Time to start my travelogue as I’ll be having some free time at home before my next mini trip hits!

I was going to label this trip “Thailand” then I realized that I would be all over the place and, in fact, I’d hardly be home at all ^^”

Around July time frame, my boss said yes when I asked him whether I could take 2 extra weeks on top of our Christmas break so I could go back home. I was bouncing to Pluto. A 4 week vacation, Santa loves me! ^^

At first, I had pretty much nothing on my agenda, except for going to T&T kuricon (which Avex slapped me down) and going home. Then, I talked to the gang (aka A-san, I-san and T-chan), my first trip emerged. Then, I talked to my aunt, the second trip popped up. Next, I talked to Ling and Kiwi, my third trip was in place. And the final THEN was some sort of announcement from Avex, which, hell yes, screwed all my further plans. Oh well. It’s not that hard to see where my priority lies. LOL

Plane tickets alone made my credit card wail for its life.

However, the most exciting thing was the fact that I wasn’t sure whether of not my flight would take off from Seattle at all! Political situation in Thailand wasn’t so stable during late November/early December. My brother who went to Thailand in November couldn’t come back to the US on his scheduled date and got stuck there for over a week because of the airport closure. Luckily, the airport finally opened, and United Airlines resumed all their flights a few days prior to my trip. *phews*

December 10-11, 2008

This year, I tried to start packing early, but ended up doing it til the last minute as always. xD

I still refused to pay UA an extra $100 to get a better seat, so I got stuck at row 33 on the first leg to NRT and row 54 to BKK. It didn’t really matter as I slept almost all the way through both flights anyway.

On the way to Japan, I sat next to one nice lady. She, her husband and her adopted daughter were heading to Korea for the first time to meet up with her daughter’s real parents. I think this rebonding thing is really nice. Her daughter, who’s probably in her 30s, seemed to be really excited. ^^

I didn’t have any time to walk around at Narita Airport at all as transit time was only 55 minutes, and I spent almost 45 minutes queuing at security check, ugh. I need to pee!!! XD

7 more hours of sleep and lovely (damn old) Boeing 747-400 was landed smoothly in Bangkok.

My aunt, uncle and little brother cousin picked me up from the airport. Yup, Ling’s favorite spot.. Suvarnabhumi Airport LOL

I unpacked for a bit then went to bed. Good thing I’d never had any problem sleeping, jetlag was never an issue when traveling to Asia!

Ah.. it’s good to be home! ^__^


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