Forever dead by extreme proximity.


Whiskey Roadhouse
Council Bluffs, IA

warning: silly fangirl incoherent thoughts (if a deep fried brain can still think, that is *lol*), quite a bit of photos with weird camera angle from a worm’s eye view *lolz*, very long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

Back on Andy’s side. Super close to the actions. Squint and you’ll see Kyle’s drumstick. Squint harder and you’ll see Kyle’s hair! It’s a band banner yo! XD

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Woke up at 6:20am to check in for my Sunday flight and went back to bed. I needed as much sleep as I could get to survive the next 24 hours!

We finally checked out around 11am, and went to Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue. OMG legit the best BBQ I’ve ever had, it was SOOOOOO INCREDIBLY GOOOOOOOD!!! And the cheesy corn was to die for! #Sinful!!!!

Thank goodness for all these meat because it was the only meal of the day for Melody and me! *lol*

After that, we said goodbye to Megan and Adam, they’re heading back to Houston. There’s a massive amount of hugs in front of Jack Stack. I missed them already!!!

MEGAN: please don’t say “see you at NYE”
me: *lolz* see you again soon! ♥

(I told Megan and Adam that I’d see them in KC at Thanksgiving when I was in Houston in October. And I did see them at Thanksgiving. So yeah. See you at NYE~ *lol*)

On the way to MCI to drop Shannon off…

MEL: have we named this car yet?
me: I don’t think so
MEL: OMG we need a name! *pauses* Josue, let’s call it Josue!
SHANNON: I know some kids with that name
me: what about our GPS lady?
MEL: Linda! Her name is Linda!
me: but there are two of them (when it reads street name, the GPS switches to another voice *lol*)
MEL: Lauren! Linda and Lauren!

*lolz* I love Melody. ♥

At MCI. We hugged Shannon goodbye and decided we should meet up on a quarterly basis from now on. *lol*


Once we hit I-29 N, it’s straight up all the way. Not a lot of cars on the freeway, saw a bunch of funny town/street names so I started tweeting nonsense like we’re detouring to South America (Amazonia) and finally arriving at Pacific Northwest (Oregon) XD Mel was following one car in particular for nearly an hour, we liked his speed *lol*

Melody loves the scenery of nothing but wheat farms, so I took a bunch of pictures for her. When DCook’s Light On came on the radio, we freaked out. Mel and I had issues, we couldn’t listen to DCook’s voice prior to the show. In Seattle, we listened to David Archuleta’s music in preparation for DCook’s concert *lol* When GDG’s Not Over You came on, we missed Megan so much. #BoomPregnant!

At some point, radio signal went crappy, we lost 3G signal, and cellphone signal in general. I couldn’t connect to the internet for over an hour. We’re in a middle of nowhere, which reminded me of Pullman so hard. *lol* We discussed a possibility of living in a farm out here and agreed that with the right “incentive”, it might be possible for us to become a farm girl. XD

We talked about so many things along the way, from music to books to movies to robot to landscape to how crazy we were. *lol*

After 2.5 hours of driving, we landed ourselves in Council Bluffs, a place we’d never thought we’d visit, ever. *lol* Decided to stop by a gas station before hitting the casino. Good thinking, filling up gas at midnight didn’t sound like a great idea. *lol* Got off the car, YIKES, why was it soooooooooooo cold?! Brrrrrrr……

Five minutes later, we arrived at the Horseshoe Casino. We parked at the lot, got off the car and almost got blown away. OMG WINDY AND FREEZING. x__X” Melody and I shakily walked to the casino, got carded at the entrance, wandered around to find the Whiskey Roadhouse. Soundcheck in progress!

Saw Andrew setting up merch table so we went to ask him about VIP process for that night.

me: Andrew!
AC: Hey you guys! *gives us high fives*
me: how’s it going?
AC: it’s okay
me: hangover?
AC: a little bit *chuckles*
us: *lolz*
MEL: we’re wondering where the VIP line will be, do we have to wait outside (in the cold)?
AC: oh no, it’ll be right here (in front of the venue)

Melody and I were discussing valeting our car so we could get rid of our jackets since it’s warm in the casino and would be super hot during the concert. Plus we wouldn’t have to walk far after the show.

AC: *nods along* you guys should be fine, but if it’s too cold when you leave, it’s Monty’s fault
us: *lolz*

Before we left, I asked Andrew how many VIPers, he said 56 but it’d be less since the VIP email that ground(ctrl) sent out didn’t mention that it’s 21+ show.

