Legit dead forever. ♥

House of Blues
Chicago, IL

warning: crazy fangirl incoherent thoughts of the most epic DCook concert I’ve ever been to, a bunch of photos, very long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

On Devin’s side for my last show to wrap up this journey. Soooooooo glad Andy walked to center stage. I love a band banner!

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Where was I?

Oh, yes, Sunday morning, my flight landed at Midway. My ex-boyfriend picked me up and dropped me off at the hotel. I took a shower and passed out for the rest of the day *lolz* Woke up. Had sushi for dinner. Passed out again.

Monday. Woke up too late for breakfast. Had pastry for lunch, sushi for dinner. Slept for the most part of the day. Woke up to watch Pentatonix win The Sing-Off *throws confetti* before passing out again.

Yes, I pretty much holed up in the room because Chicago was too cold for me. I definitely did not want to get sick again yo! *lol*

A little backstory.

When I first decided to go to KC and Iowa for this trip, I didn’t think I’d make it to Chicago (even after my logical return on investment idea) until I talked to my XBF. I haven’t seen him in years so I figured why not (and it turned out to be the right decision to wrap up my trip in the windy city!).

Anyway. He bought us tickets to the show because he didn’t want me to go by myself. I wasn’t planning on doing VIP at Chicago because I knew he wasn’t a fan. But a couple weeks prior to this show, he called and said that he’s been listening to DCook songs and had all lyrics printed out so he could sing along. I was like, that’s it. I bought us VIP packages so he could experience the whole thing (again, turned out to be an awesome decision since Devin loves him (more to come on this~ *lolz*)).

So, Tuesday.

Carolina Liar was set to play their last show with DCook that night, but Chad tweeted that he had a family emergency so CL wouldn’t be playing. Legit panic and sad face. I loved watching them on stage, they’re so much fun.

Anyway, we took a cab to House of Blues to avoid parking issue. Chicago was ridiculously cold. Brrrrr~~~~ When we walked in, there’s a bunch of peeps there already, so we ran out and went to Subway instead. *lolz* Got back to HoB around 4:20pm, Andrew was just calling my name. You guys, I was totally impressed, he got my last name almost right! :D I raised my hand, he spotted me so he told his helper, HoB staff, Barry, where I was. Got VIP lanyards. Took some pictures here and there. Listened to Andrew talk, telling people rules and cracking jokes. :)


They soundchecked a series of covers. In the Meantime. Movin’Out. Dogman (← I hope it’s okay to mention this song now since he played it at NY show the other night). Slow Ride.

And now they’re ready! We walked upstairs to the venue area. DCook was in a red Kum & Go t-shirt. I was laughing so hard because I had no idea this gas station chain existed until 4 days ago when Megan told us about it! XD

XBF and I hung in the back on Devin’s side, didn’t want to get too close to the speakers, it was really loud. DCook kicked off this 2nd soundcheck with Take Me As I Am!!! OMG *flails* TMAIA was one of the two songs I haven’t heard live from this album (the other one was Hard to Believe~) so I was SUPER STOKED they played it. ^_______^ The band sounded awesome~

While they’re figuring out what to play next, Devin kept playing different riffs. DCook told us Andy just called him Miley in his in-ear.

DC: I cannot be tamed *name checks Miley’s drug of choice* I’m not getting involved 


Taking request. Someone asked for Pantera, Devin and Kyle got on it (Walk, I think?) right away! XD

Someone asked DCook to sing Happy Birthday for her. He asked who bought her gift(?), then said he was kidding.

DC: I sing, I dance, I make jokes


Requests all over the place as usual. Andy just started playing an intro to a song that sounded somewhat familiar, so familiar and I was like OMG, IT’S BITCH!! *FLAILS*


However, DCook couldn’t remember the whole lyrics, he was like:

I hate the world today, you’re so good to me I know but I can’t change
meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow…..

SOMEBODY SAVE ME. IT WAS TOO CUTE FOR MY POOR HEART!! ♥ Seriously, it’s more meows than lyrics *lolz* #MEOW~

The chorus part was my favorite. Hearing DCook sing this with my own ears? PRICELESS.

♪ I’m a bitch, I’m a lover
I’m a child, I’m a mother
I’m a sinner, I’m a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I’m your hell, I’m your dream
I’m nothing in between
You know you wouldn’t want it any other way~  

Jody came out from his corner on stage left and gestured us to cheer louder *lol* I LOVED THIS BITCHMEOW SO MUCH~! ♥

DCook was laughing at the end of this song.

Requests flying all over again. Someone asked for Freebird and they played it! DCook told the crew to pull it up on his teleprompter.

DC: Congratulations you’ve just been qualified to win a free iPad~ *lolz* oh  boy~

They started playing the song. Monty happened to say something to the backstage mic which set this crazy song off.

DCook told Monty to sing it. Monty, of course, refused. He waved Monty to come to the mic. We chanted for Monty. Monty didn’t move. DCook brought his whole mic stand to Monty’s usual spot. Monty said “it’s not gonna happen” and walked away. Monty sat down on Kyle’s drum platform. DCook adjusted the mic stand to point the mic at Monty. Monty said something and ran off the stage. All while the rest of the band was still playing Freebird.

