A long fangirling report ahead, proceed at your own risk.

Please note that I don’t really understand Japanese, if you’re looking for a full-blown detailed report, wait for someone else instead LOL

Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! ^^


Run Time: 17 minutes


  • Overture

All lights dimmed and the music started blasting through the theatre. Spotlights finally shone brightly to the main stage. Guh, too bright! Tons of juniors came out, flailing around on and in front of the stage, then they gathered in the middle of the stage. Takki appeared behind the juniors wall.

The slings pulled him up while he started singing Ki·Se·Ki (never let go of this song, eh? XD), and I got a full view of him for the first time in this show. HOLY GOD *___* He was soooooooo GORGEOUS! With short spiky, dark blondish brown hair that could turn reddish under spotlight, and his fair skin..  ♥__♥

Perfect visual!

But the white shiny fluffy collar coat with golden patterns was a bit too much though LOL It made him looks like he’s back to his juniors year or something ^^; OMG kira kira! Even his rubber boots had diamonds/crystals on them! XD

The sling pulled him up from center stage (not very smoothly though, like it’s not easy to yank him up gently – you can see it on some WS clips) to meet with audience on the 2nd floor, then lowered back down to the main hall area.

1/4 – Takki touched some lucky fans’ hands.. I’d say either G or H or I row on the left side (when facing the stage – in case you’re hunting down tickets right now XD).

1/3 and 1/4, while being pulled backwards to the stage, Takki grabbed the front parts of his furry coat, and pulled them together so his legs (or maybe Romeo xD) wouldn’t be too exposed. The silly grin he had on his face was so adorable!

Eventually, he got back to the stage. Music ramped up. A couple of juniors came to release the slings, and hand him a tent-like banner with 「革命」logo on it. Takki got into position, fully expanded the tent-banner *bam* Then the main water display in the middle just pour down on him! *__*

Tono stood there for a few seconds, then kakkoii-ly (if this adverb existed LOL) slipped off through the back of the banner, two juniors came to take the banner poles and showed the banner to audience. Four other dancers came out in a rain poncho, dancing through the water display – aka getting themselves wet!

Confession: on 1/2 – my first show, I jumped in my seat when the water started pouring down, what if he got wet?! Yeah, silly, I know ^^”

  • Ai Kakumei

Takki ditched his fluffy collar coat, revealing even more sparkling outfit inside! XD Okay, I love Takki in white.. but tons of sparkling silver/crystals from head to toe was so very sparkly! Water display in this song was so pretty, especially when it opened and closed like a curtain, allowing him to walk from the back to the front part of the stage (or vice versa). The falling letters were really nice too!

The opening was pretty much like his performance in Countdown, plus the real beginning of the song (the ballad part), and minus flying through water (not yet! LOL) Takki went back behind the water curtain to walked up the stairs in the back.

At the end of this song, the water display opened for Takki to step through then closed after him (I love something like this, all about timing and precision). He did his conductor move (without the precious Ikanaide stick) which didn’t look as goofy as it was on MS when I first saw it.



LOL, well, I only liked the Latin portion of this song before I went to the show, but my bias got better of me once I watched it live XD Lots of furitsuke looked much better on stage, with the water display. Like when he robotic-ly moved his arm before the ‘I love you shake’ part , the water display shot up in synch with his moves, just like he controlled the notes, something like that. Hence, the baton-less conductor move was like he’s controlling the water too.

1/3 – the main water display in the middle wasn’t working throughout the show x_X It only shot up strings of water, but no curtains nor falling words/picture..

At the end of the song, Takki turned around and took off his sparkling jacket, showing us his back in white wife beater tank top with a few sparkling diamonds *faints* Dear lord, his back and biceps were so yummy!

  • Hatsu Uta

Takki greeted the audience while putting on a very pretty sleeveless black/red/gold Japanese-ish robe. He looked so good in it (I’ll probably say this all the time, don’t get bored just yet LOL).