AC: so I will have to be a jerk and turn people away
me: nah, you’re not, we’re rooting for you! *lol*

Andrew told us it’d be different for him since the merch table was actually outside the venue. He also pointed out someone who was wearing the same outfits from the previous night at KC show. Mel told him he had amazing memory, and Andrew was like “nah, it’s not that hard” *lolz* We thanked Andrew and left. Mel and I braced ourselves and walked back to the car. COUNCIL BLUFFS. WHY SO COLD?! x__X” Finally, we left Josue in the hands of Mr. Valet and ran back inside the casino. Got carded again. Walked around the casino, I had a nonstop coughing fit due to all smoke in the air. D:  We found some unoccupied slot machines to sit down and wait for the check in time.

When we walked back to the Whiskey Roadhouse, a bunch of fans were there already. Andrew was walking down the line, handing out the VIP lanyards. When he saw me..

AC: YOU! *flips through the list to find my long last name*
me: *lol* no no, I’m not even on the list!! XD
MEL: *lol* it’d be under my name! *tells him her name*
AC: oh, that’s not as fun!
us: *lolz*

After that, Andrew gave a speech about absolutely no camera since they had people taking pictures the night before in KC. He told us that if it happened again, he’d kick whoever it was out, not just out of the soundcheck, but kicking that person out of the show! (← heck yes! *applauds*)

AC: please don’t make me do that

btw, sorry DCook, ACook forgot rule #9 about no kissing again! *lol*

A few minutes later, we were allowed inside the venue. Melody and I were towards the back of the line. There’s a big “NO SMOKING” sign at the door, YAY for (kinda) fresh air!!! Once we’re in, I stopped dead in my tracks. Mel and I looked at each other and we went something like this..


*lolz* Whiskey Roadhouse was TINY. TINY. TINY! And the stage was SUPER TINY!!! Plus when we walked in, there were tables and bar stools all over the place, making the floor looked even smaller! XD

Most people went straight to the front of the stage. We hung out in the back so we could see the whole stage. After adjusting sounds for a while, DCook jumped into the first song. Stockholm Syndrome! DCook sounded great, but that’s nothing new. *lol* What’s new was some extreme feedbacks from speakers. *ouch*

After the song, DCook asked how everybody was doing. He told us he didn’t have a great day..

DC: I had a 20 hand and the dealer drew a blackjack, three times in a row ^^”

(OT: according to my stat professors, BJ is the hardest game to win. You have a much better chance with Crap. He even took us through a crap game simulation in class, teaching us the rules and everything~ *lol*)

He said he’d try to win the money back but they might end up having no gas money for the next day *lolz*

I couldn’t remember what else he said. I recalled Devin played some random riffs that I couldn’t quite catch what song they were from. DCook asked what else he could do and Devin kept playing different riffs while they tried to work out the feedback issues.

DCook was noodling on his guitar, playing random chords. Then he stopped. And started singing the opening verse of Time Marches On.


Time Marches On was the song I wanted to hear the most on this trip. Melody knew it as she turned to me right away and held me.

*sighs* I was never one who’s good at dealing with loss, and with a major loss I was forced to face this year, I completely refused to deal with it besides acting normal during the day and crying every night for months. Everything about Time Marches On just hit me hard in the forehead. I love this song so much.

And he sang it. During this soundcheck. His voice was so powerful it hurt. All I could do was cover my mouth with my hand and silently weep.


Thank goodness I didn’t wear any makeup or I’d have panda eyes for the rest of the night! *lolz*

The end of this soundcheck was just a blur. I believed feedbacks continued to be problematic. They’re talking to venue peeps in the back. Eventually, someone said as soon as we cleared out the room, they’d get on to it (or something along that line).

DCook told us to follow Andrew out for the VIP. We walked to the entrance area and was led to the room next to the bar/GA area. The room was decorated nicely with random paintings that Melody adored so much *lol* There were about 15-20 people in front of us.While we were waiting, Andrew was walking around, organizing stuff. He put a box of pick tins and a stack of autographed photo on a chair next to Jody who’d be taking picture and told everyone to grab one of each before we left.

Peeps asked ACook about VIP entry, so he went to find out, came back and walked to each section of the line to tell us that once we’re done with the VIP, we had to go out and there’d be a line for VIP priority entry. While he was walking to the section next to us, one person took a picture of him. With flash. In his face. o__O” I could tell Andrew wasn’t pleased, but he handled it well enough.