*dies laughing* OMG SO ADORB. BOTH OF THEM!!!

Monty eventually came back to the stage after the song ended. DCook told him it’s about the consumers~ XD

DCook said they’d do one more. Tons of requests flying rapidly. One person asked for Permanent.

DC: Permanent? nah no. noooo. That song puts me in a bad head space. 



I’ve never ranted about anything before since I didn’t want to talk about people I didn’t know. But this one. THIS ONE HORRID REQUEST. Why the f*ck would you do that to him? WHY?! What did you want?! Everyone knew how much that song meant to him. Didn’t you see how he teared up when he sang it at AI8 finale?! Didn’t you care about how he would feel at all?! Why did you want to hurt him?! WHAT THE F*CK WAS WRONG WITH YOU?! UGHHHHHH!!!!!


Anyway, one dude saved the day by yelling “Time of My Life!!!!” *lolz* Everyone cheered.

He ended up doing another cover instead, it was an AWESOME surprise, but he said “don’t tweet about that” so I’m not gonna talk about it. :)

Running out of time, DCook told us to follow Andrew in the back.

AC: single file kids!! 

*lolz* Since we’re in the back, we happened to be the first in line to follow Andrew out. Photo location: the end of the hallway in front of a restroom entrance~ XD

Andrew said something about how he’s been letting people grabbing VIP goodies by themselves but it didn’t work out (ugh, I didn’t even want to speculate on what didn’t work out x_X”), so he’s going to hand them out while we’re waiting. He had a box of pick tins in one arm and a stack of photos in another and I didn’t think he could hand anything out without a free hand, so..

me: do you need help?
AC: hmm.. actually yes
me: *walks over*
AC: why don’t you take these *hands me the VIP photos* and hand them out to everyone, then come back to your spot
me: okay~

So, if you saw an awkward Asian girl passing out VIP photos at lightening speed, that’s me *lolz* There’s one person refused a photo, said she didn’t want it. Kinda weird, but I guess she didn’t want to carry it even when her friend offered to carry it for her? idk. Another person kinda shouted at Andrew really loud. I recognized her because she’s the one elbowing Megan all night in Austin. ^^”

Anyway, first in line. I walked in..

me: hi guys ^^”
AS: hi, I’m Andy, nice to meet you! *offers his hand*
me: *shakes his hand* OMG it’s so nice to meet you for the first time! *lolz*
AS: *laughs and gives me a hug*

I told them it’s my last show (all weirdness ended that night! *lol*) and asked if they could make goofy faces or whatever. They all said okay, so we posed for it, but Jody was having a problem with the camera..

Jody: *looks at me* you know about camera, don’t you?
me: umm, maybe? you need help?

So Andy and I went over to him, but we both failed at helping him with his camera settings *lol* I AM SO SORRY JODY! Well, it was a high end DSLR, like my sister’s 5D Mark II, I wasn’t that fancy yet. T__T *headdesks* But I was against flash photography with passion, so I was actually glad he couldn’t pop it up ^^”

Also, one of them mentioned Jody needed a tripod. *agrees so hard* XD

Andy and I went back in line, while waiting for Jody to snap a picture, I heard Monty..

MA: come on, I can only do this for so long! 

I didn’t realize what he meant until I saw the picture *lolz* CROSS-EYE MONTY, ILU!! ♥

I thanked them all for everything. Told them I’d miss seeing them on stage after that night. DCook gave me a huglift before I left. ♥

I stepped aside and saw PoppaCook standing right there, I smiled but didn’t approach him. I believed his family shouldn’t be bothered. That’s the rule. ^^

XBF went in and asked the band to sign his stack of lyrics. Monty made a face when he realized the page he got was “Come Back to Me”. *lolz* And by pure random luck, DCook got this page~ :)

DCook walked over to talk to his dad who stood behind me, when Jody informed him about a local acoustic act that HoB threw in for him. He told Jody that it’s fine as long as they kept it on schedule. I didn’t really pay attention to DCook for once *gasps* because my XBF was talking to Devin and it was awesome. XD

You wouldn’t believe how fast two guitar boys could bond. *lol* XBF was wearing a Dream Theater t-shirt (he just went to their concert a while back), under a fleece jacket and another jacket (it’s cold, I told you!). You could only see a glimpse of a letter M on his t-shirt, but when he walked in to talk to Devin..

DB: nice shirt!
XBF: haha, thanks!
DB: *signs the lyrics sheet*
XBF: *whispers* do you think you can cover Metallica “Seek and Destroy“?
DB: *pumps fist* love it! we could work on that, I’ll push for it!
XBF: *moves over to Kyle*
DB: how about “Battery“?
XBF: *laughs* that’ll work too

*lolz forever* These two, totally clicked right away. XD

btw, his VIP photo came out way cuter than mine, I love it! ♥

I’m so glad we did this VIP. XBF really enjoyed it. He said he’d do it again the next time DCook’s in Chicago, he even plotted how he wanted his picture taken already. XD

After that, Andrew told us to go downstairs to find Barry and he’d show us where to go line up for VIP early entry. Barry also checked our IDs and strapped a green wristband on for us.

