aka: David Archuleta Sucks My Soul (← Melody wouldn’t let me use this as my blog title XD)

aka: Glad Christmas Tidings with Amigos. Fa La La LA LA~  (← so she suggested this instead *lolz*)

ETA 12/23 9:52pm pst: I was going to use “David Archuleta Brings Me Christmas Joy” but Melody just granted me permission to use: DAVID ARCHULETA STOLE MY SOUL as my blog title because, I quote, “ACCURATE SUBJECT LINE IS ACCURATE.”

So true. ♥



warning: This is a trip recap, not a concert recap as it’s full of stuff that happened before and after the concert *lol* For concert details, go poke Melody, Tina and Kristina~ ♥



Late September. My Kind of Christmas tour was announced. No Seattle date to be found but that wasn’t a surprise. It was a quick decision to make as it’s my chance to finally see David Archuleta in RL. After consulting all the experts (read: Melody and Tina *lol*), I decided to go to Ventura and Anaheim. Flights booked (legit paid more for airfare to CA than the KC-Iowa-Chicago trip in November!). Hotels booked. Tickets purchased.  #EXCITED

btw, this DA trip was one of the reason why I simply gave up going to DC show in Las Vegas on 12/10, which turned out to be the best move ever since I could stay home taking care of my mom instead. win-win~ :)

And of course, before DA concerts, DC murders me repeatedly in October and November. ♥ #GoodTimes~



Friday 12/16


My brother dropped me off at the airport around 6:30am. TSA officer tried to scan my carry-on 3 times, no, there’s no liquid and/or sharp object in there yo! *rolls eyes* The flight to Burbank was nice, I guess, I fell asleep before taking off as usual. *lol*

Bob Hope Airport was so tiny! There’s no jetway to the gate, we had to walk off the plane to the building. There’s a ton of people there. Melody, Tina and Kristina were driving from Las Vegas to Burbank to pick me up, and they’re still about 2 hours away, so I decided to go explore the area (read: FIND FOOD) by walking to Hollywood Way. First food I found was this strawberry chessecake ice cream. YUM.

I eventually had real food and walked over to Starbucks to wait for the girls. They showed up sooner than I expected *hugs hugs hugs* and I was introduced to Carlos, our rental from Enterprize.

ME: why is our rental always Mexican?! *lolz*

Next stop, Ventura!

Melody navigated CA roads like a pro (read: crazy driver). Almost missed the highway entrance. Had to bear with some traffic due to an accident on US-101N right before I-405 junction. But other than that, the drive was smooth with lots and lots of song title screaming. #99Problems #BabyBoy It was hilarious~

We arrived at our hotel in Ventura around 2:30, checked in and went out to find food. We drove by the venue, the Majestic Ventura Theater (which was only 2 blocks away from where we stayed). OMG it’s not even 3pm and there’re people lining up at the venue already?! o_O”

Anyway, Ventura was a cute little town, probably with some gangsters hiding somewhere. I wouldn’t mind staying for a few days to explore more. We found a parking spot, went to the bank and had late lunch at Nature’s Grill. (none of these food was mine, btw *lol*)

Headed back to our hotel, saw one car in a parking lot that made me went o_O” (and snapped a picture of it.. *lol*), took a quick shower, got ready for VIP.


We walked over to the venue around 5-ish. Slowest VIP check-in line ever. I didn’t bring my jacket because I planned on getting a DA hoodie, so I was freezing to death right there (well, it wasn’t that cold, but I got cold easily~ *lol*). Met Brandi. Freaked out a bit more. Found out that a bunch of people in line weren’t there for VIP. Bypassed them and finally checked in. Got my ticket. Got a wristband. Got a laminated lanyard. Walked in and was greeted by Stix. Got more stuff (a bag, a vampire DA t-shirt, a photo and a poster). Bought a hoodie! #MissionAccomplished

Next, we got in line for the photo. I freaked out even more. *lolz*

One girl in line burst out singing Lean On Me. David joined in a little bit and we were like “OMG what the heck?” O_O” (later, I overheard her told peeps around her that she told him it was her dream since he was on idol to sing with him and he let her pick a song since it’s HER dream. Whatever.)