AC: *looks at that person disapprovingly*
That person: oh come on (or something to that effect)
AC: you just put that right up in my face *walks to the next portion of the line*

(OT: well, I can understand creepily taking pictures because I do that too sometimes to test my camera settings, but my flash is ALWAYS off, because I know how disturbing it can be. HENCE, taking a picture of someone at super close range with flash without permission and/or warning? That’s pretty rude in my book. D:)

I felt bad for Andrew. I wish people would treat him with more respect. The fact that he’s the little brother didn’t give people any right to treat him rudely. Not to mention, he’s a part of the crew now. I haven’t seen anyone talk harshly to Wade so why did people do it to Andrew? I just don’t get it. *grumbles* -__-”


Melody went in first. She asked them to sign her ticket, and since there’re 5 of them, not just DCook, she also told them to sign small XD

When it’s my turn, it was kind of a blur, all I could remember was Andy and Devin at the end of the line. *lol*

AS: it’s you again! *grins*
me: *lolz* yeah, it’s me, are you sick? (← I asked because he looked cold and sounded slightly nasal during soundcheck)
AS: *chuckles* no I am not *gives me a hug*
me: *looks at Devin* and you..
DB: *laughs* I’m the strongest person in the world~ *gives me a hug*

We took our picture. I didn’t really have anything to say because my brain was still messed up by TMO, so I just looked at DCook and thanked him. He gave me a huglift and I thanked him again, gathered our VIP goodies and left.

When we walked outside, I was surprised there’s only 5 people in VIP line in front of us. HEH. So we got in line and sat down on the floor. Waiting. After a while, the box office opened, Mel went to pick up our tickets which took forever for some reasons. Oh, and Whiskey Firehouse had cuter t-shirts than DCook’s *lolz*

6:30pm, door opened, ticket scanned, we walked to the front of stage right and got a spot there. I was touching the stage. Melody and I looked at each other and freaked out.

me: too close for comfort
MEL: Sara, I’m scared
me: I know, me too
MEL: so much of a plan to be in the back tonight *lolz*
me: umm.. I’m sorry about your life ^^”
MEL: no I love it, I actually knew it from the beginning when I saw the venue that we wouldn’t be in the back
me: *lolz* I love you ♥

Melody opted to stand behind me instead of next to me since it was too close to the stage already. ^^” I sneaked out to get some t-shirts. It’s Mel’s last show so we decided to do a postshow M&G here. :) While I was talking to Andrew at the merch table, Andrew saw a fan walked by..

AC: hey, nice shirt!
me: *turns around and sees a fan in “I ♥ DAVID ARCHULETA” t-shirt* OMG that’s perfect for this concert! *lolz*
AC: *chuckles*

I got us a few bottles of water and got back to my spot. Mel already knew everyone around her *lol* It’s still an hour to showtime so we both sat down and dozed off. Or meditated. Same thing. XD

Also, a control box on center stage made me smile. :)

The place was filling up. There’s a lot of male population that night, I guess because it’s a bar, idk, but it’s awesome!

Carolina Liar took the stage and I was like HOLY SH*T. THIS IS TOO FRIGGIN’ CLOSE!!!  *__*

btw, their setlist was made of crack *lolz* I saw it prior to the show and couldn’t stop giggling. XD

Carolina Liar was amazing! Their energy level was super high and the crowd were feeding off of that! I LOVE IT!! We were singing along hardcore from the beginning!!

As I said, I was literally on the stage. When Rickard walked to the front of the stage, I almost died. I couldn’t stand straight BECAUSE IT WAS TOO CLOSE. He was RIGHT THERE. IN MY FACE. I had to lean back into Melody who kept chanting “omg omg omg” to avoid head-butting his guitar!! XD

The first time he came this close, I left my camera on the edge of the stage, he almost stepped on it *lol* After he went back to his spot, he sent me a silent apology. Apology accepted, sir! :)

The second time was towards the end of I’m Not Over. I needed a better way to deal with this closeness as I almost fainted. *lolz forever*

This dude really killed me. I may or may not need another post for just Rickard. He’s ridiculous. ♥ I caught his eyes a million times that night. Yeah, we’re that close. *lol*

I love CL, it’s soooooo much fun watching them in action! ♥

CL left the stage. The crew came back to set up for DCook. Mel and I were freaking out. *lolz* #TotallyNormal  Took a picture of a setlist so Mel could prepare to take video of her favorite song. Took a picture of Andy’s pedaltrain, thought it was ridiculous until I turned to the right and saw Devin’s ginormous one. *lolz*

After a while, the lights went out. SHOWTIME! ♥

They all walked out from stage left. Andy went straight to the piano and he was like a silhouette RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME *faints* Intro to Circadian kicked in. DCook made a comment to peeps at the bar prior to his first verse, something about getting drunk.

