Black Friday.

Who cares about shopping when there’s an incredible concert with a killer setlist right in front of your eyes.

He slays me. Again. #TotallyNormal


The Midland by AMC
Kansas City, MO

warning: silly fangirl incoherent thoughts, quite a bit of photos, very long post for my memory’s sake, including Thanksgiving day adventure, proceed at your own risk~

First time on Devin’s side, couldn’t really see Andy all night due to a tall person in front of me, practically just raised my camera up and took this shot, thank goodness for autofocus, lucky shot is lucky, YAY for another band banner! :)

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Thanksgiving break started along with my belated birthday trip!

btw, scroll down and skip this following part if you’re only looking for concert stuff :)

My brother dropped me off at the airport, I was surprised that SeaTac was quite empty. I guess most people traveled the day before? Security check was a breeze and my flight was uneventful (or maybe it’s eventful, I wouldn’t know, I fell asleep before the plane took off and didn’t wake up until we almost landed as usual *lol*).

Anyway, hello Kansas City! Met up with Melody, her flight got there way before mine. We took a shuttle bus to the car rental center. While waiting in line, Andy Grammer popped up on TV, Mel almost freaked out. *lolz* Off to an awesome start!

Hertz dude was very nice. We told him that it’s our first time in KC, and he’s really helpful. I declined the GPS thing but he gave it to us free of charge anyway. We told him we planned to go see Plaza Lights and he said we picked the right year to come, usually it’s either raining or super cold, but it was H 60°/L 40° that day. Perfect timing!

We got our car (which Mel later named it Josue, because it sounds cooler than Jose *lol*) and headed off to the hotel. OMG I WAS DRIVING IN KANSAS CITY!! *lolz* It’s totally on my list of things I’d never thought I’d be doing. Driving on Thanksgiving day could be my favorite thing, there’s hardly any car on the road. *YAY* Our GPS, Linda (of course, she has a name too *lol*), did a decent job taking us to the hotel, minus minor hiccups but nothing a smartphone could not fix.

Aladdin Hotel was nice. Front desk staff gave us a double bed room. Mr. Valet/Bellman took care of our car. And our room was sooooooo cute!!! OMG thanks to Hotwire for randomly picked this hotel for us!! Such a weird room configuration, I love it! ♥

Mel and I stayed horizontal on the beds for a while before we decided to go out and get some food. Mr. Valet told us about 2 places that opened that night, about 2-3 blocks away. Downtown KC on Thanksgiving was like a ghost town/Twilight Zone or something, it’s sooooooo creepy without people. *lol* okay, just kidding, there’s a few people wandering around looking for food like us too.

In front of a giant christmas tree! Thanks to lady-stranger for this shot!

All local shops were closed, so we did some window browsing before we got to Fran’s. First real meal of the day, it’s delicious! Megan and Adam just arrived so they came and joined us at Frans too. Hilarious meal on Thanksgiving evening was perfect. ♥

After that, we went back to the hotel, chillaxing for a while before Mel and I headed back to MCI to pick Shannon up. OMG I WAS DRIVING IN KANSAS CITY IN THE DARK!!! *lolz* Seriously, for a city that pretty invested in holiday light decoration, they should spend a bit more on freeway/highway lamps. The exit from US-169N to I-27N/US-71N was pretty scary IMO. D:

Anyway, we found Shannon after some airport exit confusions *lol* Heading back to the hotel, I thought about buying water, found a QT sign, and took the wrong exit (oops) #Typical

me: I like it better when I know where I’m going
MEL: duh, Sara, thanks for stating a fact, it’s like saying we’re Asian *lolz*

Linda led us back to the hotel, eventually. After dropping Shannon’s stuff off, we called a cab to go see plaza lights. Our cab driver was driving faster than hell. D: #BuckleUp  Once we got there, we walked around for a little while, I almost fell face first on the ground at one point. A lot of cute window displays. Every thing was closed, besides one Starbucks that had about a million people in. Some restaurants were also closing. So we took a cab back to the hotel and Shannon went to get food from Fran’s instead. We’re extremely thankful for Fran’s!