Alrighty. It’s time~

Melody went in first, DA totally remembered her. They did a peace sign together. I love how she’s so natural at these VIP businesses because I was completely freaking out at that point. *lol*

ME: *nervous smiles* hi David, I’m Sara
DA: hello! how are you? *shakes my hand* (← he has a really firm hand shake!)
ME: I’m good.. no, actually, it’s my first time at your concert and I’m freaking out *lolz*
DA: *laughs* oh please don’t be! where are you from?
ME: Seattle! but originally from Thailand~ :D
DA: oh wow, I hope you enjoy the show tonight! :D

Then we took our picture and we hugged (I asked for his permission first, of course!). NBD. DA is sooooo not a hugger, btw. *lolz*

DCook, you’re forever my #1 in this department~ 

Anyway, David was soooooooooooooooo nice and sweet. His smile was the most ridiculous thing in this whole wide world. It had such blinding effect on people. *__*

BTW. Stix hates me, my pix came out off focus. D: D: D: Why, Stix, WHY?! *whines* #PhotoshopPhotoshopPhotoshop

Brandi was next, she did not vomit on him. #Success And Tina wrapped it up with her signature HEY. It’s perfect. ♥

Landed ourselves in 3rd row, stage left. After waiting for a few moments, David came out. And I had a serious case of memory loss. *lolz* Come on, everyone told me since September that going to DA concert and meeting him for the first time would be TMTH. It totally was.

I couldn’t even remember whether he sang first or did Q&As first? #Blank~ XD

Anyway. The first Q&A went to Melody! She asked if he coud pick any super hero power, what would it be? David was like, ummmmmm and gave it a thought for the longest time, he even asked someone what he answered previously (← so adorb), before he gave her an answer that he wanted to be invisible, but not that he wanted to be creepy or anything~ *lolz forever*

He mentioned Les Miserables for the another question about what inspired him to sing (I think). Do we have another question? I couldn’t remember. Legit, brain failed. D:

Someone requested Heaven. My first time hearing him live. I believed I died and went to heaven. His voice was so gorgeous. *__*

Then he sang Good Place/Let It Be.


Oh. My. Heart. No amount of youtube clip watching could ever prepare me for this. TMTH! TMTH!!! *thuds*

VIP was over. General Admission began. Kristina got in and joined us a little later in a row behind us. Also saw Brooke White walked by our seats, she’s gorgeous! I wandered off to get some popcorn. While waiting for corns to pop…

Popcorn Lady: is he (DA) from American Idol?
Girl in front of me: yes he is, he’s the runner up
Gay dude: he should have won, David is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better
ME: ((here we go again *rolls eyes*))
Popcorn Lady: I don’t know them, I don’t follow the show
Gay dude: David Cook sucks, he shouldn’t win
Gay dude: Cook’s music was horrible. I listened to both albums and they both suck
ME: ((*stares at him in horror* OH NO YOU DID NOT))
Gay dude: David is the real deal!
ME: ((*gives him my best bitch face and rapidly fires text messages off to Melody about starting a fight*))
Two Girls in front of me: Absolutely. David should have won!
MEL text: Lol calm your nips girl
ME text: lolz

Luckily the corns stopped popping and that gay dude got his bag of popcorn and left or I might have started a physical fan war right then and there. UGH. I don’t get it. Why can’t you just LOVE THEM BOTH?! Or if you can’t love them both, why don’t you just LOVE ONE and STAY NEUTRAL ON THE OTHER ONE?! Trash talking DCook music is not gonna change anything yo! *grumbles*

Anyways. Went upstairs and got this shot. Pretty venue and the stage looked so christmasy~ :)

Jeff LeBlanc kicked off the night. I really liked his songs. He had wicked gadgets. It’s amazing how one person could create so many sounds on stage. I enjoyed his set a lot! Plus he’s pretty funny too! He actually reminded me of Andy Grammer a little bit. :)


  • Truth be told, I could not remember much of this concert. *lolz* Plus, I normally don’t watch concert clips on YT so I didn’t really know what to expect.
  • Sleigh Ride was the first song of the night. His voice was so ridiculous. And OMG HIS PANTS. #ThingsIRemember *lololol*

  • KRISTINA: Done. Bye. I’m going home. *lolz so hard*
  • One song in and I realized DA was one tough dude to photograph. A) unlike DC, I didn’t know how to predict his next move, B) he moved around so much, and C) I was busy looking like this →  (*__*)  #Understandable *lolz*

  • MEL during Melodies of Christmas: I love it when he says my name 

  • DA thanked fans for coming to the show, said December was his favorite time of the year.

