want the DVD…NOW!! My guess is that it won’t come out until they announce next year’s TakiRev :(

  2. Lisa says:

    thank you so much for sharing! I’m still not sure I follow it, but I loved your pictures and descriptions- can’t wait for the dvd!

  3. naughtiest says:

    you’re welcome, I’m glad you get a good laugh out of this as I had a lot of fun with those side comments too XD And you’re so gonna love that PINK outfit when the DVD is out~ ^^

    thank you! I can’t wait for the DVD too. And I hope my report will make more sense by then LOL

  4. nyanco says:

    Wow. This is so fabulous! It was fun reading your report. Thank you so much, naughtiest.
    I look forward for the rest of your report.

  5. naughtiest says:

    thank you! lol Act 2 will take me forever because there’s so much talking in it and I don’t really understand them ^^” Hopefully I can punch it out before my next trip to Japan, whenever it’ll be! xD

  6. Joseph says:

    The Absent Game Among me and my husband we have owned aaddtionil MP3 players over time than I can count, together with Sansas, iRivers, iPods (common & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of gamers .

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