Didn’t really do anything else that night besides being our usual silly selves and laughing about everything we could think of. Oh, and watching Gaga adding more and more hair to her head on TV.

Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

Woke up but refuse to get up, we tried to stay horizontal for as long as we could *lol* Eventually, we all went down for a breakfast buffet at the hotel. I greatly appreciated fresh OJ with pulps! Came back to our room, being lazy some more, decided to go explore town, went to Megan’s room. She had a flooding incident, but it didn’t look as bad as when Mel flooded her bathroom in Houston xD

Shopping time with David Archuleta’s music. Highly appropriate!

Stopped by a gelato place because the weather was not cold at all #Freezing *lol*

Next, we went to Cosentino’s Market to pick up some food. It was the first time I got to eat more than one meal on a concert day. *lolz* My baked potato soup was sooooooo delicious! Mel said it’s like eating baked potato without having to chew. XD

Shannon, Melody and I headed back to the hotel while Megan and Adam continued to wander around like good tourists. :)

Around 4:15, we went to the venue. The box office was still closed. We still didn’t have our tickets *lol* Anyway, lots of people around the building. There’re both VIPers and radio station peeps. BIG crowd. Andrew was there to check us in. He looked fairly lost trying to read my last name, so I intercepted him before he could butcher it *lolz* After a few more minutes, we were led inside.

The Midland was a really pretty venue but I’d appreciate it later! *lol*

I guess someone up front asked him about his Thanksgiving, because he was listing out the stuff he ate when I walked in *lolz*

DC thanked everyone for coming and got on with the soundcheck. It’s Right Here With You!! *flails*

A bunch of people were taking pictures and videos. o_O” I remember Andrew specifically told us not to. At the chorus, DCook turned around and talked into the backstage communication mic (the one that went to their in-ear, I guess), and less than 5 seconds later, Andrew and the other staff (with lots of hair, you know which one I meant) came out and told everyone to kill the camera. There were some stubborn ones that had to be told repeatedly though. D:

Next, he wanted to check acoustic, so he was like, what about Goodbye to the Girl? *flails hard* but then went on saying that he’s not playing on GTTG, it has to be Fade (Into Me). So, DC got his acoustic guitar on, but Andy’s guitar was having a slight problem, so DCook was chatting with us while they figuring it out. Someone was asking him about Dublin.

DC: Where’s Dublin? Dublin is in Indiana, being watched by family. I saw somebody online badmouthing me about not taking care of my dog. They can kiss it.

Unlike his usual banter, DCook was so monotoned when he talked about this, but I felt like he’s really annoyed.

He also said that all family members were accounted for and taken care of.

[[[ Okay. Let’s take a break here. WHY on earth would people say bad things about him not taking care of Dublin?! Seriously, it’s his personal life that you don’t even know about! Did people just make some assumptions because Andrew is now on tour with him?! *rolls eyes* ]]]

Anyway. He said he got to hang out with family on Thanksgiving. His nephew was now sick (oh no! D: ). Said he played some football and basketball and hide-and-seek. *lol*

At one point the conversation turned into sports talk. Sorry for my lack of midwest sport teams knowledge, I couldn’t quite follow. One KU fan asked if he hated her. He said he wouldn’t hate her, just they couldn’t be friends, plus he couldn’t hate her because he didn’t even know her *lolz* I think he said his family’s been teaching his nephew to call the Jayhawks “bad birds”. *ROFL* And I believe he asked about football scores of one ongoing game.

