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January 7, 2009 | release, takki |

Blame it on jetlag that I wasn’t bouncing up and down on all day today ^^”

My package arrived at local FedEx facility since 6am, after being routed all the way to Alaska and California as usual LOL I was contemplating myself whether or not I should go pick it up during my lunch break, but it was raining like crazy here in Seattle and I was feeling pretty lovesick, plus my brother told me not to drive when I was sleepy, so I decided to drop by FedEx after work instead.

Waiting 10 extra hours seemed to be too long for me as I ripped Amazon box apart as soon as I got in my car and screamed to Pluto when I saw the backcovers!! At least, I still had some sense left to wait until I got home to open the CDs~ XD

One thing I really like about T&T release is my creative photo session. With so many Tono’s faces, it’s really hard to focus!! LOL

As usual, my reaction to this single behind cut, proceed at your own risk..



As soon as I lifted all discs up and saw the photos inside, I tore all cases apart, almost cracking one in process xD

Jacket A:

  • B&W with silver spine and silver insert. Silver disc with white letters for music, white disc with silver fonts for the PV
  • Totally love the simplicity of the disc design
  • Tono looks soooooooo good on the cover
  • Naked back, naked back *nosebleeds*
  • where’s the abs shot? I wanna seeeeeee!!!
  • I ♥ his side profile. Turn the jacket 90° and you’ll get a delicious heart-shaped lips!
  • I wanna pinch his neck on the backcover, just like a cat! ^^
  • but what caught my eyes was when I lift the DVD up and saw his hands and pants and my first thought went: ROMEO! *runs*
  • Well, not really but a girl can dream, huh?! XD
  • I mean isn’t it interesting to have this close up shot?
  • I like how his index fingers touched, intimate in a way, you know, not grabbing, not pulling, simply softly holding.. ;)
  • His bracelet looks nice, I think it read: ‘BLACK JACK it would cost al… ‘ *me wants*
  • His facial profile is simply gorgeous… even with big nose! *runs like hell*
  • I love his eyes. I love his gazes. *purrs purrs*

Jacket B:

  • Full color with black spine and black insert. Black disc with white fonts for music, and vice versa for With Love clip
  • I like how he looks on the cover, but I don’t like the color LOL
  • btw, the girl’s left thumb looks weird, does she have a scar or something? ^^
  • really like his picture inside, but again, don’t like the color XD meh, he looks kinda pale ne~
  • ooooh, another yummy back *drools*
  • and big nose from the side XD
  • Okay, it’s been confirmed, photographer-san is the perverted one here! Another lower body shot, come on! *giggles*
  • gahhhhh, the veins in his arms kill me again!!!

Jacket C:

  • Sepia color with gold insert and gold disc with white fonts, very Takki!
  • and SEPIA RULES!!!
  • It’s not hard this time to pick my most favorite one! Totally love this jacket ^^
  • Plus, his back is the yummiest in this color.. hee..hee..
  • Seriously, the backcover screamed: MOLEST ME! xD
  • 3 extra photos on nice quality paper with golden back and white fonts
  • especially the one that he looked at the camera while the girl’s trying to harass him XD
  • The one that he closed his eyes (showing us his under eye bags) is pretty too!

And I just love to quote Avex:

All rights of the record producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring renting, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.



  • Ai Kakumei
    After going to「滝沢革命」this song totally has a new meaning for me. Still, as I wrote about this song before, whatever I used to say remains the same. The beginning of the song reminded me of HK movie OST. The talking part might sound weird as a single, but it fits with the butai. And the way Tono said “Girl Loves Boy” is just so cute! XD (out of my silly curiosity, if girl loves boy, who’s the one the boy loves? Pouty lips boy, maybe? *coughs*) The latin part shook my world especially after watching it live! ^^ This song has completely grown on me!
  • With Love
    Simply beautiful. But it makes me sad to know that this song has been released against his will. I remember writing about it when Ai Kakumei covers and CD contents came out that Tono mentioned something about keeping this song only for Enbujou and didn’t want to release it, so I was really curious about it until Ai Kakumei special event that Takki told the fans the truth about With Love. Definitely, a song with a lot of memories attached to it ne. T&T originally wrote it together. I totally want to hear that hentai version!
  • Home Party
    Crazy song. Especially that ‘bwaa..haa.haa!’ LOL It’s fun, yes. But personally, I’d prefer a rock number like Futari no Yoru or Words of Love. Not a lot of the special guests in this song though, so I doubt they even recorded this together? Yamapi sounds happy to be a part of this, while Yoko and Hina seemed to be on crack (as usual?). My friend said Takki should have invited all 「No Borders」 to this home party ^^” well, on a second thought, if this is a ‘home’ party, shouldn’t Tsu be the other host? xD