While we’re waiting in line, XBF wanted to go out to smoke, so he went to ask Barry if it’s okay. Barry said yes and told him that he should go again 5 minutes prior to the show because once the show started he couldn’t go out and get back in *lolz* Thank you, Barry!

Also, I was thinking about which side of the stage we should be since it was really loud on stage left side. When I told XBF, he was like, DUH. DEVIN’S SIDE. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO ASK.

*lolz* Say Hello to your new fanboy, Devin Bronson! ♥

Before door time, the line moved from a hallway downstairs to be on the stairs, it’s interesting to see how the order of people in line changed. *scratches head* I was taking pictures of HoB decorations, while XBF spotted ACook carried a motherload of gift bags off to somewhere. A staff lady came to scan everyone’s ticket and after a while, we’re allowed into the concert area. XBF and I walked over to stage left, between DCook and DB spots. It’s gonna be a loud night~ :D

Checked my twitter while waiting and realized that one of my twitter friends was in the audience, thanks to Megan. We location-tweeted each other and did some lunatic waves as she’s on Andy’s side. Too bad we’re not close enough for a hug. Next time! :)

Sam Nicolosi kicked off the night for David Cook. OMG he’s so young. And really good with his guitar. I like a couple of his songs a lot. Though a few of them kinda sounded the same. Maybe because they were all acoustic?

Also, Sam was legit shaking. I could clearly see his left hand trembling when he adjusted his capo. XBF said both hands even. XD #SoPresh~ We were cheering him on, clapping along throughout his set! He enjoyed audience interaction! :)

(OT: some peeps next to me were so weird. They’re exchanging their life stories really loudly (aka: yelling at each other) during Sam’s set. My XBF was so annoyed by this. Then, when Sam’s done with each song, they would yell something like “good job! woohoo!” and laughed, which was even weirder, because they didn’t even listen to his song. Also, 2nd row person in that group was trying to sneak her way to the front. Ain’t gonna happen yo. At least I didn’t get elbowed. But my jeans were legit wet by all the beer they spilled. *rolls eyes*  That’s it for my OT.)

While the crew were setting up the stage, I noticed the setlist next to Devin’s mic (that he’d never used *lol*), and I was like: hmm, the fonts look smaller than usual and it’s actually look LONGER than usual. So, I took this picture ↓

and went OMG OMG OMG! when I saw it *lolz* So, I took another picture from the one next to DCook’s mic~ ↓


#$@)$&(!)@*#_!^!!! HOLY SH*T. 21 SONGS. THE LONGEST SETLIST EVER!!!! *____*

Not to mention that “new song” tease and Dogman. (which didn’t happen, btw *lol*)

No wonder he mentioned keeping it on schedule to Jody during M&G. At first, I was like, CL wasn’t playing, timing shouldn’t be any problem when HoB threw Sam in to open for him, but it all made sense after I saw this epic setlist! ♥

Legit shaking and crying and babbling nonsense at that point. XBF was confused when I told him about the setlist, he was like, so?!. *lol* I had to explain to him that we usually got 13-16 songs, 21 was freaking incredibly awesome! *bounces*

The lights went down and it’s the last time I’d get to hear “I said lights out!” on this tour! *screams*

Opening track to Circadian kicked in and the epic night began!

DC: Chicago, how the hell are ya?! 

btw, they had a smoke machine going at the beginning of the show, and I knew it would screw up my focus, NBD. *lol* #EvilMachine


He kept messing with his hair, tucking it behind his right ear. What a heart ninja. ♥

At the end of Circadian, they all turned around facing Kyle. Devin took a swig out of his wine bottle on top of the speaker *lol* while Kyle’s leading us into Kiss on the Neck!

DCook walked over to the front, demanding some loud noises~ *cheers*

KOTN was super hot! I was busy admiring Devin’s guitar work. *__*

DCook asked if we’re having a good time and told us to sing along if we knew the next part~


After KOTN, without a pause, they jumped into Heroes!

OT! OMG according to the setlist, HEROES was their NEW SONG. *lolz* It wasn’t on the setlist, but XBF was like, duh, it’s Heroes, they had to play it. Quite true. *lol* I’m still wondering what this new song could have been. :)

Devin had a problem with his telephone cable (or whatever you called it), so Jerry came out to replace it for him during the song.

And we got a Champagne Supernova insert too! *is getting high* ♪

all these heroes come and go-o-o~ 

Someone threw a driver cover on stage, it landed next to DCook’s feet so he just kicked it off. *lolz* A plastic bracelet was also flying on stage. Monty picked it up and put it on his bass.

