being punished..

January 11, 2009 | et cetera, header, ps-tt |

I’ve been sick in bed, all day.

It’s a punishment for cutting/tearing up a pamphlet and scanning 2 pages last night.. ouch.. >”<

And why does it have to be in A3 size? *grumbles*

But I got a new header, YIPPY!

It’s just a number.. it’s just a number..

btw, I’m not entertained by the idea of people taking photos from my site and posting it up elsewhere. Not to mention ignoring my request to take them down. Why is it so hard to respect such a simple request?


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  1. kiwi says:

    awwwwwwww *huggles* get well soon!!! I’m sure it is your own guilt playing with your immune system! :P (in fact, I think you beat Ling to tearing/scanning a pamphlet… despite her trillion gazillion copies XXXD )

    luv your new header!!! is it new?? hmm now im not sure haha

  2. naughtiest says:

    ROFL! *huggles* yup, my new header, the root cause of my bed rest yesterday! Couldn’t blame me to tearing a pamphlet apart though, Takki looked too yummy in this pix! XD

    I wanted to scan the entire thing but A3 made me change my mind as it’d take me forever to patch each scan together +__+

    maybe I should let Ling know what I did so she’d start cutting up her pamphlets too LOL

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    Love your new header! Takki’s definately yummy!
    I hope you get better soon!

  4. naughtiest says:

    Thank you, Stephi-chan! I feel much better today.
    Seems like I couldn’t help myself whenever Tono is lying on the floor LOL

  5. loonykat says:

    wwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaattttt!!! u tear up the pamp??????

    *ahem* return after shock!!! but after looking at ur banner, I can understand y!!!
    hahahahah.. take care ne.. i think kiwi’s right.. haha.. ur guilt left u sick! =p

    take care ok? just imagine tono’s lying next to u.. hahahah.. get well soon ne~

  6. naughtiest says:

    seeeeeee!!? it’s all Tono’s fault! He looked too good to resist! I couldn’t believe my mind has that kind of guilt control over my body XDD

    btw, if Tono is lying next to me, I’d be completely dead in heaven by now! LOL

  7. desireen says:

    i am so sorry for not taking down the pictures earlier on…I didn’t mean to ignore them…I just couldn’t see the comments…

    I took them down already..sorry…T.T

  8. naughtiest says:

    no problem, thanks for taking them down and also thanks for your understanding~ m(_ _)m

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