My fingers are still on vacation. I’d never had this many typos before but I’ve been having problem typing up emails at work all week. Or maybe it’s just my brain that simply refused to work? LOL

Safe post, still no spoiler ;)

I planned my vacation from 12/10/08 to 1/5/09 while having Kuricon in mind because I was so sure that I’d get to go inside Yokohama Arena in 2008. As it turned out how much Avex loved screwing up my fangirl’s itinerary, T&T kuricon was no where to be seen, Takizawa Kakumei was announced instead. Not to mention the late news for Tsubasa’s x-mas con.. *grrr*

As there were other factors to be considered (besides fangirling to no end LOL), I was toying with the possibilities of going and not going, back and forth, back and forth for a big while. Then, I thought of how often it’d be that I’d happen to be in Asia during one of Takki’s butai. So it’s been decided – I’m going.

At the same time, Bonnie also made her decision, so we asked S-san to ballot for our tickets. Thank GOD for her! m(_ _)m

I couldn’t believe my beginner’s luck (as a matter of fact, S-san’s expert luck XD). I’ve got 3 tickets out of 4 shows I balloted for! *beams*

As expected, we didn’t get any ticket for the first show on 1/1. I eventually gave up on that, as the logical part in my brain told me to be grateful and enjoy these 3 shows. Seriously, had I not got tickets via balloting, I didn’t even know how much I would pay for these seats, and how much I should pay as I was to spend heaps on my trip to Thailand, Laos and Singapore already ^^”

Anyway, here goes my seats:

1/2 17:00 seat M23
1/3 17:00 seat B19
1/4 12:00 seat O24

As you can see from the seating chart, I got tickets for 2 aisle seats and one for a 2nd row seat on the second floor. All on the left side of the theatre. I think I like #3 on 1/4 the best. Surprisingly enough, even with 2 rows behind my #1, being on a different side of the same aisle really did make a big difference! I could see Takki much better from this seat. *__*

Imperial Theatre is fairly easy to find. Just take a JR Yamanote line to Yūrakuchō station. Then, take the International Forum exit. Next, you only have to look for a bunch of fangirls walking in the same direction. LOL In case you want to go there when there’s no interesting butai, after taking the International Forum exit, look to the right, cross the street once, then walk to the left towards the water, the theatre is only a few blocks away.

The first two shows I attended, I arrived at the theatre only 30 minutes prior to the show so I didn’t get to take any pictures outside. So on the last day, I went there really early and got a chance to see fangirls being kicked away to line up around the corner of the building, leaving the front of the theatre fairly empty ^^ I kept taking pictures of the giant poster on the wall that Bonnie eventually asked how many would be enough? LOL Well, you’d never know!

Takki really does have a wide range of fans, from an 80 years old obaa-san to a little 6-7 years old boy (being dragged along by him mom, I guessed LOL). I could see a variety of fashion from current Harajuku types to a full blown kimono too.

Once I got passed the door, presented my ticket, received otoshidama (on 1/2 and 1/3), I was greeted with all congratulatory flowers/messages on the right. Goodies counter on the left (which I walked by and Bonnie had to call me back LOL). The line wasn’t as long as I expected, maybe because there were 3 more goodies stands on the second floor or maybe because I got there late and everyone got their precious goodies already. There, I nailed 10 pamphlets all at once on my first day, thank god for my super durable backpack!

On 1/4, there was an extra security check as they search all bags for cameras *coughs* and recorders *coughs coughs* as it’s a press coverage day. Lots of cameras were there. One of the cameraman (I believed from Wide Scramble) even came to sit on the aisle floor right next to me at the beginning of Act 2! ^^

Inside there was a counter selling food and beverage, also current and recent magazines feathering Takki and T&T. Further inside, there’s an Ai Kakumei pre-order counter. There was a TV playing snippet of Ai Kakumei PV and With Love clip. I so wanted to grab the giant poster of Jacket A cover they have and run LOL Previous Takki and T&T DVDs and CDs were also available.

There was a coat/luggage checking service at the entrance along with quite a bunch of lockers inside the theatre. I didn’t get to use them though as I need my backpack with me at all time. LOL

Also, on 1/4, I saw a lady entered through the side entrance, presenting someone’s business card to the staff, he checked, they bowed repeatedly, then the staff gave her a complimentary package which included a pamphlet, a clear file (which looked different from the one they’re selling) and a small stack of paper, they returned to bowing match again, before she left for her seat. Wasn’t it nice to be special? ^^

When I told my family that I was going to Japan, they asked: To a concert? I replied: No no, to Takki’s musical! And everyone went: Ehhhh?! How’re you gonna understand it?! LOL Oh well. We’ll see next.

They still call it a concert and don’t understand why I went to see 3 shows of the same thing xD

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2 Responses to [Takizawa Kakumei] intro to heavenly revolution ;)

  1. loonykat says:

    ya.. haha.. my sis also keep saying so do u get tixs for ur concerts alr??? i kept shouting for the zillion times.. IT’S A BUTAI!!!! hahaha..

    I LOVE ur new banner..drooling all over it for the next 10min b4 i can see anything else!!! XDDD..

    oh they search bags for cameras/recorders? how to hide them xia? tips/hints *ahem*

  2. naughtiest says:

    *wipes Kat’s drool off her monitor* can you see better now? XDD

    They only search the bag on 1/4, so I guess it’s because the press was there. Anyway, they didn’t pat me down, so I kept everything in my jeans pockets since I was wearing long coat ^^

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