Asked how everybody’s doing. Said it got a little crazy as they’re supposed to have Carolina Liar with them. I was worried about that family emergency until DCook told us that Chad was actually on his way to LA to be a dad! ♥ Awesome news!! *super loud cheers* He said since we all came out to make loud noises, we’re going to have a great time~ #HeckYeah!

And then we had a Swedish attack! XD Brian McFadden Johan was so good at sneaking up on DCook *lol* #DidHeJustNuzzleHisNeck?!

DCook said they’re going to play longer when Devin started playing “I’m Not Over” and the band followed! He was like uh oh..

And being DCook, he meowed along before singing the chorus verse. #SoAdorb!

Lots of Swedish hugs happened on stage. CL members were opening champagne bottles and distributing plastic cups, DCook took a swig from the bottle~

Rickard took the mic, said they’re sorry they couldn’t play that night, told us to enjoy DCook’s set.

Some fans yelled “YOU’RE HOT”  Indeed. Indeed. Rickard’s smile was so cute. And I figured Swedish peeps had no personal space *lolz*

DCook told Rickard to say something in Swedish. Rickard did and told us it meant “we love you all~” ♥

Johan gave DCook a cup of champagne, said he’s sorry but they had to do it. So they all toasted to Chad and the newborn and Chad’s wife. He chugged it and kicked his cup away *lol*

DC: it’s gonna be one of those shows~

DCook confirmed that they’re going to play more songs for us! YAY YAY YAY!!!

DC: we may throw some songs in, we make take some songs out, we don’t know! but be prepared to be here for a while! 

And now it’s time for The Last Goodbye! Kyle was leading us clapping during Devin’s opening~ I loved singing along to TLG, it’s sooooooo much fun! TLG usually kept me awake in the morning while driving to work. It’s like my caffeine shot or something *lolz*

Yoohoo Monty! :D

DC: this is going to be interesting, I got the champagne burps *chuckles* (← why so adorb?! ♥)

Thanked Sam for coming out and opening for him on a short notice. Told us to check Sam out, otherwise Devin would come to our doorsteps.

umm, DCook, that’s a bad sales pitch! I would be waiting for Devin and not checking Sam’s music out! *lolz*

Up next was Hard to Believe! THE SONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE THE ALBUM CAME OUT! *flails* In my album reaction post, I mentioned this song would be epic live with so many layers in the chorus. IT WAS AWESOME. ♥

Andy was on his piano, kicking HTB off. I loved how I could hear Andy soooooooo clearly during this song. OMG. I LOVED IT SO MUCH.

just stay with me~~~~

With HTB that night, I got to hear all 14 tracks from TLM! *flails forever*

DCook said he assumed that everybody knew the first cover of that night. Spacehog’s In the Meantime!

Love this shot! Wicked green stage light, but turned out to be a perfect contrast to his t-shirt!

And heart ninja was so awesome that night. The ending solo was crazy. Plus he smiled a lot too~ ♥

Moving on to the next song, Kyle gave us some drum intro to We Believe! I could never say no when DCook wanted to see hands in the air~ *claps claps*

I loved WE BELAVEEEEEE so much~ (nope that’s not a typo *lol*). And the bridge part was still my favorite, it’s awesome singing along to this London 2012 theme song! *ahem* NBC Olympics *ahem* ♪ oh, we believe~ ♥

And I had a thing for his in-ear *lol*

No time to catch my breath, we’re now cheering for Paper Heart! PH was super hot, their live performance was so kickawesome! My heart. MY HEART!

Forever needed better lights for Andy Skib~ ♥

Come Back to Me was next on the setlist. I missed Melody and her love for this cheesy song so much!

btw, CL members were on balcony on stage right, enjoying DCook’s set~ :)

DCook was sipping tea at this point. *lolz* I could not even with him. He looked at the setlist, then looked at Jody and said that he might add stuff (YAY!) or take stuff away (NOOOO!). He asked the band how they felt about Stockholm Syndrome. Setlist rearranged!

DC: Devin wants it. Okay! 

THANK YOU DEVIN!!! I LOVE THIS MUSE COVER SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH!!!! The band sounded friggin tight, it was amazebomb. DCook. His voice. HIS VOICE. When he sang all those high notes, it’s so creepy I loved it! *__*

Mini guitar action during Devin’s solo~


DCook sound-checked the audience, wanting us to go louder~ *cheers* He still had champagne burps. *lolz*

Up next: Right Here, With You! I love this Ryan Star/David Cook’s baby so much! It’s insanely fun during the concert.

Hi guys! ♥

They kept on killing us with another cover! Dogman was out, instead we got a NIN cover, The Hand That Feeds! *bounces*

Declared me dead. From high notes in Stockholm to his lower register whispering voice in THTF?! OMG WHY SO HOT?! *thuds*

I was screaming my head off by the end of the song *lol* DCook checked in on the audience, we’re still with you, sir!

He turned to Kyle and gave him a signal with 4 wiggling fingers. The next song was 4 Letter Word! Another super fun sing along song for concert! I LOVED IT!

