Switched to photoshop after struggling with concert recap. I have too many feelings it’s not even funny. D:


This photo was taken at The Grove Anaheim on 12/17/11, during O Holy Night. David Archuleta’s christmas concert was magical. ♥

Decided to go simple and textless this time. Also layered with weird color bokeh *lol* I kinda like how it turns out. :)

Comment is ♥

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  1. Lynne says:

    Wow! That picture is almost “Heavenly” looking! Sara, it was so nice to finally meet you at this concert! Sorry that I was a bit under the weather! Feeling much better today and spent the afternoon on the beach photographing two of my favorite subjects: my twelve and fifteen year old grandchildren – Khana (she was born in Japan, and thus given a Japanese name) and David, her younger brother! Yes, David, that’s right – we have a boatload of “David’s” in my family – named after our father : ) . I hope that your mother is recovering nicely from her surgery. Enjoy a beautiful Christmas! Hugs, ~L

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