  • I love This Christmas! He’s sooooo smiley. And sassy. I cannot. I cannot. My heart. My heart!
  • Some none christmas tunes! The Other Side of Down/Wait/Zero Gravity/Crush!  Crush was forever crowd favorite. Wait was my favorite from the 4, TOSOD was so much fun and ZG was INSANELY FUN. He’s soooooooo bouncy and energetic and the venue was totally exploding. OMG I LOVED IT! ♥

  • Back to christmas music with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

  • Oh! Almost forgot, there were two female creepers walked over to the front of center stage during this song and just stood there. It was really creepy. David finished the song and asked if they had a question. He was too nice. They tried to tell him something, I think the younger one had some sort of disabilities, but the older one wasn’t her mom so I didn’t know how exactly they both ended up together in front of the stage, stepping on front row people’s stuff, no less. D: David didn’t quite understand what they wanted. It was an extremely awkward moment and I felt so bad for him. Finally, the security dude showed up and escorted those two away. #CreeperExistsInEveryFandom

  • David talked about Child Fund, showed us the special christmas ornament, and since there’s no video that night, he told us about a child from Honduras that he sponsored.
    DA: I’m not good at talking (← so adorb~)
  • Climb Every Mountains floored me. OH MY GOSH. He’s not real. *__*

  • Intermission! INTERMISSION. oh boy, I haven’t been to a concert with an intermission in forever!! XD
  • Mel went out to pick a child to sponsor, she came back with Daisy. DAISY. What a perfect choice! ♥
  • Second half of the show started off with Ave Maria. It was stunning. His voice. HIS VOICE. I also love his quiet moment before the song. btw. OMG HIS PANTS AGAIN. *lolz*

  • DA talked about how at the beginning he’s not totally comfortable with Ave Maria *so adorb*
  • OMG I LOVED Pat a Pan. A LOT.

  • 3 girls came up on stage. David read “My Kind of Christmas” poem and sang Fa la la LA LA with Sunny. The youngest girl was drummer-Steven’s daughter, she kept looking back at her daddy. One of the other two girls was so adorable. DA was dancing and singing to her and she was completely gone. TOO FAR GONE, like jaw dropping in RL *lolz* so cute~ btw, DANCECHULETA. I CANNOT!! ♥

  • Busy time. Black Friday. etc etc, leading into Amy Grant’s I Need a Silent Night~
  • Silent Night was gorgeous. His voice’s gorgeous. HE’S GORGEOUS. ♥

  • Talked about how he loved the simplicity of The First Noel.

  • Riu Riu Chiu made me want to admit that I had a language kink.. *lolz*
  • Before Oh Holy Night, DA said it’s the last song and Melody was like: oh he’ll come back, it’s not the last song, don’t believe him *lol* Good to know! XD
    Oh Holy Night gave me chills. CHILLS. *__*

  • Little Drummer Boy was so flippin’ awesome. I loved it so much!


It was my first DA show, so I didn’t have anything to compared, I just knew that he was amazing amazing AMAZING to the ridiculous point that I could not explain, his energy was insane. I can’t even with his voice, it’s incredible. He sang with SO MUCH JOY on that stage. HE SMILED WHILE HE’S SINGING. And according to Tina, David was on fire that night, more than his usual! HOORAY! FIRST TIMER’S LUCK! I LOVED IT! ♥

The weird part about this show was the fact that we sat down a lot. Something that never happened to me at DCook concerts. XD

MEL: duh, it’s a christmas concert, you’re not going to scream during Ave Maria or Oh Holy Night. #GoodPoint *lolz*

I spent a good chunk of this show clutching Melody’s hand. NBD. #TotallyNormal And I also found my jaw on the floor so many times that night. I loved how awkward he was when he talked  (he even mentioned it too *lol*) but once he started singing, all awkwardness disappeared and I was blown away to Pluto. It was beyond impressive. I admire and adore him so much.



After the show, we got to talk to Stix briefly in the lobby. I told him it’s my first DA concert and he was like: oh, I know, he’s too much, right?  and I was like: YES STIX, HE’S TOO MUCH TO HANDLE IT’S SO RIDICULOUS. *lolz*

Mel and I also bought Jeff LeBlanc’s cds and got a picture with him. Jeff’s so tall, I felt like a midget. *lol*

We left the venue. Some fans were waiting by the bus. Tina, Kristina and Brandi went off to find food. Mel and I walked back to the hotel, showered and immediately resumed horizontal position on our bed.