13 songs in, the band was still going strong. DCook was in such high spirits. I loved his energy so much. We were all screaming and cheering really loud. ♥

DC: alright, if you guys don’t know this next song, then you just don’t listen to music and I don’t understand why you’re here. How’s that for an intro? #BestQuoteEver *lolz*

Devin or Jody must have said something to him because he turned to stage left and just laughed at the beginning of the song. :D

@#(!$&)@#&_@!!!! It’s Here I Go Again!!! *flails* I loved this song so effing much!! I kept stomping my hands against the railing nonstop. *lolz* #NeverLearned #PurpleFingerSoWhat? XD

♪ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time~ ♥

Hello again, Devin *__*

Devin tossed XBF his pick but XBF couldn’t catch it because I made him hold my camera. I AM SO SORRY! *headdesks*

DCook told us he’s proud of every song on the record but especially this next song because he wrote it with his good buddy Andy Skib here (…and NFT somewhere). Then he turned to Andy and said

DC: you’re alright, you know? I miss your musk(?). Maybe when all this is over, we could get an apartment together

*dies laughing* Andy totally cracked up. XD

Goodbye to the Girl was gorgeous. From start to finish. Everything about this song was fantastic. Andy’s piano. David’s voice. The band behind them. Forever favorite. Sing along so hard. Also, I could go on and on about how emo it made me. >__<~

♪ ..oh goodbye to the world..


At the end of GTTG. DCook turned to mouth “Mr. Sensitive” to Jody in control booth! YAY FOR AN EXTRA SONG!!!

DC: I’m adding another song

DCook, thank you thank you thank you!!! ♥

Fans were chanting “Adele! Adele! Adele!” but he was like: hotel? okay we can play Hotel California. We already did it anyway *lolz* I seriously didn’t know whether he really couldn’t hear it or he just wanted to mess with us. XD

DC: I wanna know how loud this room can get right now~ 

Please imagine a scremefest *lolz* And he was soooooo adorb, having so much fun pointing people out, bossing us to go louder and louder, while Kyle was leading us into the song. I could not with him sometimes. ♥ #HisSmileIsMyFavorite~

Mr. Sensitive exploded with super high energy. The band was totally killing it.

Towards the end of the song, someone started throwing stuff on stage again. I think it hit Andy’s piano and DCook went: uh oh during the song. I didn’t see what it was, but I saw Andy’s guitar tech, Kato, came to get rid of it. After the song ended, the throwing continued with some crumbled pieces of paper and glow in the dark bracelets (OT: I’ll never get people who throw stuff at them. It’s just so rude. D:)

DC: what the hell is being thrown on stage? You guys are picking shit out of your purse at this point? what are you doing? 

He teased about having black light pacifiers going around in the audience. And while he was talking, another flying object hit one of Kyle’s cymbals. This time it was one of those cheap necklaces. Okay, it was a WTF moment for me at that point. Come on, people! D: D: D:

DCook tried to laugh it off. Andy and Devin led us to the next song. Life on the Moon! Oh my angsty song! ♥

Hello Kyle! :D

LOTM was amazebomb that night! He changed his phrasing a little and I loved it! Towards the end of LOTM, some guy in front of stage right had to be lifted over the railing D: DCook came over to take a look at him so he didn’t finish the song. DCook also asked a few times if he’s alright.

DC: stay hydrated!  

Time to make some noise! He gave us an order. Move around. Touch people around us (with permission). It’s Bar-ba-sol!

BUT before we got a chance to start, someone (I assumed the same person) threw some junk on stage again and it’s a final WTF moment for DCook too.

DC: who the fuck keep throwing shit on stage, stop it. Knock it the fuck off. I’m telling you, the second you hit one of us in the face, I’m gonna get pissed, so knock it the fuck off.  

I screamed and applauded so hard. I loved that he wasn’t yelling at anyone but saying it in such pissed-off authority. We all cheered him for taking control and stopping this shit throwing business. Jody must have said something to him in his in-ear, because he looked over, shrugged and threw his water bottle away during BBS intro. He got his guitar on, took it off and put it back on again. Probably couldn’t decided whether or not he’d play during this song? idk.

Let’s count it off!!

BBS was totally on fire, it was awesome! Long distance guitar sex happened that night. Devin totally killed the solo. Then, he licked his guitar right in front of me I almost passed out. *__*

Heart ninja! Why are you like this?!

Oooh and we got about 3.9 seconds of real guitar sex too! XD

DCook thanked Chicago before they all left the stage. Fans were screaming all over HoB. I knew he’d come back to the stage for an encore but I wasn’t sure how many songs he would do considered the shenanigan a few minutes earlier, but DCook come back..

DC: *looks at setlist* okay, *to the crew* let’s do four. *to the crowd* we’re gonna do 4 more, you guys cool with that?


Light On was our first encore. Sing along soooo soooooo sooooooooo hard!

After LO, he got another mic stand. It’s time to Rock and Roll! I was totally addicted to how DCook counting this song off. Favorite! Favorite! The whole thing was super amazebomb! My heart was about to explode!!! ♥ Watching Devin’s guitar solo up close was a real treat! He’s amazing, you guys!

