[November 2011]

November 30, 2011 | RL recap |

I am thankful. ♥

  1. Back to work. Felt kinda sick. BOO. Finally got kicked home by our HR lady, she almost dragged me off to my car *lol* DCook’s Fade Into Me MV released. FAVORITE SO HARD.
  2. Pizza party with my team at The Rock. NOMNOMNOM~
  3. Too many meetings to count. x__X”
  4. 9×80 day off. Thank goodness for this short week. Slept most of the day. Did nothing else. A perfect day off.
  5. Finished Houston blog. Ordered a few books from Blurb.
  6. Finished Austin blog. Slept into oblivion.
  7. left work early. Went to see my doctor. He told me my left lung was making a weird noise. On antibiotic for the next 5 days. nothing contagious. Went to bed at 7pm. #HealthySickKid #CodeineKnockedMeOut
  8. Blurry day at work. Super sleepy.
  9. On an interview panel all day. Very interesting candidates. One of them could pass for Mark Zuckerberg’s doppelganger~ *lolz* 
  10. Happy B-day to me! Had an amazing time coworkers during the day and with family in the evening. Food overloaded! ♥ #StillWantToBeAtBooneGAThough *lol*
  11. 11-11-11!! Birthday celebration continued with another group of coworkers! Awesome lunch. :) Got the books I ordered from Blurb. Love it! ♥
  12. Did gazillion tons of laundry. Finally cleaned my bedroom, vacuumed and put all stuff away. Felt much better afterwards. :)
  13. Went to Magical Night of Giving event at Supermall with my sister. Bought too many things. #RetailTherapyIsMyFavorite
  14. BUSY MONDAY. T____T
  15. Got pulled into a team to create a training course for all Fab analysts. Umm, okay? *lol*
  16. Boss took us out to lunch at Red Robin. Went to pick up more sweaters for my dad at Bananan Republic. Was in the store for legit less than 12 minutes, acquired 4 sweaters, 5 tanks, a pair of pants, and 2 pairs of gloves. #QueenOfSpeedShopping XD
  17. My anniversary at Boeing! OMG my longest employment ever (well, it’s been the longest since 3 years ago *lolz*)
  18. Can someone please drag me away from Ebay. It’s an evil place. D:
  19. Got an hour long of deep tissue massage in the morning. *purrs* Came home and napped. Watched the Presidents Cup. YAY for Tiger Woods! :D
  20. Went to get my monthly haircut with my brother then went shopping. Also, Vietnamese late lunch!
  21. Had Souvenir stuck in my head all day, so I made this when I got home~ :)
  22. Weather forecast: 100% chance of heavy rain. No kidding. Could hardly see anything while driving on 167 in the morning. Scary! D:
  23. Hardly anybody in the building. Half day at work. PACKING DAY!! :D
  24. Destination KC! Happy Thanksgiving!!
  25. Amazebomb concert day at the Midland!! Gave DCook the zombies book. :)
  26. Drove to Council Bluffs with Melody. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. OH MY HEART. BEST SHOW EVER.
  27. Drove back to KC. Caught a plane to Chicago. Passed out for the rest of the day. Sushi dinner! :)
  28. Continued to catch up on sleep. Sorry Chicago, I was too exhausted. Pastry for lunch. Another sushi dinner!
  30. Destination HOME!

November ended with a BANG BANG BANG!  I’m super glad I decided to go to these 3 shows. They were all fantastic!

Life is good~


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