Hi guys! ♥

Circadian was amazebomb! I could see them so clearly and hear them so clearly (it was really loud btw *lol*) and feel the energy of their music in the air. IT WAS RIDICULOUSLY GLORIOUS. Not to mention I was so close to the stage, to Andy, to Monty to DCook, and even to Kyle and to Devin. And to the teleprompter. I could read stuff on the teleprompter. EVERYTHING WAS SOOOOOOOOOO CLOSE I COULD NOT EVEN. *__*


DC: how the hell are you? 

I love Circadian. Every time I heard it live, it felt all new to me. It’s a fantastic feeling. ♥ The energy of this song was insane. What a perfect opening!

Again, the outro of Circadian morphed into the intro of Heroes I love this arrangement! Like I said before, I had the best case of adrenaline rush from this song~ *lol*

Hello Andy and Monty! :D I love seeing Andy singing~ And catching Andy’s eyes during Heroes while singing along hardcore was so much fun!

OMG Champagne Supernova snippet! YAY!!!  DCook also gave a shout out to a baccarat table outside *lol*

Love this shot a lot for some reasons, ↓ kinda wished the mic stand turned about 20° clockwise so I could see the picks better. *lol*

where were you when we were getting high~ ♥

No time to breathe, we’re moving on to Mr. Sensitive! I tossed my camera on the stage so I could clap along with the intro! (“swell intro”, according to the setlist)

Hello, heart ninja! ♥ He dressed up that night and I liked it a lot~ :D

The band rocked Mr. Sensitive so hard, oh boy, seeing it up close added 10x energy to this performance, my heart was exploding!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

DC thanked the crowd. Someone in the audience had a poster saying that it’s her 5th DCook concert. (← I saw it at postshow M&G)

DC: this is your 5th concert, huh? did you get a punch card at your first and now you get a free stuff *chuckles*

That fan blew him a kiss and he was like: I cannot be wooed that easily~

Asked how everybody was doing. Said he saw people with drinks, if it was his old bar gig before idol stuff, “before these damn cameras showed up“, he wouldn’t be able to say his name by now.

I think he loved raw bar atmosphere as he’s pretty chatty that night, like he’s having a good buzz. A few extra beers prior to showtime, maybe? ;)

(OT: I legit turned off my camera for a while because of his comment. ^^”  I know he always wants people to enjoy live music experience to the max, which I always do, but I also take pictures along the way while I’m singing along hardcore so I’m somewhat guilty for that. But photos help me remember specific things… x__X” *headdesks*)

Moving on to Kiss on the Neck! The first part of the intro before guitar riff sounded different. KOTN was crazy fun, I love it so much!

HOLA Hotel California! ♥

DC: make some damn noise!

*screams my head off*

At the end of KOTN: if anybody playing roulette can hear me, put the max bet on 1! *laughs*

Oh how I wish the stage was in the middle of the casino instead of in a bar, he’s flippin’ hilarious and having a good time!

Andy started off the next song, it’s The Last Goodbye! My morning drive bobblehead song! Sing along so hard! Gotta loved how it sounded so different from the record, the way he sang some words/phrases. #MagicOfLiveConcert!

I love the epic WHOA WHOA WHOA~~~


The magic continued with Paper Heart!

I adored this “end on E” for Paper Heart a lot!

Come Back to Me(lody) time! ♥

Random shot is random! ↓ Happened to be my fav shot too! #HaveAThingForHands #NFTsHandsAreStillMyFavTho ^^”

And my favorite~

DC: when you find you, WHAT?!
us: COME BACK TO ME!!!!!!

The ending note was glorious~

We were cheering really loud. He grabbed a bottle of Miller Lite and gave a speech *lolz* DCook thanked the crowd for coming out and hanging out with the band.

DC: I just said Y’all and alright. Live at the Whiskey Roadhouse~ (← the way he said it was so cute!)