Also, this happened and I was like: awwwwwwww~~~ ♥

btw, Monty came to stage left so often that night. XBF told me that he actually came to drink Devin’s wine after he finished his beer and a bottle of champagne earlier in the show. Oh, it made sense now. *lolz* ILU Monty! ♥

Kyle’s drum solo of awesomeness!

DCook was off to stage left, getting his acoustic guitar on for the next song. Devin continued to be a heart ninja. He sat down on stage to appreciate Kyle killing the drums.

Devin went to join Kyle at his drums set, they had some convo that made Kyle smile. Finally Devin gave Kyle a thumb up and started his Whole Lotta Love teaser! OMG I LOVED THIS SO MUCH IT WAS SO INSANELY AMAZING I COULD NOT EVEN!!!

The band was all smiling and laughing at the end of R&R~

DCook came back on stage. The rest of the band left. Told us to give it up to the band. *loud cheers* I screamed so much I thought I was going to faint *lolz*

Cutest promo ever. Told us they’re having a video out for their current single right now.

DC: it’s a live footage, so if you like want you see tonight, go home and download the music video for this song, Fade Into Me~ and see all of this same shit 

Also teased about how much iTunes charged for MV now. $500? *lol*

My love for Fade Into Me was so intense since my first listen, I love it so much. ♥

Someone yelled “step away from the mic!” and I was like *rolls eyes* hello, he just sang TWENTY songs, I don’t even know how he still has any voice left but he does and you want him to go unplugged? ugh.  

Another person yelled “I love you David” and he said “love you back.” She totally freaked out. XD

FIM was soooooooo gorgeous even with some strain on his voice. It’s perfect. Audience sang along and cheered throughout the song.

The band came back on stage. DCook thanked the crowd for coming out, making noises and getting drunk on weeknight. *lol*  Thanked Carolina Liar for being on tour with them. Lots of love for the Swedish. ♥ Thanked Sam Nicolosi, gave him kudos for coming out on such short notice. Said he wouldn’t be able to do it . (← I highly doubt that, DCook~) Thanked HoB. Thanked family and friends. Thanked everyone in the audience.

And it’s time for the last song of the night, Rapid Eye Movement.

give me one more quiet night
‘fore this loud morning gets it right
and does me in

It definitely not a quiet night and it was effing amazebomb. REM was a perfect song to wrap up this epic concert!

At the end of REM..

DC said: Chicago, goodnight, thank you guys so much!


DCook took his guitar off and put it on the floor, before tossing out some picks. Kyle also gave away what’s left of his drumsticks. The lights went out. The crowd was still cheering after they left the stage. We stayed there through the outro of REM. I might tear up at some point, a tad emotional was acceptable considered the situation yo! *lol* The curtain finally dropped and the lights went back on. We tried to look for the pick that Devin tossed to XBF but couldn’t find it, so we left the venue.

It was an EPIC EPIC EPIC show and I couldn’t have wished for a better way to end my David Cook experience in 2011! Best decision ever to go to Chicago!

Almost two hours of amazing live music. TWENTY TWO SONGS. TEN from TLM *flails*, SEVEN from DCTR and FIVE friggin’ awesome covers. On top of soundchecks and banters and all drinks. David Cook just kept going on and on and on and I kept dropping dead throughout the night! The band sounded super tight and they’re so very into it. I love how they’re joking and laughing and having fun on stage together. INSANELY AWESOME!!

Took a cab back to the hotel and I was high for at least 5 hours after the show. It’s the best adrenaline rush ever. Took a shower, downloaded all photos to my laptop, drank 3 bottles of water, and dozed off at one point.

XBF came to pick me up and dropped me off at Midway around 6am, security check was smooth. Had a bottle of OJ for breakfast while waiting for boarding time. My throat was so sore from all the screaming *lol* Got on the plane, passed out before it took off as usual. Woke up in Seattle. Mom picked me up and 15 minutes later, we’re home.

And that concluded my David Cook journey in 2011!

ps1. DAVID COOK. Here you go, my fangirl heart. All yours. ♥

I can’t even with him. Even XBF said that you’ve got to admire his heart. DCook was under no obligation to perform all 21 songs on that setlist, much less 22 songs he actually did. The WTF incident was before BBS, the 18th song of the night. He left the stage after that. He didn’t have to come back and did 4 song encore, but he did. We could clearly hear some strain on his voice during Fade Into Me, song #21, but he kept marching on, singing his heart out, and kicked FIM and REM asses.

I love his heart. I love his dedication. I love him so much for giving it all out there on that stage. He gave everything he could that night and I had no words to express how amazing that experience was.

Like I said long ago, it’s no longer just a fangirling fun for me. I truly admire him.

