Well, I don’t think gooides are spoilers since they don’t reveal anything about the show, not even the outfits LOL But if you want to see them for yourself at the theater, stop right here ^^

Personally, I think the goods this time are quite boring with all studio shots. But Takki is gorgeous as always. LOL (do I even have to mention that? xD) It would have been great if these goodies have his current hair instead though.


First thing first. A new year’s gift from Takki to the fans!

It came in a gift envelope with gray/red ribbon print, Takki’s name and Kakumei logo. Inside, there’s a shiny 5 yen coin along with a message from Takki.

Lucky money, 五円 (go en), is also a symbol for good karma/fate, ご縁 (go en) as Takki wish to keep this bond with his fans (Thanks A-san!). At the beginning, I thought they only gave it out during the first show on 1/1, but apparently the staff handed these precious envelopes out through 1/3 (according to the tradition, otoshidama is given between Jan 1-3).

In case anyone wants to read the whole message from Takki:


I felt soooooooooo blessed with this gift!

On to the goodies!


VERY HEAVY! lol, yup, that’s my first thought when I had 10 of them in my backpack. Luckily, I didn’t crack my back!!

A3 size. Really nice quality paper. Silver/gray patterned cover with red Kakumei logo. Inside has a lot of nice photos. Don’t like his first outfit though LOL Quite a bit of Junior pages, too many for my taste xD Backstage pics = ♥

Also included are an A2 color leaflet of main casts, an A3 head shots of all chibiko, and an A3 B&W photo profile of Franz Halary.

Two of my favorite pages..


Original Photoset

Nothing too exciting. 3 sets of studio shots. Those in middle row are my favorites..

*me wants stage photos*

Clear File

Something I’ll never ever use, yet I have to get. xD

The white one on the left was the first thing I noticed when I saw the goodies counter, almost knocked me off my feet LOL Both have Kakumei logo on the back with same kind of grayish pattern as the pamphlet.


I don’t even have a spot on my walls to put up more posters, but since I hauled the poster tube all the way to Japan, I might as well use it! LOL (good excuse?)

I love what he wears on the black poster! That kimono-ish robe looks so nice on him.

Sticker Calendar

Very cute idea for goodies. ¥500 each. I doubt I’d ever use it though, even with multiple copies LOL I guess these pix were also from pamphlet shooting but didn’t get used? His casual outfits look nice too. Gah, I wanna see all photos they took!!

Isn’t it cute that they have a red star on his birthday? It’d be even cuter if there’s a heart shaped highlighted another day on this calendar, tsk tsk.. ;)

I actually like his handwriting of his name the best xD

Shopping Bag

I bought a white shopping back for no good reason and had a hard time figuring out how to take it back home! Speaking of an impulse buying! XD I ended up put it in my loaded luggage and prayed. It worked! The bag survived the turbulence just fine!! LOL

Very nice and strong bag, super durable, highly recommended for carrying heavy stuff! xD

Yet another Clear File (x3)

Also, if you pre-order Ai Kakumei at the theater, you’ll receive a clear file for each jacket you order. No I still don’t really need any clear file, but I figured it’d be cheaper to get them there compared to hunting them down on Y!A LOL

The front side of each clear file is the single cover, while the back is a picture of Takki’s in white shirt, grey suit grey/black/silver-ish tie hung around his neck.

Forgot to take a picture but I actually like the back of jacket A the most because he took off his jacket and we get a mini (seriously, mini) peek at his chest (this is why a fangirl needs to have an imagination! xD)

And inside the bag they put clear files in for you, there’s another pre-order form for Enbujo DVD! LOL I didn’t cave and give in to the temptation though xD

So many things I want to talk about especially the skeleton (presumably from Takki’s closet xD) from 1/4 show!

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3 Responses to [Takizawa Kakumei] Gift, Goods and Freebies

  1. loonykat says:

    I’m really LOL when i saw ur pham pix!!! how did u crawl back???
    Tat 2 picture are simply gorgeous! Otoshidama! u got it too! It’s great surprise ne~ happy for u n___n

    I’m in love with the black poster! *run to put my poster tube into my luggage b4 I 4get* N sara, do u want the stage photos? If I’m there n they hv, i can help u get ^^
    hopefully they will hv nicer shots! the studio ones are nice but u know, not exciting as u said.. lemme know how many n what type u want k?

    n the skeleton.. I record asahi tv wide scramble n took a peak.. *wack self for not keeping away!* but that was hilarious!! muahahahah.. but i’ll stop at that! *no more no more, spoilers shoo.., kat’s yelling*

  2. naughtiest says:

    As long as my backpack held, I could carry them ;) It’s all about strong will yo! LOL

    Only a few more days for you, take me with youuuuuuu!! xD

  3. sannah says:

    Nice pixs you got there……..Thanks for sharing them…….

    “So many things I want to talk about especially the skeleton (presumably from Takki’s closet xD) from 1/4 show!” wanna share them? Please????????

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