ME: I think David should tour with Josh Groban, all the songs in different languages and piano and voice and everything
MEL: girl, I will die for real if that happens



Saturday 12/17


Starting off at midnight. Tina and Kristina got back from their late night meal. Mel already passed out. I got up and saw their giddy faces. They just met David on their way back to the hotel! OMG that’s amazing!

Kristina gave DA her rose and Tina did get to say more then HEY to him! So proud of them! #SUCCESS!!

We also looked through some photos from that night, fangirling quite hard and Mel didn’t even twitch. She might have taken some Benadryl by accident…*lolz*

Morning came. We had a quick breakfast at the hotel (OMG biscuit and gravy OMG) and went to Ventura Pier. The weather was gorgeous!

Had a lot of fun with the girls. Being silly with friends is my favorite. ♥ Awesome decision to visit Pacific ocean!

Up next was David’s book signing thing at Deseret Book in Santa Ana. I asked if Mel wanted me to drive but she said she was okay. So, US-101S!

The shouting of song titles continued, along with creepy whispers. Good times. BITCH came up on the radio and we were all singing along hardcore until..

ME: *points* take this next exit to I-5
MEL: okay, should I change to the next lane?
ME: n.. MELODY!!!!!!!! O______O”

What happened?

As soon as Mel asked, she navigated Carlos over to the right lane WITHOUT LOOKING OVER HER SHOULDER.


We almost slammed into a white car (I was so scared I didn’t even notice its make/model). Kristina and I could see the driver of that white car who had no clue she almost died.

Mel tried to move back to the left and lost control of Carlos, going left-right-left-right at 70mph on US-101 near I-5 junction, quite possibly scared the life out of other drivers on 101 too. Legit beat the heck out of a roller coaster ride. I almost had a heart attack. D:


BTW, I didn’t see any sh*t flash before my eyes, they lied about that. *lolz*

Mel finally regained control of the car after a few seconds (which seemed like FOREVER) and took that I-5 exit…

MEL: I think it went okay, I wasn’t too scared because things usually just go my way
ME: *still in shock*
MEL: I don’t know why people trust me to drive, I’ve only been driving for a year
MEL: but you said you’re not comfortable driving in LA!
ME: that’s true but at least I’ve been driving for 5 years! (actually 8, couldn’t count at that time *lolz*)
KRISTINA: maybe I should drive… (she had 9 years under her belt *lol*)
MEL: that car was in my blind spot
ME: and you’re supposed to look over your shoulder!
MEL: but looking over shoulder doesn’t work, I still can’t see (so she didn’t look T___T)
US: just notify us next time you’re going to change to the right lane, WE WILL LOOK FOR YOU

*lolz* okay, I can laugh about this now but it’s friggin’ terrifying at that moment. We almost totaled our car on a freeway. Kristana and I almost crashed into another car. ALMOST.

And since then, I cringed every time Bitch came up on my iPod. x__X” #Pavlov’sDog


We arrived at a strip mall where Deseret was located. I hugged everyone once we got off the car. Legit thankful to be alive. We went to grab a quick bite at Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill. OMG their fish taco was delicious!

While waiting in line in front of Deseret, a staff lady came and told everyone that David would only sigh products, not personally made items. I bought MoTab christmas concert CD and DVD (slowest check-out line ever, even with 3 registers!), got 2 red dot stickers and decided to put one on my concert ticket from the previous night. I wasn’t big on getting concert ticket signed but it was my first concert yo! :)

And I wanted to steal this cutout~ It’d look awesome next to my Aragorn at home! XD

The line moved slowly so we did a photobooth thing again, with DA this time. FIND HIM. *lol* I loved it so much! #PerfectPhotobomb ♥

David was sooooooooooooooooo smiley, talking to everyone. He’s so adorb. ♥

Also, there was a dude with a gigantic camera with motor drive, taking bajillion photos of him signing. Quite scary TBH. *lol*

When it’s our turn, Melody went in first. She’s so well prepared as she brought the CFTH and Asian tour edition booklets for him to sign. Mel also told him about Daisy, a child she sponsored the previous night. #StoryTimeWithMLee David also told her about his sponsored kid. #StoryExhangeTime #TheyLoveEachOther