I really do. ♥

ps2. I GOT TO SEE THEM PERFORM ALL FOURTEEN SONGS FROM THIS LOUD MORNING! *throws confetti* ♥ (granted that TINTLT during Houston soundcheck was a bit brokenly *lolz* but he did sing it yo!)

ps3. Speaking of soundcheck, it was definitely THE best part of the whole VIP deal. I mean, goodies, meeting the band, and having a photo taken with them were nice bonuses, but soundcheck was the real deal. And I enjoyed it soooooooooooo much. Sometimes DCook was super chatty and playful which made it super awesome, while sometimes he just went song#1 song#2 and done. *lol* I guess I was lucky in a way, we only got 1½ songs at my first soundcheck in Seattle, hence, every single soundcheck after that exceeded my non-existing expectation. XD

After we left the venue that night..

XBF:  I wish you could see your face
me: right now? super goofy? *on concert high*
XBF: no, during soundcheck
me: eh?
XBF: your smile, you looked SO happy, like really really happy

I didn’t realize that, but yes, I was really giddily happy. I know it’s ridiculous doing multiple VIPs, but each soundcheck gave me a unique memory that’s worth spending $75 for, I don’t regret any of them. ♥

ps4. Lessons learned. Smoke machine was evil. Using 2 cameras during a concert was a horrible idea *lol* totally screwed up my chronological orders which made writing recap so confusing! XD

ps5. Vacation is made perfect by spending quality time with friends. I wish we lived closer to each other so we could do crazy things together more often. Our bosses would probably hate us though. *lol* Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of this journey. I love you!

ps6. My XBF. He enjoyed this whole thing so much more than I expected, which made me so stoked. I’m glad he decided to go to a show with me since he observed and remembered a ton of stuff I missed. He said next time (YES, NEXT TIME *lol*), he’d be in the back so he could hear DCook better since we’re super close to speakers that night. Also he referred to Devin as Heart Ninja, need I say more? *lolz* DEVIN WAS LOOKING AT HIM ALL NIGHT, as he’s the only male dude in front of stage left who happened to ask for Metallica cover during M&G. *lol* It was so intense that XBF had to avert his eyes to look at David, Andy and even Kato instead. *dies laughing*

ps7. Life is short, you guys. I learned it the hardest way this year. So yeah, do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn’t physically and emotionally hurt anyone. I’m living my life and you should yours. Be considerate. Be respectful. Be happy. :)

ps8. I cannot wait to see David Archuleta for the first time this Friday! ♥

ps9. Last but not least, it took me a ridiculous amount of time to compose each recap (to the point that I’m thinking about stopping this recap series *lolz*), so THANK YOU for reading and (hopefully) enjoying my concert experience with me. If you consider making me happy by leaving a comment, thank you thank you! Otherwise, hello hello blog creepers! :)

Till we meet again. ♥





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25 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 15 – Chicago

  1. Skitty says:

    So happy for you to be at this show. And happy for me to read your recap. :)

  2. Lynne says:

    Oh, Sara . . . I don’t even know where to begin! You have brought each of your fantastic David Cook and the Anthemic concert experiences to all of us so lovingly . . . and to be allowed to take this amazing journey with you has been a delightful privilege!!! You are so enormously talented is so many ways – your sense of humor captivates – your photography . . . well, to quote you! “I Can’t Even” – you already know how spectacular I think it is! – Your pure “Delight” with life in general, is absolutely contagious . . . noticing the ***DETAILS*** – well, that’s a pure gift! And having the talent and desire to ***SHARE*** with all of us out here in cyberspace is simply a precious gift to each and everyone of us. I really want you to know just how much you are appreciated! You got a ~Truly Epic~ last “This Loud Tour” concert to wrap up in a beautiful bow for all of us, and you have done a spectacular job! I’m so happy for you! ***THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!***. . . REALLY!!! : )

    With Love and Lots of Hugs, ~Lynne T.

    • naughtiest says:

      aww *hugs* Thank you so much for always commenting and cheering me on. Blog readers like you makes writing recaps soooooo much more fun because I know I can share my experience with someone who GETS me, even when I go a little crazy *lol* So, THANK YOU! ♥

      And Happy Holidays! :)

  3. Megan says:

    Fans were chanting “Adele! Adele! Adele!” but he was like: hotel? okay we can play Hotel California. We already did it anyway *lolz* I seriously didn’t know whether he really couldn’t hear it or he just wanted to mess with us. XD



    So excited the last show of your ~journey was epic. Thank you again for sharing all of your beautiful photos and experiences with us. Lucky not only as fans to see your lovely photos, but that you’re such a wonderful friend too. So happy I got to share just a little piece of this with you. ♥.

    See you next tour??

    • naughtiest says:

      OMG MEGAN. If he did sing Adele, I’d still be in a coma in Chicago right now *lol*

      Thank you for being a truly awesome friend who shared special memories with me, and for always being there when I need you. I’m glad we met. And definitely next tour! He just needs to release concert dates for us to pick! HA!

      Miss you hard, girl ♥

  4. Tina says:

    Gah. I left a comment and cyberspace ate it :(( Lemme see if I remember it:


    Why are your recaps always so epic?? I have no idea how you remember all this detail but I’m so thankful for it. It feels like I was there!! I wish I had been there!!