Two lions (like in Chinese New Year lion dance) came on stage, along with a whole bunch of chibiko. Takki did a very cute move at them before climbing up their backs. One junior rapped while he sang – very annoying LOL

  • Medley ~ Mask tricks

*drums* One tiny junior started singing in a very kabuki-ish way which was really scary to me as it sounded like a funeral ^^” *adds shamisen* Takki put on the mask and a bright blue cloak to start off his mask tricks. Four white giant fabric came across in front of him, while he did sort of a hide-and-seek (and this was where I *think* he switched out to change) with a few masks behind his back for a bit.

1/4 was the first time I really noticed the rest of the stuff that’s going on around the stage. A big hoop were attached to a sling that was descended down from above the aisle area (about 6-7 rows in front of me) on each side. A pair of ABC members walked down each aisle, and positioned themselves in/on/around the hoop.

And I just realized that Goseki was on my side! ROFL! He’s the first ABC member I could remember when I first watched Dream Boy DVD almost 3 years ago! And the only reason I recognized him was because he was the one Takki turned to when Tsubasa showed up on stage during ODOD and he shook his head while smiling and dancing LOL Anyway, he looked pretty cute, especially when he smiled a lot while doing this acrobatic thing with the hoop. Wow, it took a lot of muscles and balance to keep the hoop stilled, GJ ABC!

After the hoop, a few sheer fabric tubes were dropped down from above, now it’s the dancer girls’ time to do the acrobatic.

Then, back to the stage, fake!Takki started the umbrella trick thing. The back of the stage changed to a simple set with multiple circles (holes). fake!Takki ran to one circle and the real!Takki came out the next circle in a split second in white coat with bright red with gold thunder design super wide legged pants – which looked like a secured version of hakama XD

Now, I was sure about the switch at the beginning of this mask changing scene. His rubber boots changed color from white to red and there’s no way he could have done that in 0.56 seconds! LOL

Anyway, a cool mask trick right here! The mask this time looked a bit different, like it’s more attached to his face for some reasons. And with a quick flick of his hand, it changed to a different color mask! *__* I love this one! he did that a few times, before coming down to play with lucky audience on the first row. Takki would stop and look at them, then with a flip of his hand, the mask changed! I would have had a ♥ attack had I sat there~ LOL

Takki came back up to the stage and did the last mask changing to reveal his own face *CLAPS CLAPS CLAPS* KAKKOIIIIII~~ XD

  • Futari no Yoru

Japanese style background music was playing when he took off the white long coat/cloak. He’s now wearing a white sleeveless T-shirt with gold lightning bolt and some sort of golden beads patches.


Then the intro for Futari no Yoru kicked in! OMG SO DAMN HOT!!! Takki’s dance moves were so kakkoii – yup, that robotic kinda moves of his! I loved how the music changed a bit towards the end. He climbed up the stairs on stage, and it was so cute because he had to grab a handful of his pants and pulled it up so he wouldn’t trip over! XD

Near the end of the song, he got on the top step while the stage opened and the staircases descended down. At the end of the song, he reached his hands up while the stairs completely lowered down the stage, until his hand disappear from the view…

-To be continued in ACT 1-

Oh boy, if it took me this long to write just the opening, how friggin’ long will it take me to get to Tsukeleton in Act 2?! x__X”

Anyway, feel free to fangirl!

Oh, and please do not repost any part of the above elsewhere.

Also, stay tune! LOL

Note: all photos are from Y!A m(_ _)m I’ll come back and edit them later once I get a chance to edit the screencaps or get my hands on real photos! XD

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4 Responses to [Takizawa Kakumei] Opening

  1. loonykat says:

    we just only hear the rap part today! XDD n azuki did’t like it either (*Azuki* I want someone to kill him for spoiling tono’s cute song!!!) XDD
    i’m cool with it cos my attention is all on him when he’ s on the lion back n he bending to each on them.. TAT PART IS SIMPLY DASHING!!!!! the 15th n 16th show is safe without the rap! XDD

  2. simone says:

    I enjoyed your detailed report, and look forward to reading the rest. Ganbatte, you can do it!!

  3. sannah says:

    Thanks for your detailed report……and nice pixs…….will wait for more. Ganbatte!

  4. naughtiest says:

    thank goodness Azuki didn’t jump up and try to go kill that junior by herself! LOL

    more to come….. I’m still working on it xD

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