Next, I walked in…

ME: hi David! *shakes his hand*
DA: hi! Did you enjoy the show last night? :D
DA: *big smiles*
ME: *slides over the CD cover and a concert ticket* can you please sign my concert ticket too?
DA: sure!
StaffLady: *grabs a DVD cover that I had in my other hand* you’d better have him sign this too!
ME: OMG thank you
StaffLady: *smiles* I don’t want you to miss anything
ME: *to David* You know what, you’re ridiculously good. (with emphasis on RIDICULOUS *lol*)
DA: *laughs* oh thank you~

I thanked him and floated away. GHOST AGAIN.


Kristina was next, she told him that she just watched the christmas show on PBS with her grandparents.

DA: oh where are they from?

Totally didn’t ask where Kristina’s from. ^^” *lolz*

Tina was filming us and got sideeye by David. TWICE. XD She went in and had her mandatory HEY with him. Mel tried to take pictures but it all went so fast.

And we’re done.

We went back to Rubio’s because I was hungry again. That one taco was not enough to sustain me for the rest of the day. Ended up getting a fish tacos plate before heading back to the hotel. I asked for the key and drove. *lol*

Oooh, also met Brandi, Carolyn and Jeremy at Rubio’s too. They missed the book signing. D:

Checked in. Ate too much tacos and chips and bean dips (but they’re soooo good). Rested for a while. Watched Tina’s 30-second “ClimbEv” clip from Ventura, laughed so hard. #ForeverFavorite

Went out to drop Melody’s off at the Grove for her VIP around 4-ish. Tina also picked up our tickets. Came back to the hotel. Napped. Woke up for dinner at Cheesecake Factory at 6pm. Nomnomnom~ The restaurant was so dark and flash/food didn’t go well together, so Tina turned her phone into a flashlight for me. Thank you girl! ♥ Strawberry shortcake for dinner! #AwesomeLifeChoice

Also met Robert for the first time. He’s super nice! VIP news from Melody, he did Man in the Mirror, Good Place, and Mary Did You Know for VIP! *faints* He also sang Happy Birthday to the audience! And VIPers sang HBD back to him!! Awwwww~~ ♥

Arrived at the Grove! Kristina got us a VIP parking spot! Robert got upgraded, he’s now FRONT ROW CENTER. Like legit, center, next to the aisle! OMG.

Tina and I each picked a girl to sponsor. My girl, Adina, was from Indonesia, her household income was only $70. SEVENTY DOLLARS ANNUALLY. It broke my heart. Just think about all junks I bought without thinking and threw away. *sighs* I hope she’ll write me as I’ll definitely write her letters. ♥

Sella, Jamie and Ashley just arrived! Massive hugging involved! I missed Sella’s bosom so hard. *lolz* Sella and Jamie also got upgraded, they’re now front row center next to Robert! OMG.

Let’s see. Mel and Kristina were on stage left side, Tina and I were on stage right side along with Jeremy. Robert, Sella, Jamie, Brandi and Carolyn were right in the middle. It’s going to be a crazy night!

I also met Lynne for the first time there too! She’s super sweet! *hugs*

And I’m soooooo sorry I missed your set, Jeff LeBlanc! ^^”


  • Same setlist as the previous night. Starting off with Sleigh Ride, Melodies of Christmas and This Christmas!

  • Stage light here was way friendlier than Ventura~

  • Tina might have had some fractured bones on her left hand as I repeatedly clutched her hand during the show~ ♥

  • Also, we had fake!Acook in the front row! *lolz* (A is for Angry, he looked angry all the time XD)

  • Reportedly, there were camera nazis on stage left, no videoing allowed. On our side, everything was fine as long as there’s no flash~
  • The Other Side of Down was crazy! Tina and I totally danced and sang along hardcore, together with Mel and Kristina on the other side of the room. And There’s a lot of waving and pointing involved. SO. MUCH. FUN.