    I can’t wait to see you on Friday! Oh, and that Archie guy too I guess. :)

    (this one better post!)

    • naughtiest says:

      *whacks cyberspace*

      TINA!! *lolz* Thank you! My crazy report is crazy. I wish you were there with me too! But I will be there with you this Friday for that Archie guy! OMG I CANNOT WAIT!

  5. Panu (aka XBF) (aka blog creeper, Numbers, Creepy IP) says:

    Great experience, great memory, great recap. Lots of fun. We sure will do it again on year 2013 2015 2017 2019 2021 2023 …..etc. Awesome.

  6. Love love LOVE this recap! I was at this show as well, and it is such fun reading your recap of the show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your humor, your flailing, and your amazing photography. I am in awe, especially the shadowy shot of Andy and the hands-on-guitar shot of David with the green background. **envious**

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

    • naughtiest says:

      I’m glad you get a kick out of this recap! It was a tough one to write since there’s sooooooo many things happened that night, not to mention my 2 cameras strategy that confused me to no end. *lol* Thank you so much! :)

  7. sophie_448 says:

    At least we got to wave like giant dorks at each other! I’m sorry we weren’t close enough for a hug too! If I’d known you were going to be there we could maybe have met up or something, but ANYWAY. We got to experience that EPICNESS. And really, what more could we ask for? LOOOOOVE YOUR PICTURES. GLORIOUS AS ALWAYS.

    LOL SO. Funny story. The girls who were throwing stuff? RIGHT BEHIND US. And the first things that they threw were pearl necklaces, btw. The one that landed at Andy’s feet broke, which was why it (thank goodness) got picked up so fast. I was legit concerned because hello safety hazard! But in any case, when Cook got all srs bzns “stop throwing shit” he MET MY EYES. I was just like paralyzed with terror, shaking my head like “It’s not me I swearz!” SO. TERRIBLE. God, those girls were awful though. They were just like SCREAMING along to everything including Goodbye to the Girl and I was srsly about to shank them. NBD.

    AGH ANDY SKIB THO. He is so mesmerizing. Sometimes I would forget to look at Cook because Andy’s presence was so radiant~

    I still can’t believe the set that we got. Like, whatever I was expecting from that show, it was SO MUCH MORE. :-D

    • naughtiest says:

      OMG I’d be soooooo terrified if he looked at me and thought I did it. I hope people around them actually pointed out the culprits though. Were they drunk? But that’s not an excuse. Too bad, the security guys didn’t just come and drag them out.

      ANDY SKIB. Radiant is a perfect description for him! Even my ex-boyfriend said he looked soooooooo good, especailly on that stage, like he has an aura or something. XD And I had the same issue with Devin! I kept looking at him and his hands all night *lolz*

      We got super lucky with this concert. I wouldn’t ask for anything better than this! ♥

      • A friend was standing near them as well, and said they were pretty drunk, leaving lots of drink cups on the floor. I agree, no excuse, I’m glad David took care of business.

      • sophie_448 says:

        Oh yeah, they were def drunk. It’s cool. It’s not the first or last time I’ll have to put up with rude drunk people at a show. There was too much awesome to be too worried about it :-)

        • naughtiest says:

          girls, the group next to me was fairly drunk too. I just don’t get people who go to concert to drink (and talk) -__-”

          and YAY again for awesome music we got to witness! :D

          • sophie_448 says:

            Yeah, I mean … sometimes a drink or two is helpful for dealing with a lot of people all up in my personal space, but I can’t imagine just getting trashed. If I like a band enough to go see them live, I’m going to want to be more or less … lucid ;-)

  8. Melody says:

    i love you so much. this was beautiful and perfect and so very YOU. :)

    see you on friday. :)

    Come Back to Me was next on the setlist. I missed Melody and her love for this cheesy song so much!

    i know you hate it, but i love it enough for both of us. ;)

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you girl, I wish you were there with me. #AsianDuo

      *lolz* and I didn’t hate CBTM, I just think it’s super cheesy! XD

      see you on Friday~ :)

  9. dee says:

    And one thing I started noticing several blog posts ago was how the way you’re telling stories is contagious! I *almost* want to include “I can’t even” or “amazeballs” or any other cute words you use in sentences that don’t even need them. Lol! It’s just too cute I can’t even! <– see?? :D

    Awesome recap, once again. And even more awesome pics! I love your camera! :P

    • naughtiest says:

      dude, it’s my camera that has photographic memory! I’m glad you’re in love with it *lol*

      I sometimes used those words in my work emails too, I think my boss is used to it already XD

      Thanks again! Glad you enjoy this recap! :)

  10. Karen says:

    Thanks for such an excellent and detailed recap! I was at this show too – and like you and your fanboy XBF on Devin’s side of the stage. I loved all your pics and I am amazed at your memory. Thanks for doing this and letting me re-live one of the more amazing concerts I have ever been too.

  11. mon says:

    Your recaps are so fun! It’s like I am right there at the concert. Looking forward to more of them! :)

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