The crowd was screaming at everything he said. So DCook asked why we cheered for these stuff. It made him feel like he could say anything. Then he started throwing words like: blackjack, leather jacket (after looking at Andy) and bacon (per Devin’s suggestion) and we cheered for everything. Yeah. Nutso. But it was fun! *lol*

Intro to I Did It For You kicked in. *bounces*

Hi Andy! #StillNeedsBetterLightsForAndy!!!


And my favorite part, when he sang the last verse: ♪ I DID IT FOR YOU, ONE TWO THREE!!

ENDING SOLO WAS MADE OF WIN. Andy and Monty went nuts in front of Kyle. Devin’s guitar solo was insanely insane. DCook walked over to stage left then came back to stage right.


He was right in front of me. LEGIT. RIGHT. ABOVE. ME. *thuds*

I couldn’t stand straight again or his guitar would knock me out, so I leaned back into Melody who’s my life support. A lot of hands were reaching for him and I made a point of keeping all body parts to myself. *lolz*

And this one was a PURE LUCKY SHOT because I didn’t even look at my screen when I took it. #PointAndShoot DCook was so close and I couldn’t lean back anymore and let’s be real, I was busy looking AT HIM right in front of my eyes, not at my camera. It’s a miracle already that I didn’t drop it *lol*

After that, he went back to center stage, taking off his guitar, prepping for the next song. I was stomping my hands on the stage really hard nonstop, screaming my head off. Totally lost it. *lol* He took a look at this crazy Asian and smiled.


I could not even with him.


DCook said they’re going to slow things down for one song. Asked how many people have the new record (ME ME ME ME ME!! *lolz* I gave most of them away as gifts though XD). Told us this song is his favorite from the new record. Goodbye to the Girl!!

OH. MY. HEART. *__*  Andy Skib on piano right in front of me. *faints*

And this dude. And his voice. And how he slaughtered me during this beautiful gut-wrenching song. It was amazing! ♥

I wondered how many times I could die in one night?! *thuds thuds*

Picking myself up from the floor. DCook got his guitar back and said that as soon as they saw the venue, they knew this was the song they had to play *lolz* #MakeSense!

Major mood swing time, it’s Here I Go Again!!! YAY it’s my first time hearing this song live so I was super stoked! *bounces*

Hi Kyle!! *lolz*

♪ I’m just another heart in need of rescue~ ♥

Here I Go Again was awesome. AWESOME. The band totally killed it. I loved clapping and singing along so much and I repeatedly stomped my hands on stage like I was playing drums or something. *lolz* It was SO MUCH FUN!!! Lots and lots of cheering and screaming.

DC sound-checked the crowd in each room, at the bar and also peeps in the casino *lolz* while Devin took a swig from a scotch bottle on stage. XD

DC: I’ve got you all in the palm of my hands~ *chuckles* (← why so adorb DCook?!)

No time to pause, Bar-ba-sol was on! Time for everyone to count it off


Oh my. OH. MY. HEART. BBS was so damn hot! DCook was totally in control. I was singing along so hard until the guitar sex part. HE WALKED OVER TO STAGE RIGHT. AGAIN.

AND I DIED. AGAIN. *thuds* #NoChanceOfSurvival

Without Melody behind my back, I’d be on the floor with no chance of getting back up ever again. *lol* Oh, and Devin might have licked his guitar at one point too. My brain was overloaded I could not even!!! GAH! *__*

DC: you guys are incredible thank you so much


Andy went back to his piano, it’s Light On! I LOVE SINGING ALONG TO LIGHT ON SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH! His glory note was glorious! Crowd sang along really loud too, it’s awesome!

My experimental shot. ↓ Placed my camera on the stage and just pressed the shutter *lolz* #ArtisticArtistic ;)

DCook switched to his acoustic guitar while the band left to the side stage. He said that normally they’d walk off stage and hopefully we’d have them back so he could play his new single *lolz*

DUDE. You could come back and play the whole show all over again and no one would complain except for the venue peeps, maybe. ♥

Anyway, he said screw the encore, he’d just stay on stage with us. Also said if we’re loud, he might play an extra song! YAY!!! Said the band’s pissed off at him now cause they didn’t even know what song to play yet *lolz*

DC: we’re gonna play.. by we, I mean me. I’m gonna play our new single right now, is that cool with you guys? (← soooooo adorb)

Fade Into Me was gorgeous. Audience sang along really loud, especially when the mic went out for a few seconds. BTW, I think it was the chattiest FIM ever, he chuckled, he talked, he laughed, he made comment during the song. It’s perfect! ♥

Alright, now the band was back on stage, DC looked at Devin and decided on Stockholm Syndrome! YAY!!!!!!! I LOVE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME SO HARD!!!! This song required hard hand-stomping on stage!! DEVIN’S GUITAR WAS INSANE. GAH!!!!!