Up next was Fade Into Me! Andy got an electric guitar on instead of an acoustic one. Not sure what the issue was. But FIM started off with just DC on his acoustic guitar, and turned into a full-band mode after the first chorus! It’s awesome hearing his voice so clear at the beginning when the venue was completely quiet with just small amount of people in there. ♥

After FIM, we were herded back to the lobby area where I could appreciate the beauty of the Midland some more! :) Andrew told us to form 2 lines: VIP and radio.

We waited for a while for our turn. Melody went first with her bear hat. I think Andy and Kyle really liked it *lol*

Up next was me. I went in, asked DCook if I could get a big smile, he laughed and mentioned how people thought his VIP smile was not real. He said he had different smiles. I was like, I’m not saying it’s fake, I just want a big one *lol* VIP photo failed due to timing but he actually posed a big cheesy fake smile. *lolz*

After the picture, I gave DCook the book..

me: I made a book for you guys
DC: *smiles* Thank you! *looks at the cover* oh, A Book of Zombies *laughs*

He started looking through each page with the band. Like, seriously, every single page. Monty and Devin gave some commentaries on Andy’s pages, said it’s a nice photo of him. Of course, guys, zombie!Andy freaked me out that night, his makeup was awesome! *lol*

My silver sharpie failed me this time, luckily he had his own, so DC signed my book, and I asked the rest of the band to sign on the band page too. I bet Jody probably wanted to kick me at that point for taking so long *headdesks* but I swear I didn’t know DCook would actually looked through the book right there!

I hope they like that book though. :)

Shannon and Megan were next. Megan made all of them Thank You cards. They’re adorable!

Then we’re out. Shannon and I went to pick up our tickets at the box office while Megan and Melody went to get in line for the show. It was freezing, but we’re fairly well equipped with gloves and scarves. At one point, Mel sat down and started meditating. *lolz*

After a while, the door opened, tickets were scanned and we’re back inside. We were debating earlier about where we should locate ourselves between the 1st tier GA and 2nd tier GA, but since there’s practically no one there, I dragged everyone to the front of stage left, 2nd row. Sorry about your life, girls. *lol* Adam came and joined us a little later since he didn’t do VIP. The venue was filling up fast as the show about to start! And as I said, it’s a really beautiful venue!!

Vedera started off the night. Kristen and Brian did an excellent acoustic set, her voice was really unique, I liked it a lot! ♥

After a short break, Carolina Liar was up next! They’re all in suit/vest and I was panic for a second because they looked so formal, they’re not leaving the tour right?! *lolz* Apparently they felt that this KC show was like their hometown show as they played at the Midland a few times already, so they dressed up a bit. *phews*

CL was rocking out so hard, we were having so much fun singing along~


The craziest thing happened when the Anthemic joined CL on stage during Last Night! OMG!!! Everyone went nuts screaming! They all came equipped with toy instruments I could not even. *lolz forever*

Since we’re on stage left side, I saw Andy, Monty and Kyle first. Andy was rocking his keytar so hard while making all sorts of super adorb facial expressions. Monty was sooooo into it he laid down on stage and did a backward worm thing at one point. Kyle was so Kyle, he totally killed that mini drum set I was surprised it lasted through the song!! XD

And on stage right, we had David and Devin. David was on his knees singing with his mini microphone and playing guitar, while Devin was sitting next to him, playing guitar, drinking beer and being adorable. *lol* Rickard even knelt down towards the end of the song to play guitar next to Devin!


They were all on fire, having a blast on stage. I was laughing so hard. Legit too adorb for words! ♥ After the song, they all got up and smashed/stomped their toy instrument before leaving the stage. *lol*

CL thanked them and continued with the show. They finished their set in super high energy as always.

I love them! :)

The crew came on stage to set up. I looked around and saw the floor was packed. YAY for hometown show! We were talking to each other, looking at photos and then the light went out! It’s time!! Everybody screamed their heads off *lol* The guys walked out from stage left. Denim shirt FTW!

