1/2 way

December 26, 2008 | et cetera |

just got back from Singapore last night. thanks to Mich, Kat, Ling and Kiwi, I had a really great time (eating, mostly LOL)

booboo to Bangkok traffic, I got carsick on the way from the airport back home -“-

half way through my vacation, 3 countries, 1500+ photos and counting, hardly home at all, my family here probably wants to kill me at some point, I’m basically using Bangkok as my hub ^^”

oops, A-san updated her blog about our trip to Lipe island, it’s a mutual understanding that I have to update mine too lol oops oops

got kinda lucky I’m in Thailand at this time. it’s pretty messy in Seattle right now, snow storm hit us hard this year, my brother and sister couldn’t go to work for over a week already.

one more country to go, and I definitely cannot wait for that one!


2 Responses to 1/2 way

  1. mich says:

    u’re back at home… finally? ^^ it was so fun!!!
    i hope tono got back with you safe and sound XD

  2. loonykat says:

    definitely, i cant wait for you to report on the last on the last trip (after I am back) of cos.. n i really had fun kyaaing with u ne! lol..
    speaking of which, i cant wait to see ur photo u took.. ahh! we sh take more ne! but talking alone take up all our time! lol!
    hv a wonderful trip ne, take care! *chu*

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