Andy also rocked it out so hard! ♥

Gave a shout out to Carolina Liar and the band. Thanked Whiskey Roadhouse and the casino for having them. Told us to go gamble and made some money *lolz*

Rapid Eye Movement was the last song! I love love love this song. I loved its melody. I loved how it built up. I loved seeing the band rock it so hard. I loved seeing Andy sing. I loved hearing DCook’s voice soar. I loved singing along with everything we had left. I LOVED IT. ♥

REM also made me want to cry. #EmoForever Not that it was the last song and the concert was about to end (well, that too) but every time I heard it, I transported back to the VERY FIRST TIME I heard on AOL streaming and went completely OMG GENIUS MINDF*CK. *lolz*

At the end of REM..

DC said: Council Bluffs, thank you guys so much!


The crowd was still cheering after they left the stage. It was an incredible show and I couldn’t have been in a better spot.

Melody and I were both like: HOLY. LEGIT BEST SHOW EVER. Like seriously. BEST. SHOW. EVER. I know I said it every time I went to his show, but it got better and better every time!!

Mel got a drumstick (or more like 2/3 of it *lol*) from Kyle, she was so happy Kyle didn’t hate her (for attempting to give him a piggyback ride in Houston XD), what a blessing, she’s definitely going to heaven~ *lolz*

Andrew told us to go wait outside the venue for postshow M&G. After they clearing the place out, we were led back inside again to the room where we did the preshow VIP earlier. Jody was there to take picture for us.

While we were waiting in line, I noticed my left middle finger was swelling and rapidly turning purple. *lol* Almost had a panic moment as it hurt a lot, but at least I could move my finger so it wasn’t broken. Mel took a look at it and tried to stretch my finger in and out to make sure that it was okay.

Stomping my hands on stage might not be a brilliant idea after all. (← but it was so much fun!! worth the pain!! no regret!! #Hardcore *lolz*)

Taking pictures of Melody with random paintings on the wall, a guy before us suggested that she should take it home with her, he also told us pick the small one so no one would notice. XD He’s hilarious~

When it’s our turn, Melody told Dave that this was her last show as she couldn’t attend his 12/10 show in Vegas because she’d be in Cedar City for David Archuleta.

DC: what the fuck?


Mel told him that she did buy ticket to support him and she’s going to give her ticket to a friend. He told her to have her friend wear the bear hat (that Mel wore to KC show) so he knew it was her. Awwww ♥

He also told Mel to say Hi to Archie for him as he wouldn’t be able to make it to Archie’s show. :)

When it’s my turn, I handed my camera to Jody and said Hi to him, he seemed surprised I remembered his name *lol* then I walked to Dave and he threw me off by asking…

DC: *in cute accusing voice* are you gonna skip December 10th show in Vegas for Archie’s show too?!
ME:  *lolz forever* nope, I couldn’t even make it to Vegas that weekend, don’t ~worry XD
DC: *chuckles*

Totally forgot to tell him the fact that I’d be going to David Archuleta show on 12/16 in Ventura instead, dang it! *lol*

(btw, DCook, first, I’m not living in LV, second, I have a job yo! *lol*)

We took our picture. Then Dave told Jody to take another one and he smiled big for the 2nd shot! OMG He did remember the KC VIP where I bugged him for a big smile! :D

DCook, why are you like this?! ♥

I asked him to sign my VIP badge. He signed it twice in both black and silver. Said it’s like kindergarten, writing things on top of the previous one. XD

I thanked him for the night and before I left, he gave me a hug. I told him I was driving back to KC that night so he turned a hug into a giant huglift and shook me for like 5 seconds, probably to make sure that I was awake enough to drive, idek. *lolz* I was laughing so hard by the time he let me down.

I thanked him again before fleeing the scene.

Melody and I were so giddy and excited about this concert, we were like, legit, best show ever, legit, the best, over and over. As soon as we stepped outside Whiskey Roadhouse, I spotted Devin walking all by himself. Since I was still on concert high (← a perfect excuse *lol*), I literally jumped in front of him.

me: DEVIN! :D
DB: hi~ *gives me and Mel a hug*
me: you’re AMAZING tonight!
DB: oh thank you, it was fun!
me: it was awesome!
MEL: we love you!
DB: *smiles more*
me: is it okay if we take a picture with you?
DB: *smiles* absolutely!