  • Wait was my favorite ♥

  • OMG Zero Gravity. Tina got rid of her camera before the song. I got rid of my jacket. And we all went nuts, it was insanely fun!
  • DA sang Crush into Sella’s soul. To the point that she mounted “stop looking at me” to him *lolz* ↓ I loved so many things in this picture~ ♥

  • Sweaty and adorb~

  • Back to some christmas music~ Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! #RidicVoiceIsRidic

  • DA talked about Child Fund~

  • Tina managed to stay alive during Climb Every Mountain this time! #Success! (#ClimbEv is still my favorite though xD)

  • Watched Child Fund video. Tried to take a picture of a projector screen *lol*
  • INTERMISSION! Major fangirling time in front of the stage~ Met a fan who came to the venue without a ticket and the box office was closed but they let her in and gave her the front row seat next to Jamie. She’s totally freaking out happily. #ChristmasMagic :) Tina and I had 2 big head dudes moved from the back to sit in the front row, somewhat blocking our view. D:
  • The second half started with the ridiculousness of Ave Maria and David Archuleta’s voice. #ICannot

  • Air violin!DA during Pat a Pan was soooooooooo cute!

  • My Kind of Christmas poem time! 3 little girls came on the stage. They’re sooooooo adorable, especially the youngest one, Ella. Whatever he asked her, she answered “Ella.” *lol* Also, after the poem, during Fa la la LA LA intro, Ella totally ran off the stage! We believed Sunny scared her off. XD
    DA: Ella, come back!! *lolz forever*

  • Fa la la LA LA was so much fun in the most adorable way. Again, DANCECHULETA. Plus, Sunny’s photobomb skill was truly impressive! XD

  • At the end of FLLLL, DA went to stage left and carried Ella back on stage. Cuteness overloaded!

  • Band introduction. Ben’s last night. D:
  • I loved I Need a Silent Night a lot!

  • Silent Night was still as ridiculous as the previous night *lol* His voice was incredible~ ♥

  • His smile when he talked about The First Noel. ♥

  • And the moment my brain stopped working during Riu Riu Chiu. *__* #FavoriteShot!

  • David Archuleta, please give me some warning next time you’re going to come stand in front of me and look into my soul. I almost dropped my camera! *lol*
  • Seriously, his smile. #ICannot #ICannot

  • Also wished we were like, 4-5 seats to the right so I could get something else besides his side profile *lol* but then, he turned this way quite a bit, so it’s all awesome~ ♥

  • Oh Holy Night was HOLY. That’s all. #Divine

  • I also made a wallpaper from a picture I took during OHN. Check it out~

  • Encore~

  • DA looked to stage right during Little Drummer Boy. I mini-waved, and he smiled right back at me. I DIED. You can hear my last shrieking on Tina’s video below. 3:00. So embarrassing *lolz*

  • What a perfect way to end the show!



As we left the venue, we spotted Jennette McCurdy leaving too. I only saw the back of her head and her 4-inch heels. *lol* We had a major fangirl/fanboy screaming spree in the parking lot for a big while. After a ton of hugging and hugging and bosom-face-clutching, Mel, Tina, Kristina and I headed back to the hotel. Robert was driving back to LA too. The rest of the gang decided to wait for him and did get to talk to him before he left.

The 4 of us got back to the hotel on concert high. Tina had a fight with a vending machine. Kristina almost had a flooding incident but nothing an Asian couldn’t fix. Melody didn’t take any Benadryl but passed out anyway. *lol* We took a look at some photos from that night before calling it a night. ♥  #PerfectNightIsPerfect~



Sunday 12/18


Woke up, showered, changed, packed.

Watched some concert clips. Ridiculous.

The girls dropped me off at the airport. A gazillion amount of hugs at John Wayne. I missed them already. ♥

Checked in. Waited for security check. Learned that flight crew had priority, they could cut in line. *lol*

For once, I didn’t sleep on the plane. Flight wasn’t full so I got all 3 seats to myself. Not that I laid down or anything though. XD Also, I totally forgot how fun it was, taking off from Orange County, with engines ramping up to go as high as fast as they could. My friends and I used to drive around so we could watch how close the plane was to the buildings around SNA when it took off whenever we’re in Anaheim. *lol*

My brother picked me up from SeaTac airport, went to Los Cabos to pick up some food before heading home.

Did my laundry while watching a bunch of football games. YAY for the Patriots! YAY for the Chargers! (Mel should totally go to that game with Enterprise Julian! *lol*)

And that’s about it for my fantastic weekend. ♥



ps1. I’m soooooooooooooo glad I decided to go to California for these shows. To have an amazing time, experiencing DA concerts with lovely friends. Plus, David’s announcement in SLC earlier this week made me thankful for this trip even more.

