December 14, 2011 | david cook, photo |

Behind every lucky shot, there’s a hilarious one~ XD

These were from Whiskey Roadhouse show, when DCook walked over to the front of the stage and was practically on top of me *lolz*  Like I mentioned in my recap that I didn’t really look at my camera LCD screen because he was too close, so I just pressed shutter and hope for the best.

The two shots on the left came out okay, but the one on the right was pure camera angle failed (but kinda lucky enough to get Monty in the shot! *lol*)

I love these shots so much. ♥


2 Responses to lucky-lucky-lolz

  1. Megan says:

    hahahaha, love it. I have a shot like that from the MWK show of Kyle through Tiemann-thighs.

    Being close has advantages~


  2. naughtiest says:

    awesome advantages of being too close for comfort! *lol* shots like this make my day~

    speaking of MWK, need their concert!

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