So I got a picture with Devin. He’s so skinny, his waistline was probably smaller than mine I should be depressed. XD (I think, after KC show, either Megan or Melody said she wanted to feed him more food *lolz*)


Melody also got a picture with him. We thanked him again and before we left..

DB: see you again soon *smiles*

Nope, I didn’t tell him about Chicago. It’s gonna be an ambush! XD

We were walking around the casino, trying to calm down from the high. Melody was reporting her DCook WTF encounter on Twitter, while I saw Monty at a blackjack table, probably trying to win DCook’s money back. *lol* Less than 12 seconds later, I saw Rickard at another table that looked like a Crap table but was not. confused? Sorry, don’t gamble, don’t know the games *lol*. Anyway, he was bending over and his pants were like 1/3 falling off his butt, so yeah, kinda saw 24.3% of his boxers, unintentionally. *averts my gaze* ^^”

Looked around and saw Devin being surrounded by a bunch of fans now. I love our perfect timing earlier! ♥

We went to valet/coat check counter to get our car. Best decision ever to valet Josue. We might die or got blown away if we had to walk out to the parking lot, it was super windy and freeeeeeeezing. Brrrrr~

Set Linda to lead us back to Hertz Rental at MCI. OMG I WAS DRIVING FROM COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA TO KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI AFTER MIDNIGHT. *lolz* Yet, another thing I’d never thought I’d be doing! XD

I was still high from the concert so driving wasn’t any problem. Melody once told me that it took me a ridiculously long time to come back from each concert high. She was right. *lol*

The trip was smooth since it was I-29 S all the way. There’s a few windy spots that I could feel Josue skidding a little. Other than that, I got the whole freeway to myself most of the time!

We talked about everything we could think of. Mel did an excellent job keeping me engaged. My favorite topic was about a certain robot that had emotions, how it came into life, how it had all sorts of feelings, and how its main power source failed at the end. So angsty. ♥

Also. A unicorn and a dragon. *lol*

We also listed out our favorite stories and favorite writers and recommended readings. So much fun!

2+ hours later, Linda started talking to us again (freaked me out a little *lol*). We stopped at a gas station before dropping off Josue at Hertz rental (so creepy and cold in the middle of the night), and caught a shuttle back to MCI. I was grateful the shuttle bus ran 24/7. It was a little after 3am, Southwest kiosk was still closed, so we found a place to sit down and charge our phone. Eventually dozed off around 4am. Melody woke me up a little before 5am to go print my boarding pass. Security check was fast. We went to my gate since my flight would leave first. I zoned out every 5 minutes or so. *lol*

Boarding time. Said goodbye to Melody with a promise to see each other again in 3 weeks. Yeah, we kinda have a recurring monthly meeting! I missed her already! ♥

Got on the plane, 6th row, aisle seat. Could have gone a few rows further for a window seat but too exhausted to move. About to pass out when the pilot announced that some visibility system thing wouldn’t start and we either had to change a plane or wait it out until the weather in Chicago was better. D: We were about to leave the plane and go back to the gate when the pilot made another announcement that YAY the windshield thing just started. #YayBoeing! *phews* I sat back down, fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we landed at Midway.

ps1. David Cook was so chatty and funny that night. I wonder whether it was because he’s in a good mood or he’s slightly drunk. *lolz* Either way (or maybe both), it’s awesome~ :) He mentioned all sorts of table games from roulette to baccarat to bridge to blackjack. Probably really wanted to get his money back~ XD Also, he ruffled his hair so often, to the point that I think he’s just scratching his head *lolz forever*

ps2. The closest I’ve ever been to any stage. Ever. Practically on the stage. Too close for comfort. I love it. ♥

ps3. I was never a fan of a worm’s eye view until that night because it’s the only view I got! *lol* Had awkward camera angles all night, plus some random weird shots that I’d never had a chance to take before. :)

ps4. Horrid venue lighting as expected *lolz* Everything was red and magenta even when I pushed a ton of green into white balance to offset it. I ended up bleaching a bunch of photos out in Photoshop. *lol* #QuickFix

ps5. Biggest thanks to Melody for being crazy enough to go to Council Bluffs with me. I wouldn’t have this much fun without her. I love you so much, girl! ♥

ps6. Last but not least, if you’re still reading to this PS, I hope you enjoy this post. If you consider making me happy by leaving a comment, thank you! Otherwise, hello there, numbers! :)




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18 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 14 – Council Bluffs

  1. Melody says:


    Come Back to Me(lody) time! ♥


    Thank you for letting me join you on this amazing journey. I’ll never forget spending this amazing fall with you traveling all over the country.

