January 12, 2009 | et cetera |

The weatherman said it’s going to be warmer this week.

How come I wore a tank top, a long sleeve T-shirt, a long sleeve shirt and a wool sweater, along with a pair of pants, a pair of knee high socks, a pair of boots, a scarf, a beanie hat and a calf length coat to work today? -“-

The weatherman really can’t be trusted!

I heard that LJ might go kaput, is it true?

Thank goodness I was on a trip I forgot to buy a permanent account last month.

Ahh.. the news of Tsubasa going to Kakumei made my day ^^

btw, I need help finding a scan of Tsubasa’s side profile. Preferably the one that shows the left side of his face, but the other side is fine too. Must see pouty lips without hige. Closed eyes will be nice. It’d be perfect if he looks kinda Tsubasako or Tsu-chan too.

Any suggestion? ^^”


6 Responses to *coughs*

  1. nefretiri says:

    Hey hey happy new year!

    Are you serious? LJ is gonna go kaput??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………

    Haha I’m sure there’s a pic of Tsubasa the way you described it up there SOMEWHERE IN WINK UP, DUET, POTATO, MYOJO, POPOLO… but I’ve seen thousands of images in my head I can’t figure out WHEN XD hahaha if I ran into one and you’re still in need, I’ll be sure to pass it to you XD

    How are you btw? Long time no talk!

  2. loonykat says:

    am i thinking rite abt what u r going to do with Tsu’s side profile???!!!! XDDD
    I thought u r kidding ne~!!! XDDD I’ll help u after i’m back for the scan ok? XDDD

  3. naughtiest says:

    ROFL! Yes I guess it has to be in at least ONE ISSUE of THOSE MAGAZINES! XDD

    LJ is still alive, but my friend told me to back up everything just in case it has a heart attack LOL

    Any plan to Japan this year? Maybe we can meet there again! XD I just got back from a trip to Thailand, Laos, SG and Japan and, am sick like a dog right now along with wanting to go back to Japan again so badly LOL dang, this country is addictive!

    Happy belated New Year to you too! ;) I shall now go stalk your LJ LOL

    oh yeah, you got it right! I can spend days at a time when it comes to T&T and photoshop ..bwahahaa!! XDD

  4. nefretiri says:

    Ahhh I actually have no plans yet for Japan… I wanna go if there’s a concert! I actually have USA in my agenda for this year hahaha… east coast though!

    LOL you’re addicted to Japan (is that a side effect of Takki? haha)

    errrr what are u actually planning to do with tsubasa’s side profile? (now you got me curious hahaha)

  5. naughtiest says:

    I want to go to a concert too! Butai is brilliant but concert is much more fun and hyperactive! xD

    oooh east coast is sooooo far away from pacific northwest! haa..haaa.. I think Japan is our common ground~ LOL

    as for Tsubasa’s side profile, well, I was thinking about replacing the girl on Ai Kakumei single cover with Tsu’s face instead…*runs* XDD

  6. Stephi-chan says:

    LJ moved their headquarters to Russia I think…something like that and there were staff cutbacks. I doubt they’re comepletely dissappear…I’d die if they did. v__v

    I feel your pain about the cold. I live in South East Georgia and I had to dig out my winter coat. We’re not used to this! LOL

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