Circadian kicked off the night. We were singing along so hard! OMG all the energy!!! ♥

DC: it is so damn good to be home

Up next was Heroes! My first time seeing Devin up close! ♥

OMG Champagne Supernova insert!!! I MISSED IT!!!!!

You’re still standing~~~~~

Have I mentioned I loved the new intro to Mr. Sensitive? Because I loved it when he made us all clap along. Audience participation was so much fun!

And his big smile is my favorite~ :D

Drum and guitar sounds from the last solo part to the end was amazing, it got my heart pumping at a ridiculous rate every time! (can I substitute this for my cardio? *lol*)

DC: I’ve had this date circled on my calendar for so damn long

He thanked the crowd for coming out, mentioned Carolina Liar *cheers* and Vedera *cheers* and the fantastic band on stage~ *CHEERS* And his high school team was in state football championship game that night.

Moving on, Kyle gave us a drum intro… OMG  it’s Kiss on the Neck!! I haven’t seen this song live in so long I almost dropped my camera when he touched his neck! *lolz*

And Hotel California snippet! GAH~ I MISSED THIS TOO!!!

Hello heart ninja~ ♥

Love this lucky shot! ↓

Slightly off focus , but I like *lol* ↓

The Last Goodbye was next on the setlist!! *claps claps along with Kyle* I love how loud we sang along!

Continued on with Paper Heart~ Kyle totally killed it on the drums!

Time for Mel’s favorite, Come Back to Me! It’s Monty’s turn to lead audience clapping!

DC asked if everyone was having a good Thanksgiving, said he ate a ton of food, watched football games, etc. Thanked fans again for coming out as he’s happy to be home. He also asked if we had TLM (HECK YES!! *lol*). Time for a bonus track on the deluxe version: Let Me Fall For You. I should say again and again that I love this song so much so much so much~ ♥

After LMFFY, DC ditched his guitar, the crew came on stage with another mic stand, and I was like, what is going on? *lol*

DC talked about writing a total of 83 songs for this album, and there’s one that he’s really excited about that ended up being on the records as he wrote it with his good friend Andy (umm…and Neal ^^”) It’s Goodbye to the Girl.

We’re all like OH MY GOD. It’s my first time hearing GTTG live and I was legit shaking. It’s friggin’ beautiful from start to finish I could not even. Andy’s piano. David’s voice. Imagine me dead on the floor. Yeah, that’s me. XD  Fans sang along really loud it was amazing.

If I wasn’t dead since the beginning of the song, that “goodbye to the world” verse at the end definitely KILLED ME. *thuds*

Megan, Shannon, Mel and I were like: OMG. Die. Period. Done. Dead. Forever alone. *lolz*

Welcome to a roller coaster ride!! Up next was a cover. Talked about how they did this song acoustic outside and it was weird. Time to Rock and Roll!!!

OH MY HECK. DCook snapping his fingers and counting it off at the beginning was my new favorite thing!! (I told you I had a thing for numbers, right? *lol*)

THE BAND ROCKED IT OUT SO HARD I LOVE IT SO MUCH MY EARDRUMS ARE STILL RINGING~ (HA!) I went *___* watching Devin during his solo. Oh. My. Heart. This song was ridiculous!!!

Devin and David were so adorb during Kyle’s drum solo (which was amazebomb!!!). DoubleD kept shaking their heads and made Kyle went on and on for a while. XD

Seriously, Kyle totally killed it!

DC said something into the communicator mic and laughed before Devin’s solo for Whole Lotta Love kicked in. It’s awesome, you guys!! *__*

Heart guitar-ninja!!! ♥

They kept the show rolling with Bar-ba-sol! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!!! Seriously, this was better than going to a gym. My heart! MY. HEART!!!! *gapes*

The crew brought a guitar out for DCook a little late. And it was a long distance guitar sex~ *lol*

Blurry because Devin was too fast too furious~  (or maybe I was screaming my head off *lolz*) ↓

Moving on to Light On. Fans were really loud during this song I love it!! ♥

Hello Kyle! :D

Got side-eyed by DCook. My life was officially over. *headdesks*

I flippin’ love that glory note before the final singalong chorus. ♥

DCook thanked the fans and they all left the stage. The crew came back to add more pics to his mic stand. We were cheering/fangirling/screaming for a minute or two before DCook came back on stage again with his acoustic guitar!