David Archuleta,

Thank you so much for all wonderful memories, and all the emotions. I’ll be waiting for you to come back from your mission. 2 years is NBD.

And to quote Melody and that DCook guy: ♪ when you find you, come back to me. ♥

ps2. Speaking of his mission. People who called themselves “FANS” but talked about him in the most disrespectful way, you’re disgusting. Get some reality check and stop being so annoyingly entitled. David Archuleta does not owe you a thing. It’s his life and his decision. You don’t even know him personally. I can understand ranting, being sad and upset and disappointed and meh face, I’m not saying that everyone has to support his life choice, but unnecessary rudeness is NEVER acceptable, no matter what.

ps3. Biggest thanks to Melody, Tina and Kristina. Girls, I love you hard I hope you knew it already. ♥ Also, I met Melody 5 times this year, 4x in the last 3 months. This is getting to be a recurring thing. We need to start planning for 2012! XD

ps4. Sella and Jamie, we need to see each other more often!! MWK and/or Andy Skib show needs to happen!

ps5 .Brandi, Carolyn, Jeremy, Ashley and Robert. Nice to meet you all~ :)

ps6. #AllTheEmotions




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  1. Melody says:

    Cannot accurately flail with my thumbs on my iPhone but I do like how detailed our experience in the car was. And while I am veryveryvery sorry that I scared #AllThePassengers in the car – it all worked out! ;)


    Beautiful recap. I’m never writing one. Just saying.




    • naughtiest says:

      #AllTheScreaming in the car, including the terrified one, was one of my top moments from this trip, I loved how it all worked out~ ;)

      I miss spending time with you, hopefully we’ll get to do something like this again soon! ♥

      and write your recap please. just saying too.

  2. Tina says:


    I stand up and applaud your p.s. #2.

    This entire recap is LOVE. I love that I got to see your face again, I love that you got to see that Archie kid for the first time, I love that he totally stole your soul. He’s kind of a jerk like that.

    Your pictures are amazeballs. I can’t even with you. I wish we had 5 more shows to go to. I need more Sarachuleta in my life. I’m so glad that we got to experience the show in Anaheim right beside each other too. I wanted you to never let go of my hand because clearly we were having a concert-long ~moment.

    And then when he waved at us?? Dead.

    This trip was amazing. Our NDE will seal us together forever. My favorite experience of the entire trip was that morning on the pier. Funny how the unexpected, unplanned things can be the best.

    P.S. I totally should have printed out our photobooth with DA and given it to him in Beaver Creek. What better way to keep his heart warm for two years???? ;p


    • naughtiest says:

      and ILU ♥ I love everything that happened during our fantastic weekend together! I hope that jerk takes good care of my soul while he’s on his journey~ #AllOurSouls <3

      I also need more Tinachuleta in my life! You're so much fun to go to concerts with, your excitement is contagious. I love how we totally flailed together in Anaheim. Obviously need to do more of that in the future!

      NDE was the highlight of my trip that I can never tell my family or they'll chain me and never let me go to any concert ever again *lolz*

      Maybe we should go on a non-concert trip sometimes~ XD

  3. Megan says:

    Loved your recap. The photos were stunning – he is such a beautiful man.

    I AM SO JEALOUS I COULD NOT COME, but I am so excited you ladies had an amazing time.

    Merry Christmas and thank you so much for sharing.

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you so much! Totally wish you were there with us! I hope we’ll get to go together in the future. His concert is sooooooooo different than other concerts I’ve been to. So calm and relaxing but super intense. HA. Magic.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Adam too!

  4. Mônica says:

    WoW! Great pics from David Archuleta! He is sooooooooo cute, so sweet, so … ops I can´t find the right words hahaa…. he is perfect!

  5. TOfan says:

    eek, my comment disappeared… I know this is waaaay late but I just found your awesome recap last night, and your pictures, wow, amazing! Would it be okay if I posted this at snowangelzz [dot] com? If not, just say the word and I’ll take it down, just thought it was soooo great!

    • naughtiest says:

      thank you for your comment :) if you don’t mind, I’d rather have you link to this post, instead of copy and paste it on your website since there’s quite a few personal photos/stories here that I’d rather keep my post under my control. My apologies for the inconvenience, but I hope you understand. Thank you. :)

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