The very first time I made a book. And it’s about zombies. *lol*

I decided to make a photo book for Austin concert because it’s not everyday that these guys would dress up as a pack of zombies on stage. For me, it’s a special night to remember~ ♥

Some sample pages from this 28-page book~

Blurb Booksmart was a little too smart for me. *lol* It took me quite a while to understand how to manipulate frames and layouts, especially on a 2-page spread. But after that, it’s actually kind of fun! I ended up stripping every unnecessary stuff off to keep the book really simple and clean.

According to Blurb, I could go up to 40 pages at the same price, but I didn’t. I made a point of including all band members in this book as much as possible, as I didn’t want to overkill it with all DCook photos. That’s why it’s only 28 pages.

The real book came out really nice, though print quality was not the best. I think the main reason was due to time constraints. I started working on this book at the beginning of November. Obviously, I wanted the book to be ready for my Thanksgiving trip. Blurb shipping guideline said it would take 14-16 days to process, print and ship, however I got my book in 6 days! *headdesks* Had I known that the publisher would ship the book out so fast, I’d have spent more time editing each photo.


I showed it to my boss last week as we discussed print quality and paper choices since he printed some awesome books with Blurb before…
ME: here’s the book I told you about
BOSS: *goes through each page* very nice, I like it!
ME: this book printing thing is actually expensive, hardcover, premium paper, no logo, etc
BOSS: how much is it again?
ME: ummm.. *tells him the bottom line for 2 books*
BOSS: pretty crazy, huh
ME: totally, if you go to Barnes & Noble, you can probably find a photobook this size for only $9.99 *lolz*
BOSS: *chuckles* quite true, but these are your photos though

He’s right. I friggin’ love my book ♥

Waiting in line to be let inside. Just gave a copy of this book to DCook. He looked through every page with the band.

I hope they like it. :)


7 Responses to A Book of Zombies

  1. Skitty says:

    Love this! These Zombies are book-worthy. :)

  2. dee says:

    If it’s not too time-consuming, maybe you can produce more photo books and sell it to those who are interested and the proceeds (beside the production cost) can go to the Race for Hope or something, like the one a Word Nerd did last year? Just a thought :)

    • naughtiest says:

      that’s an awesome idea, though I just don’t think my photo quality is high enough to sell to others, TBH. ^^”

  3. Miz SWQ says:

    wow, u even made it into a photo book?!! how awesome is that?

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