I had my fingers and toes crossed prior to this trip that he’d do Fade Into Me unplugged here since it’s his hometown show in an awesome acoustic theater. AND HE DID!!! YAY!!! *throws confetti*

DC: I’ve done this at a couple of show, and I want to do this here

So he stepped away from the mic, and told us he’s gonna sing to us like this and gestured that everyone had to be quiet before he started the opening chords…

Then there’s a dude yelled “I LOVE YOU DUDE!!!” at him. DCook cracked up so bad he had to stop, told us that the dude was his cousin “don’t freak out” *lolz* and started over. His cousin kept yelling at him but once he started, the entire venue was quiet.

OH. MY. HEART. ♥ FADE INTO ME UNPLUGGED WAS PHENOMENAL. His voice. HIS VOICE. His voice was so strong and powerful he killed me right there. *thuds* Seriously, no YouTube clip could compare to hearing this with my own ears, I was completely blown away by this stunning performance. I had tears. I HAD TEARS IN MY EYES.

The cheer at the end of the song was thunderous I thought the Midland would explode.

The band came back on stage. DC thanked the fan again, said every time he came home he got to play a show for somebody he went to school with, friends, and family.

I love his eyes. ♥

He gave a shout out to Carolina Liar, Vedera, the band, someone from his high school’s parents(?) *lolz* , and Mrs. Gentry!

There’s a story about Monty vs Mrs. Gentry encounter but I couldn’t remember what exactly Monty said ^^”

Uh oh.. A commotion in front of center stage. Someone was fainting and had to be lifted over the railing by giant security peeps. Jody jumped off the stage to go help too. Either too much alcohol or dehydrated, I guess. Hope she’s okay. D:

For the time being, more heart ninja!! *lol*

Closing off the night with Rapid Eye Movement!!

Love the lighting of this one! ↓

REM was fantastic, fantastic, FANTASTIC! I LOVE IT SO MUCH I COULD NOT EVEN!!!


Prior to REM…

DC said:  I’m thankful for everyone in this room, thank you guys so so much


After they all left the stage, audience was still screaming and applauding. It was an amazing show. AMAZING. Super high energy and awesome setlist. I LOVE IT! ♥

Kinda glad the postshow M&G was sold out so we didn’t have to make a decision *lol* Before leaving, we saw Andrew running around, trying to get the M&G organized. He told other fans he couldn’t take pictures with them as long as he’s wearing his walkie talkie (aka: working). So we just said hi and he gave us a hug instead.

Walking back to the hotel, it felt so good to move again after standing for 6-7 hours. Also, it felt heavenly sprawling on our beds once we got back to the room~

Megan came over, and after flailing through all photos, we decided that Adam would go to every concert from now on. He took kick ass photos! After consuming all food supplies we had left, we called it a night. I had a hard time falling asleep.

Concert high was kinda insane sometimes. *lol*

ps1. I am thankful for my family and friends and everyone in my life. Through laughter and tears, you’re a part that shaping me into me, so thank you! :)

ps2. I wish I had more time exploring Kansas City, I need to see other places besides downtown and airport. Wait, I did get to see the Plaza! *lol*

ps3. Almost everything looks good in 400×600 pixels, even blurry pictures! *lolz*

ps4. I’m so glad I decided to go on this Thanksgiving trip. It’s amazing from start to finish (more to come on that! *lol*) Biggest thanks to Melody, Shannon, Megan and Adam for this crazy Thanksgiving time together. I love you guys! ♥

ps5. Keeping my PSs short(er) for once. *lol* If you’re still reading to this point, I hope you enjoy my post. If you consider leaving a comment, thank you in advance! Otherwise, hello creepy IP addresses! :)

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    Had my post almost done, but just going to link people here instead! Love it!