    • naughtiest says:

      Come back to me~~~~~ ;)

      I thought it was only 12 No’s *lolz* Thank you for changing your mind. And thank you for being on this crazy trip with me.

      Best fall ever!

      And see you in 10 days~ ♥

      • Melody says:




        We talked about everything we could think of. Mel did an excellent job keeping me engaged. My favorite topic was about a certain robot that had emotions, how it came into life, how it had all sorts of feelings, and how its main power source failed at the end. So angsty. ♥

        Also. A unicorn and a dragon. *lol*

        Legit. This part of my trip was my favorite thing I did with you. LEGIT.


        • naughtiest says:

          *dies laughing* I’m glad I kept on bugging you XD

          Totally legit. I love that drive back to KC so much. I wish we had more time to spend sightseeing. Basically, I think we need a normal trip for once. *lol*


  2. sandra says:

    Fabulous, funny, adorable post as usual. I don’t *know* you but I <3 you hard. Lookin forward to your Chicago blog :)

  3. Tina says:


    Did we know this already? Why is this brand new information to me??????


    You have connections, Sara. Get on this.

    (Also, I love how DCook loves you so damn much. He is a smart man. <33333 )

    Can't wait to see you in like 10 days!!

    • naughtiest says:

      *lolz* YOU CRACKED ME UP FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! Your love for GTTG is so intense!

      sometimes he said it’s “one of my favorite songs” as he wrote it with his good friend Andy (ahem and NFT) but that night he just said it’s his favorite XD

      By connection, you mean I should beg David Archuleta to sing it when I see him? (tbh, if it ever happens, I will die for real)

      (and I love him more~ *lol*)

      10 more days! Woot!

  4. Lynne says:

    Hello Again! Took 54 minutes before I saw your “Twitter” post tonight, but used what little self dicipline I have to finish a project before coming back to read : ) – I didn’t want to hurry through tonights tale, I knew it would be special . . . and it is! Such unique photos and I have a couple of favs . . . but, your “DC” GTTG shot wins the night! You captured a “Moment” in that photo and it’s a special one!!! This song has been a gut wrenching one for me from my first listen on AOL and oddly still remains my favorite. My goodness, Sara, every one of your “Dave” adventures are just so amazing! Isn’t it wonderful when someone that you admire from afar for such a long time actually exceeds your expectations in RL encounters??? That’s so rare . . . and I get it – REALLY! Can’t wait for your HOB’s-Chicago tale. Nite, Sara

    • naughtiest says:

      wow, you really stayed up late to work!

      that GTTG shot was my favorite too. It’s just different, I guess? This song is everyone’s favorite! I love hearing his voice so clearly. He’s amazing, Lynne, but you knew that already *lol*

      HOB blog is going to be a nutso one, I guarantee it XD

      and good morning~ (or good whenever you read this! ♥)

  5. Lynne says:

    Opps, Sara! It looks like I posted a reply to Tina instead of a comment to you – didn’t mean to do that! . . . Sorry ’bout that, Tina – these late nights seem to be getting to me! : – ]

  6. Skitty says:

    What a fabulous adventure for you and Melody! I so look forward to your post-show blog posts. You were so. damn. close! I’m happy this proximity didn’t make you pass out. ;-) Your photos are stellar especially the Goodbye To The Girl shot. That song slays me too and has the highest play count in my itunes. (by far; I might be obsessed with it. lol)

    Looking forward to your Chicago story.

    • naughtiest says:

      It’s a night to remember! (well, every concert was a night to remember for us *lolz*). Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! :)

      *looks at iTunes* GTTG is my highest playcount song too! *high fives*

  7. Megan says:

    *lol* When GDG’s Not Over You came on, we missed Megan so much. #BoomPregnant!
    LOL forever.

    Love all of this.

  8. MizSWQ says:

    i say YEAY to new recap & YEAY u got a photo taken with Devin (PS: I’m slowly starting to like him too :P)

    I DEMAND for MORE recaps pls?!!! LOL

    Love you Sara :DDD

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