  • Love the beginning and the end of the PV! LOL Come on, look at that smile (especially the one 4 seconds before he started singing and at the very end ^^), how could I not! XDD
  • *purrs* Tono in white.. *purrs purrs*
  • I wish he had his haircut prior to this PV shooting though, this hair color makes him look kinda pale.
  • I like it when they use the sepia-ish old movie color
  • A-san said Takki looked so serious, like he’s doing an election speech or something? XD
  • furitsuke is still goofy no matter what!
  • But I like the move for 「叶わない愛でいいのさ 愛し続けるLOVE革命」 verse from the first time I’ve seen the PV though ^^
  • Oh how distant he hugged that girl :P
  • Close-up shot at 3:39! ♥
  • That arm pumping will make more sense at Imperial Theatre
  • LOL When he turned around with the baton, I was giggling like a lune.. He kept it in the PV! Hide-kun, that baton is your mental support from Tsu-kun right? ^^
    PS. Since when did Avex change their ‘Avex Trax’ opening on the DVD? ^^”


With Love ~Music Clip~

  • I tried not to pay too much attention to this clip as I’m waiting to be blown away by Enbujou DVD XD
  • Tono looked so exhausted and pale, maybe because his hair was kinda long and his face was so thin, because it was way towards the end of Enbujou run?
  • But minimal make-up is always welcome! ^__^
  • I love his pinkish hands, from that very bloody scene right?
  • Make up scene *faints*
  • Arghhh Tono in black is so kakkoiii (oh well, I’ll probably say this with every color LOL)
  • Backstage shots *kyaaaaaa*
  • Tono’s tears T___T
  • I think this clip was added to the single as a promotion for Enbujou DVD LOL
  • I love the sign language they did!
  • Was that the remaining of his nose infection thing?
  • and I said I tried not to pay too much attention LOL



  • I love this single as I know Takki has put a lot of work into it
  • how could I not loving it when Takki wrote all the songs?
  • would have been even better if one of the songs happens to be a rock number though LOL *greedy fangirl in effect*
  • plus, let’s just say I’m still waiting for Unit release because I want to see T&T’s baby :)
  • I’m not taking it back when I said I wasn’t truly happy with this release because I was really frustrated when I first heard the news.
  • of course, I’m extremely happy to a certain degree, just not 100%
  • I sounded very oxymoron indeed ^^”
  • btw, I also want to hear T&T version of With Love! Yes, with their voice back then, come on Tono, show us all your hidden treasures at home! XD
  • All in all, I hope Ai Kakumei does well and reaches out to more fans!


As a good employee of Takiren Inc… ^^

Jacket A: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV
Jacket B: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV
Jacket C: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV

(from my past experience, I don’t really recommend HMV though LOL)



One last note for this post…



2 Responses to [Takki] Ai Kakumei

  1. Stephi-chan says:

    That’s sad about With Love. I didn’t know it was released against his will. =( I feel kind of guilty now for wishing for its release — especially since Takki and Tsu wrote it together.

    I agree with you — I’d love to hear the T&T version of With Love, ESPECIALLY since it’s their song, they wrote it together. I want a unit release so badly.

    I got mine today too though. Jackets A and C are my faves! I like the interchangable covers for C and the colors used in A.

    Overall a lovely release!! Tono always outdoes himself! XD

  2. naughtiest says:

    well, don’t be guilty ne, dreaming, wishing, and hoping are fangirl’s responsibility ^^; plus everyone wants such beautiful song in HQ. Not to mention there’s a lot of things he couldn’t control, I guess releasing With Love was one of them.

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