  2. Skitty says:

    I always love your blog posts here and no exception with this one. ♥

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    Love, love, love your recaps. You almost more adorable than that Cook dude :)

  4. sandra says:

    um…that’s *you’re* not *you*. lol

  5. Jen :) says:

    Thank you for your recap! I love reading how other people experience the shows that I attend. I sat toward the back for this show, so I really enjoyed seeing your awesome pics. Thanks for sharing!

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you! Glad you enjoy this! I heard that the sound was way better in the back, was it true? It was really loud up front, dominated by guitar sounds, I almost went deaf at some points. *lol*

  6. mon says:

    As always. great recap!

  7. Rebecca says:

    As always, your recap is so entertaining — charming, funny, enthusiastic. Thanks for sharing a bit of the excitement you experienced and for the awesome pix!

  8. Sonja says:

    Great recap! I really enjoyed reading it even though I was there that night. Awesome photos!!!! BTW – I was the girl they lifted over the railing along with my daughter. David got me too excited that my heart started having palpitations, my blood pressure shot up, and I was so light headed I was on the verge of fainting. They called the ambulance and my heart rate was over 200 beats per minute. WOW! David almost killed me!!! lol I can laugh about it now, but it sucked the because I missed the last couple of songs between getting security to help me and getting help. Luckily the EMT Techs were able to stabilize me after a while. I signed papers to reject going to the hospital and then I was on my way back into the venue to participate in the Post M&G. The EMT’s gave me a print out of the EKG Strip and I was able to have David sign it. What a night! It was amazing! No regrets! Thank you for caring….just wanted to let you know I’m ok. :)

    • naughtiest says:

      OMG I’m glad you’re okay! We were freaking out when they lifted you over the railing since we didn’t know what happened. Going to DCook’s concert can be so deadly, no kidding!!

      ps. I’d love to see a picture of that signed EKG strip! What a night to remember!! xD

  9. Robin says:

    As always, a joy to read about your adventures. Don’t you have a couple more shows to recap? Anxiously waiting….lol

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    Great recap. I am so sad that I could not be there, so thanks for sharing. The pictures are womderful and they captured David’s gorgeousness.

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    I’ve been looking forward to reading new recaps from you & now its here!!! thank you thank you so much for sharing! can’t say thank you to you enough!!! hehe… reading your recaps never fails to make me smile from ear to ear :DDD

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    Sometimes I think that my radar goes off when you post a new recap of a DC Concert! ***Sigh*** – today was one of those days. I was almost running out the door when I stopped to check my Twitter feed . . . And there was your shiny new tale of another amazing “Dave” adventure : ) or : ( depending on just how behind I chose to be on all of my afternoon tasks. It was a *No Brainer* – I sat down! ***NO DISCIPLINE HERE . . . NOPE!*** . . . But, I did say out loud “Oh, Sara” – Now? . . . Really! Sooooo, there I was for the next twenty to thirty minutes or so (Sometimes it takes awhile to fully appreciate each picture : ] ) and get lost in tales of laughter and wonder at this latest encounter of yours! The only discipline I used today was to defer my usual “letter” until later. I didn’t get home until after 10:00 pm. and now it’s after 2:00 am. Once again your pictures are amazing and I love that you so generously take all of us along on your fantastic adventures – Thanks so much, Sara . . . Really!!! ~L

    • naughtiest says:

      *lolz* You have a radar for my blog update! XD It was kind of an ambush since I posted it during the day (at work, no less~ HA) I hope you weren’t late for anything important yesterday though! ^^”

      Your comments/letters are my favorites. Thanks, Lynne! :)

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        Nope, wasn’t late for anything . . . still got it all done! btw: All your beautiful pictures of Dave with that great hair may become an archive of days past. I think that we may get “Bald” Dave in Las Vegas next week! . . . Yikes!!!

        • naughtiest says:

          LOLZ I would love to see that. Though I bet he’ll wear a beanie if he really has to shave his head XD

          Wish I could be there! Enjoy the show! :)

          • Lynne says:

            Will do! and Yes, a beanie would be the apparel that I would expect. However . . . if we get “Bald” Dave, we’ll do everything we can to convince him to show us!

            I’ll have my camera ready!!! : )

          • naughtiest says:

            He’d be a cute bald dude, I’m sure! I cannot wait to see all your goodies from Vegas! :D

  13. Leslie says:

    Sara – I too love your recap, your humor and your pics are to die for! That ‘eye’ picture?? Really? Totally AMAZEBOMB!!! And who among us would ever skip right to the concert recap, who wouldn’t read your crazy adventures with your concert buds? Not me, I live for these kinds of recaps. Thanks, girl! I’ve got one more show on Sunday and then who knows? I wish we could do this forever!

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed both my crazy time with friends and the concert recap! *lolz*

      Have a blast on Sunday! :)

  14. ewolf.girl says:

    Your recaps are so much fun; almost like being there!!! And did your friend Adam take all the pix? Fantastic! You can even read the Dash poem on his arm, lol! Love the shots you took around town too, like the gelato shot. Great eye!
    You are so lucky to have seen the crazy mini-band play with CL!!
    (what is guitar ninja? Devin?!)
    Saw DC this tour in York, PA, Falls Church, VA and this Sunday at the Keswick near Philly, PA. Looooove these guys; no one except Cook fans could understand why it is so imperative to see them over and over and never ever get tired of it! ;-D

    • naughtiest says:

      aww Thank you! :) oh, all photos here were taken by me. The ones by Adam should be in Megan’s recap, she’s working on it :)

      *lol* my friends and I have been calling Devin “heart ninja” and then I threw “guitar hero” into the mix, so yeah, heart guitar ninja. It’s just me being silly~ XD

      Have fun this Sunday! (are you going with Leslie above? ↑)

  15. Yvonne Kuhl says:

    I loved reading your blog. I’m from Blue Springs, and was at David’s concert, so reading your blog really was like being there all over again. Your pictures are fantastic. I’m glad you wrote about the lady who almost fainted cause I wondered what happened to her. Also thanks for recapping the band during CL with their toy instruments–stupid me, I missed this cuz of potty break. Thanks again.


    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you! oooh Blue Springs! We were actually thinking about driving there on Saturday morning, but had a late start, so we didn’t get to go. Maybe next time! :)

      Have you read Sonja’s story above? It’s actually quite scary D: I’m glad she’s doing okay afterwards.

  16. Melody says:

    Best. Ever. I WILL NEVER RECAP. JUST FAVORITING THIS. (See you in 2 weeks. ;))

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    Love your blog, just found it today on facebook. Thanks because it felt like I was right there with you and you made me laugh so hard, now I’m all happy :) I’m kind of a silly, goofy person who laughs at everything so I can see how much fun you must have had. and your photos are “Killer” WOW !! . Are you going to be at the Las Vegas show next weekend? There are so many EPIC shows from this part of the tour and I think the Midland is one of them. Thanks again for sharing your fun trip and awesome concert with that amazing rock star and his fantastic band.


    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you so much! Glad my blog could make you laugh. And unfortunately, I can’t make it to Las Vegas show next Saturday :( Will you be there? If so, have a blast!

      ps. you found my blog from facebook?

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    Always love your recaps.. I feel like I’m reliving that show all over again! KC was a concert that I’ll never ever forget and you wasn’t the only one with tears during/after FIM lol!


    p.s. your pictures are awesome too!!!

  19. Shei says:

    Great blog! Fantastic photos!!

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